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  1. Hello everyone, 2 weeks later my whole IB life will come to an end and right after that I will be concluded most of my applications there was one question that keeps bothering me. So I want to apply to some Dutch Universities but I take SL at maths while they want HL and I had no option as my school doesn't provide HL Math until this year (they waited for me to finish my IB I guess). Because of all these reasons I thought I had no chance for Dutch Universities but then I heard about a place which offers Math B exams and thats equivalent of Math HL, at least Universities accept it. Now I looked at some topics of it and they didn't look like Math HL and I can't prove myself wrong or correct as I cant reach any past papers of this exam. So my question is, what is the difference between Math SL and Math B (or Dutch curriculum's math lessons) ? Any answer is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hi, Believe me I feel the same also, my classmates always understand the material in class but I can't unless I revise it after class and I have a heavier work load than them, just the way you feel about your class. I can understand your feelings and I know how it feels to think you're dumber than they are. That is not true. Everyone has a different way of learning (not saying that I like my way, I wish I understood the teacher and came back and lay down ...) and whether you like yours or theirs better all have a different advantage. You will remember it for such a longer period. And a quick note, don't try to memorise in Chem HL and instead put even more time to your revisions and understand the material so that when you see the question you will not come up with the correct answer in a second (after tons of repetition this might happen but lets neglect that fact please) and instead try to solve the question by thinking why the answer is the answer. By this way you will actually teach yourself and the next time you will spent less time on the revision. Hope it helps friend, wish you luck!
  3. Hello, As far as I know the last mock exams are far more important at least in my school. As we get closer to the exams they show the latest year's exams and they calculate our predicted point from there but again I'm not a may 2018 student, I'm november that might be the difference.
  4. hello everyone, I had done my tok essay and asked my teacher to give me feedback and she just said 'this sentence is not understandable, change it and I will look at it back.' but now she says IB doesn't allow for 2nd feedback. Is it true, I'm not trying to say whether she is a liar or not please don't get it wrong but just wondering is it correct and can't I get a feedback anymore because you know it doesn't feel ok when you give your essay and not get your feedback. (I did not pass the deadline though, I handed my essay the day she asked so it shouldn't be about deadlines right ?) thank you guys for any response
  5. hello everyone, I had done a physics ia experiment and the thing is my aim and the result didn't match quite much. My hypothesis was proven kind of wrong, there were no obvious relationship and now I don't know whether I failed my ia or not. I know how to explain that graph but still there is no relationship. Anyone knows whether I'm still on the right track or should I simply change the whole ia and do it again. thank you for any advice
  6. Looks good but a bit too much, don't forget to make at least one day less busy so that you will refresh. If you start this much this fast without gaining momentum step by step you will burn out quickly. Go easy at the beginning and then increase to this level in at least 2 week. Again don't forget to make one day a bit more kind of a relax day. Though this is my idea, you know yourself better. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for both replies, I have Oxford Study guide but I thought going over textbook firstly would be better to understand the material comprehensively and then when I find time or before mocks I can look at that plus my own little summaries I make on the textbook for not reading the whole passage again. I actually understand what teacher says but I kind of have a problem. I'm too into details and when I lose one I can't keep up with the class anymore because in my head I'm still trying to understand the past material; or for example in math class I go beyond our class and start to read our textbook ahead in class while others do the current questions.
  8. Hello everyone, My exams will be in November this year and I was thinking to revise all HL units comprehensively so that I can easily move to doing papers. Can anyone suggest good Youtuber's or any online teacher who teaches comprehensively, not superficial. Because I'm normally a self learner, I can't even learn concepts from my teacher at school, I just get familiarized and then head back home study and learn it. Therefore I either need good textbook or a good YouTube channel to reduce my study time to minimum but effective at the same time to start solving past papers. I currently use Cambridge book by Tsokos. Any help appreciated
  9. I would go for unknown life, not quite loving the 20 year or 10 year choice it has no effect on my choice but knowing your future.... man you can't keep your eyes off the calendar for waiting. Would you rather change the whole universe with your multiple inventions and investments to science (can be at any field of science) or still be a scientist but this time you don't find anything that will change the whole world but will advance the tech a bit plus you will be wealth compared to the first option? (for both options you will work the same amount; no more no less)
  10. hello everyone, I have 3 options for everyone who would like to try out 1) I would highly recommend Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut; fun, educational and philosophical if you like to think about what you've read instead of just passing the pages, 2) Siddhartha from Herman Hesse is really a good novel; again both philosophical and educational, 3) Lastly I will jump onto something rather different than novels and it would be comics. I would recommend everyone to give a chance to them as they're not a kids book but rather something everyone can find what they will like and read. If you like serious and more deep meaning you can go for writers like Grant Morrison or Frank Miller and believe me if you find what suits you, you won't regret it.
  11. hello everyone, this november my exams will conclude and I still have plenty of time to revise and my goal is to revise math(sl) physics and chemistry (both hl) but I don't want to overwhelm myself through the process. Can anyone, who experienced this process or someone who is in the the situation as I, help and give some advice to revise efficiently. I want to revise topics and at the last month(october) do only practice papers. all kinds of help are appreciated
