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  1. Hi guys, Do you have by any chance notes for both The Reader and The Things They Carried? Thanks!
  2. hey guys, This maybe a simple question but how do we display survey results from Google Form into the Extended Essay? Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I was doing English Lang and Lit A SL, Chinese B HL, Economics SL, Chemistry HL, Physics HL and Maths HL. I’ve just dropped Chemistry HL to SL. Did I make a right choice?
  4. Hi guys! I think I have a topic to suggest. The Jakarta gubernatorial election is one of the most controversial as one of the candidates, Ahok, is a Chinese Christian and who is convicted (now jailed) for blasphemy. How does religious knowledge affect ethics?
  5. That goes the same with Switzerland. But at the same time, they might also assess French.
  6. Its your first year, what I can say, try working harder. Or maybe, drop Chinese to Chinese B.
  7. I was into robotics for a long time and in robotics, we often use PID (Proportional Integral Derivative). How should I do a Maths IA with PID?
  8. Just curious, is there a university that requires Economics HL or SL?
  9. Hi, my school is asking me to do 1 hour of activity for each CAS component a week and it does not matter whether if we are done with our number of hours. But I heard about other schools allowing the dismissal of CAS in a year's time. So what is the requirement?
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