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  1. I've got to start my Chemistry IA pretty soon, and I'm unsure what to investigate. I had an idea about "season cracking" the reaction of ammonia with brass, and I considered doing something with this, possibly measuring the rate of reaction or loss of copper for different types of brass. Any ideas?
  2. I'm doing a practice TOK presentation, and I formulated a KQ, but I'm not sure whether it is good: To what extent is sense perception of aesthetically pleasing objects objective? Thanks
  3. My RLS is about a computer creating drawings and whether this is actually art. I haven't planned much about how I am going to approach it, I just wanted to see whether the KQ was good.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm planning on doing my Extended Essay on History, but I need help with my topic. My current topic is: To what extent did the Middle East campaign in the First World War contribute to the war as a whole? Does this need to be narrowed down or broadened? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm currently doing Maths Studies and I am considering HL Physics. Is this a good idea?
  6. Hi, I'm in Yr 11. My subjects this year are: HL English SL Maths Studies French Chemistry Physics History What HLs should I do? I haven't gone particularly well in my Chem test, or French. I got a 5 in my physics test, but I'm doing maths studies, so what should I do?
  7. Cool. Thanks everyone for responding, and I'll get back to you next year to see how I'm doing!
  8. How can you do 3 sciences?
  9. Don't know what that's from. We use the Ca y est book or Schaums grammar.