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  1. Berns099

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    Now that my Pending English result is here... English A1 HL - 6 (extremely disappointed since I plan to major in English) Spanish A2 SL - 7 History HL - 7 Chemistry SL - 6 Mathematics SL - 4 Film HL - 7 EE (Film) - A ToK - B Total = 40/45 Overall: I got 40+ which is cool, but I'm still a bit disappointed. I was expecting a 7 in English and a 5 in Maths... oh well! Columbia University in the Fall ^^ Ivy League here I come
  2. Berns099

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    I'm pissed. My English A1 result is "Pending" ¬¬ So far I've got A2 Spanish SL 7 History HL 7 Chemistry SL 6 Maths SL 4 (ouchhhh) Film HL 7 TOK B EE A So... 34/45 so far... It'll probably end up a 40 or a 41.
  3. Berns099

    Name Your IB School

    The Edron Academy (The British School in Mexico City), Mexico, May 10
  4. Berns099

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    OFFERS Durham: 37 with 66 in English and History Edinburgh: 34 with 555 in HL subjects York: 34 with 6 in English East Anglia: 33 with 6 in English Columbia: Unconditional Vassar: Unconditional WAITLISTED UChicago REJECTED Oxford Attending: Columbia University!!!!! My top choice out of the 8
  5. Berns099

    What was your IOP topic?

    My question was: "How do Sylvia Plath's poems "Medusa" and "Cut" present a rejection of femininity?" I got a 30/30!!! (First 30/30 IOP ever at my school! (IB offered since 1998))
  6. Berns099

    Opinions about Film Studies IB

    I beonged to the first IB Film class in my school. It was a very cool course, even though I think it is not structured correctly. (I think a subject like this one should have a written exam) In Year 12, we studied film history and theory. We obviously covered film language, narrative theories, genre conventions and representation and did in-depth studies of Film Noir, Neo-Realism, French New Wave and Documentaries. We also did a couple of short films and started planning our Independent Study. In Year 13, we finished our Independent Studies, filmed our Practical Projects and constantly did Mock presentations. The course is assessed like this: 1. Independent Study (25%) An investigation on any film topic of your choice, with close analysis of at least 4 films (2 at SL) from different cultures. It is structured like a documentary script. 15 pages long! I did mine on Coming of Ages in Fantasy and analysed Fanny and Alexander, The Wizard of Oz, Pan's Labyrinth and Spirited Away. 2. Practical Project (50%) (IA) You make a 5-7min (HL) or 4-6min (SL) short film. You are assessed as director, writer, sound designer, editor or cinematographer. You also have to write a 1750 word explanation on the filmmaking process and your artistic and logistic decisions. Mine was a school drama based on the Greek myth of "Icarus". I was assessed for directing. 3. Oral Presentation (25%) A 15 minute (10 mins at SL) oral commentary on a 5-min extract from a film (chosen by the IBO). The extract is examined in a broader sociohistorical context and in terms of the film as a whole. You need to discuss the various aspects of film theory that you learned in the course. It's not a difficult course, but the courseworks are a lot of work.
  7. Berns099

    IB fashion & textiles?

    I'm pretty sure that course doesn't exist... I think you can do Textiles as part of Visual Arts.
  8. Berns099

    May 2010 Candidates Unite! - Chat thread

    I am going to Qatar in February for a debate competiton so I need to have Final Drafts of my World Lit, EE, A2 Courseworks and Film Independent Study before I leave...which is stressful. I will begin studying when I come back on the last week of February. So far... FINAL DRAFT FINISHED Chemistry IA Maths IA TOK Presentation History IA FIRST DRAFT FINISHED World Lit 1&2 Independent Study (nearly done) Extended Essay TOK Essay A2 Coursework (nearly done) NOT DONE English IOP - which is tomorrow Film Practical Project (finished filming, haven't edited or done the write-up) so loads of stuff to do
  9. Berns099

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Well... I didn't do well on my SATs which blows... However, I was not used to tests like those having been in a British school my whole life. They certainly do not correlate with my IB scores. SAT I 2000 Maths 650 Reading 710 Writing 640 SAT II Maths 590 Literature 730 French 660 (Luckily no unis ask for 3 results) I've applied to... US Columbia Vassar Chicago UK (so no SATs needed) East Anglia (Offer!) Oxford (Rejected) York Durham (Offer!) Edinburgh (Offer!)
  10. Everyone in my school has to do the IB. There are 40 students in Year 12 and 60 in Year 13: The largest IB generation ever. For example, the 2008 graduating class were 30 students.
  11. Berns099

    Lack of Courses?

    My school offers quite a large range of subjects, but that's not true for most IB schools in Mexico. Our school: 1 - English A1 HL/SL - Spanish A1 HL/SL - Text and Performance SL 2 - English A2 HL/SL - Spanish A2 HL/SL - Spanish ab initio SL (just for foreigners) 3 - History, Psychology, Economics, Business and Geography (All at HL/SL) 4 - Chemistry, Physics, Biology at HL/SL - Environmental Systems SL 5 - All 3 levels of Maths 6 - Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Film, French B, Chemistry in Spanish (All at HL/SL) - French ab, Mandarin ab and Computer Science only at SL Some classes have very few students as you only need 2 students to offer the course. Text and Performance (2), Spanish ab (1), History HL (4), Chemistry (5), Maths HL (4), Theatre (2), Film (5), Chemistry in Spanish (4), Mandarin (3), Computer Science (3), French ab (4). However, most IB schools in Mexico have set courses: Spanish A1 HL English B HL History HL Biology or Physics SL Maths Studies Art SL Quite sucky if you ask me...
  12. Berns099

    Embarrassing Language Mistakes

    Once I wrote shirts without the r in an English essay... twice . And Spanish A2 is just ridiculous. Despite the fact that most of the class has Spanish as a first language, spending all of our lives in a British school has taken its toll. We constantly get tenses wrong, try to translate things directly from English and get something very weird-sounding, etc. One of our grade descriptors actually says: Speaks Spanish in class... despite the fact that we're supposed to have a better grasp on Spanish than English...
  13. Berns099

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    My prime working time is after 11pm so I normnally go to bed at 1:30 or 2. On weekends I normally get home quite late (or early ) so I go to bed rather late. On Sundays I ALWAYS go to bed before 10 so I can survive the week. I've pulled 4 IB all-nighters. Maths Type I, Maths Type II, Extended Essay and World Lit 2. I wake up at 5:45 on weekdays; 1ish on weekends Guess I need to sleep more...
  14. Berns099

    Guess something about the next poster

    Nope. One. NP likes sparkling water better than still.
  15. Berns099

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    Loooved the History IA and World Lit. Hated Maths.

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