  12. hello Alina, I dont think whatever I say would be fine when you apply it, because I simply have the same problem and cant get out of it But what I will try this summer is to get syllabus of my lessons and take notes according to it. Try that if it suits you. Hope it was helpful
  13. ok then my question is to the ones who do play games as I do when and how frequently do you guys play games, before or after study or just whenever you feel like it ( I play Overwatch if I ever play games )
  14. hello, I will answer as if you have more than 4 days, first of all I don't know what is your major problem- is it about not knowing the subject or not knowing how to tackle the question- but anyways I'll recommend you 3 things to do and you can choose either one for your situation. 1- If you have difficulties about the topic itself there is a guy called Steve Muench who had a very comprehensive notes which were shared on the ibsurvival's website, you can download it to study the chapters that you've a problem 2- Again for practicing the topics there is a youtuber called mathsl1 who has really good reviews too 3- You can look at ibmathresources.com to look at some pastpaper solutions and hpw to do it and again some more revisions of the topic by a great man called Patrick JMT, who you can find on youtube as well. Wish all this helped you and I learned these from a youtuber, again, called IB like Cole, so you can look at his video which tells you those 3 options that I've mentioned above if you want a more detailed one. (IB Exam Math SL tips May 2017! - this is the name of the video if you want to have a look at it) Wish you great luck and I know you will do well ^^
  15. and can you please open up your advise for working daily (sorry for sending like this I forgot to asking it) thanks again
  16. hello again (and yes penguin and batuhan are same, I forgot my password and created one on my phone :/ ) The problem about past papers are not about I can't find them, it is about the fact that we do one or two every week in school for our teachers to see our progress. Therefore I need another textbook which I couldn't find any because they were not compatible with the IB program. As far as I understood you mean to revise what we had done that day and I do that but I simply can't find the most efficient way to revise the old topics, and day by day I feel depressed just because I think I will never be able to revise and do the best at them. For example at physics we had finished the SL part and now passed to HL but while we are studying new topics I sometimes have to recall the old ones and simply cannot. Then I say I have to study it but at the same time there is other lessons and assignments to do, so even if I find any time to revise I simply can't focus because of thinking other responsibilities. From all this some can get to a conclusion of 'you have got a terrible time management' and maybe it is true but I really try to manage it but I fail at it . FYI: I don't know the world history lessons examination but in TITC we have two papers and paper 1 is more of knowledge and paper 2 is more of an essay type( and we get to chose some themes and answer that themes questions and guess what my IA was covering one theme and now I know it by heart ). I'm not good at remembering the answers of paper 1 therefore I look at documentaries and my notes. Thanks for your help
  17. hello again I wanted to start with thanking you guys for your answers, This is my second year in the diploma program and my exams will be in November. My goal is to get into a good university which I had narrowed my options to 4 and for this goal I have to get mostly 6's and 7's and also have to learn programming but the hard part lies beneath there. As I said I take things serious and if I can't do it I get mad at myself because I'm a perfectionist (I'm definitely not trying to praise myself or something by saying that) and my problem is while I spare my time to study and can't get what I expect out of it, I can't start learning programming either. What I do by day is restricted for now more than ever. I have my IA's to do and EE to revisit and TOK presentation and above all I have my TITC(history) exam coming up(it is the only exam we will take from May exams and others will be in November)(This much of busy schedule is not because I left it all to the end thought please don't act prejudice ). Therefore I always look at history for an hour a day by watching some youtube videos to not make the documentary stuff too academic and have fun while learning, plus I try to make summaries about the presentations of our teachers. Then I had given myself 30 minutes of math everyday to revise and an hour again for either Chem or Physics (as they are my HL and I have to give them the most attention). But I found this too exhausting and there were no gain and then ta daa, I came here for help. Now what I think is I might set days such as Monday and Thursday will be my Physics day, Tuesday is Math, Wednesday is for Chemistry and all I will do those days are to study those decided lessons for 45 minutes and do some tests (which I can't get to find because we do mocks every week for chem and physics so past papers are gone, and I don't know which sources would be nice to practice my IB courses), and after that study History until the exam; and Friday to relax with the weekends separated for homework and IA, EE. So you might see I don't know the most efficient working style for myself yet and I have problems with finding some revision questions. And without forgetting, this actually is not just for me. I guess and am sure there are some fellow IB students who might be feeling like me. Therefore please lets help each other as we are a community here aiming towards it. Thanks in advance
  18. hello again, Thank you for your reply VeronicaG, you are awesome, So as far as I understand I need 6 or 7 from Math, Physics and Chemistry (SL HL HL respectively ) . Do I need an ACT score to get in and you've said that I need to take relevant individual corses. Do you mean I have to start programming or at least learn about coding now, I actually was thinking about it but after taking the IB exams so that I will not cram everything in too less time. Which type of individual courses would you suggest that would not be pain for me right now, my exams will be finished in december. Thank you guys a lot though
  19. Hello dear friends, I was wondering does anyone know the required IB Diploma point for University of Waterloo's computer science and engineering. Thanks in advance
  20. penguins

