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  1. Yes a level 3 is still a passing.... But he told my friend and I, the only two HL math kids, that the max we'll achieve is a level 3. Right now I am studying real hard to achieve a level 5 in HL history but my teacher is kind of unreliable.... (He didn't even know the curriculum changed until January so the entire class is rewriting the IA...) I seriously don't know what to do so I'll accept Trent's offer and achieve a 80% average (which is no problem) and work hard to transfer :). Hoping for the best Thank you
  2. TT_TT cries. The teacher predicted no higher than a level 3 for me for HL math.... Technically screwed.... I was so worried I can't transfer from Trent because my uncle told me it'll be harder to transfer since Trent does not have a good reputation.... Very confused because through the OUAC, they only give you an option that says International Baccalaureate, so do universities usually think that all students that apply as IB are doing the diploma? Thank you so much for you answer
  3. Hi, thank you for answering. I applied for the criminology program at Windsor and I seriously want to go. I have emailed the school my situation but they kept saying I need to pass my diploma with 24 points or else they'll rescind my offer. The prerequisite requirement for criminology program is to have English 12. I am so stressed these days and I think I might just accept Trent's offer and maybe transfer after the first year.... Thank you
  4. Hello, I am in 12 grade at an international school. I am a diploma student but am extremely worried about passing the diploma. The school I go to is located on a small island and only offers the IB program. It's very weird because the school offered one AP course in 10th grade (Spanish). My school is an American school and we have been taught the American system. In 11th grade, we suddenly changed to the IB curriculum and it was a big jump because we were never prepared for it. It was a big change and we couldn't catch up with classes such as math, chem, and physics (mainly because we had teachers that didn't prepare us well and we never did precalculus and jumped to calculus directly from algebra II). I take HL math, psychology online, and history and SL spanish B, English Lit, and chemistry. I deeply regret taking HL math because it's hard and the highest grade that someone has ever gotten at our school is a level 4 HL math. I'm also kinda worried about psychology because online is hard.... But I have gotten an acceptance from Trent University and University of Windsor. Windsor requires me to have my diploma and Trent requires an 80% average in my final transcript. I am extremely scared of not passing my diploma. Do Canadian Universities accept IB certificate? Someone please help? The other situation is similar to mine. My friend is doing the diploma, but she is scared of not passing HL physics (the 3 HL kids got no higher than a level 3 for their midterm which was an IB paper 1 and 2). She has applied for Waterloo, Victoria, Ottawa, and Trent. Do any of these schools accept the IB certificate?
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