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  1. Hi guys, I have had a bit of a crisis while writing up my Physics IA. I'm doing Optical Rotation, and I was just told by my teacher that I should also do Specific Rotation as well, however, it's holidays and I cannot access the lab to do the prac. I was wondering if anyone knows whether change in optical rotation increases or decrease when you decrease path length (i.e. size of the container? Thanks in advance, Rob
  2. Throbbert

    Physics IA

    Right, thank you for your insight. I understand what you are saying and I appreciate you taking time to write a response. Yes, my teacher did sort of guide me towards that IA, and Topic 4 was the topic I have so-far scored highest on. The problem for me is that I have no particular passion for physics; yes I enjoy it, but I have no idea how anything I am passionate about (music, military history, etc.) could be worked into an IA. Thank you so much for your help, though
  3. Throbbert

    Physics IA

    How would an IA studying the change in refractive index of water with different concentrations of sugar go? What improvements should I make? Thanks
  4. Throbbert

    Chem IA

    How would an IA using the Winkler method to study the dissolved oxygen in a river at different points be? What improvements should I make? Thanks
  5. Throbbert

    Chemistry IA

    I've got to start my Chemistry IA pretty soon, and I'm unsure what to investigate. I had an idea about "season cracking" the reaction of ammonia with brass, and I considered doing something with this, possibly measuring the rate of reaction or loss of copper for different types of brass. Any ideas?
  6. My RLS is about a computer creating drawings and whether this is actually art. I haven't planned much about how I am going to approach it, I just wanted to see whether the KQ was good.
  7. I'm doing a practice TOK presentation, and I formulated a KQ, but I'm not sure whether it is good: To what extent is sense perception of aesthetically pleasing objects objective? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I'm planning on doing my Extended Essay on History, but I need help with my topic. My current topic is: To what extent did the Middle East campaign in the First World War contribute to the war as a whole? Does this need to be narrowed down or broadened? Thanks
  9. Throbbert

    Physics HL

    Cool. Thanks everyone for responding, and I'll get back to you next year to see how I'm doing!
  10. Throbbert

    surviving chemistry

    How can you do 3 sciences?
  11. Hi, I'm in Yr 11. My subjects this year are: HL English SL Maths Studies French Chemistry Physics History What HLs should I do? I haven't gone particularly well in my Chem test, or French. I got a 5 in my physics test, but I'm doing maths studies, so what should I do?
  12. Throbbert

    Physics HL

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently doing Maths Studies and I am considering HL Physics. Is this a good idea?
  13. Don't know what that's from. We use the Ca y est book or Schaums grammar.
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