    Math IA

    And I forgot to say, I wanted to do something on a game too but I didn't know what I can, first thought of FUT 16 and tried to find the datas of some players and how their prices decreased exponentially but there were none (or at least I couldn't find any) then I thought why not on my favourite games BF1 or Overwatch. For BF1 I thought I could do something related to projectile motion but after my researchs everyone actually drops that topic because it is so related to physics; and for Overwatch there was actually nothing came up to my mind. I don't if there any but for LoL you can look at the statistics of win lose when teammates are not communicating ( salt rate ) and correlate them or just do that for more than one league and come to a conclusion from there. (compare bronze gold plat and challenger for example) might be nice good luck.
  21. penguins

    Math IA

    hey thanks for both answers, I'm so glad to here from you guys, I don't do economics and because my schoold do not provide math HL I'm at math SL but I had come with a similar idea. I want to explain but I don't know would it counts as plagiarism if I explain it and then use it on my exploration. But as far as I can say, it is very similar to what you have said Gabe, I look at sales of a particular product in my country and the taxes. Basically I will correlate two different graphs but because I don't get an economy lesson I don't do what else can I do there as math. Thank you a lot.
  22. penguins

    Math IA

    Hello, I really don't know will anyone ever going to reply to my question but here we go, For months I've been searching for math IA topic and asked my teacher to guide me too but couldn't get anything out of it, then I spent my hours for every day to find ideas and I actually found some but they were not good enough -projectile motion, I thought I could get a lot of points from personal engagement because I considered I could give examples from my favorite games etc. but it is full physics I guess -prisoner's dilemma, couldn't find enough math in it -lottery, teacher said it might be easy -I choose a brand and looked how the prices went up over some years and thought I could do a correlation and to see whether it had exponential growth but it didn't have exponential growth and therefore it didn't include sufficient math anymore Please if someone can help me with what I can do I will be so happy and my anxiety will at least decrease a little bit. And I didn't write everything too open because I was a bit afraid of the fact that if I write all so open and then use it on my ia would it be plagiarism or not. And our teacher didn't give any deadlines rather than June, so no specific deadline for now and I have time but just desperate about what am I going to do. Any comments are appreciated and thanks for your time.
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