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  1. I have a question... how do you know you want something to be remarked or you should have something be remarked.
  2. In America, IB is not very common, because most students take AP courses. In addition, not every school that offers IB, like mine, is a good school. My school does not have very smart students, which is why we don't strive to get 6s or 7s, because it's very uncommon for our school to have students who get only 6s and 7s. 4s and 5s are what we aim for, and what our teachers prepare us for. Even in the good American schools, IB scores come out after we've graduated and enrolled into a university. For instance, while I want my scores to be 6s and 7s, it doesn't matter to me if they aren't. I mean I'll be sad, but even if I don't get my IB diploma, I get to go to the college. Colleges here don't admit us based on our predicted scores or anything that has to do with IB scores. So after you get into college (here), you're prone to senioritis because it doesn't matter what your scores are in the end.
  3. Thanks! 34 is great too! and, yeah man my school's IB program is so bad that getting a 30 is celebrated haha!
  4. No, for U.S students (for most at least) admission into a U.S university is based on the SAT/ACT and your overall GPA. The colleges only knew that I took IB classes, they don't even really care if I get the diploma or not... so I don't think they'd care about my scores either, right?
  5. My school doesn't have a strong IB program so I know my scores will be pretty low... Even though I'm at the top, I'll have like a score around 28-34 (I don't know my predicted grades, but that's what I think based on how I've done on the exams so far!)I'm a straight A student, and I had a 35 ACT, so I got into a really good college. Now my teachers are going to send my IB scores to my colleges right away when they come out (in July)Should I let my teachers send them? I don't think I will be getting a 6 or 7 in my HLs to place out of a class/get college credit, and I honestly don't want to place out, and I don't care if I get credit. My question is... does it matter if bad IB scores go to your college? Like will it hurt me if they send a 3 for Spanish, etc!
  6. Definitely better than paper 1, haha I don't know like with bio, it's easier when it's free response because you can get some points for writing anything about the topic
  7. Well, I am a senior and I didn't save my notes from junior year either, because I'm so messy. I think online websites can help a lot (like IB BioNinja) for bio and they replace my notes. However, if you have a really good teacher who gives great notes then I'd keep that. Like my notes from my math class this year are worth keeping and can probably help me out with calculus in college! It just depends on the subject, and how good you are at tests/studying.
  8. I don't know if I can talk about it yet but I don't really wanna talk about the material anyways, just how bad I thought it was. It's been 24 hours since Paper 1 and I thought that was bad (but I still think I can get a 4 or 5) I just took Paper 2 and I'm pretty sure it was the worst Paper 2 ever written, and I think I failed (Moderator edit: Paper 1 may be discussed but not yet Paper 2)
  9. I did! I didn't think it was that bad, even without studying.
  10. @kw0573 I don't think I can... others have tried. I already turned my EE in. I am a really good IB candidate, and I don't need any bonus points from the EE, and I'm sure I'll get the diploma, but I'm just afraid of failing the EE bc of the word count. Do you think it's possible? I mean at least 10-15 points are super easy to get because formatting, sources, research question, abstract, conclusion, etc.
  11. Hi! SO my EE is due in a couple of hours (English EE) and it's a well written essay, but because I had to make some adjustments to my original draft which was horrible, I'm at 2000 words... I don't have enough time or resources to even bump this up to 2700 ish... so will I get a bad EE grade? Can anyone reassure me that they were able to get Cs and Ds on the EE even if they wrote less than 3000 words in the humanities? I have enough examples, and sources, and it's well written... It's super easy to get a D because I followed the rubric, but I'm just worried that they'll be harsh at grading just because of the lack of words.
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