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  1. I don't fully understand what you mean. The way I have understood my own TOK question is that you have to judge it in science and social sciences and such
  2. Hello, I'm not familiar with the term Junior in high school, but from my own experience, it is good to organise your notes and keep them. Especially now that the syllabus is quite new (only 3 and a half years! And only 1 exam year so far), it could be very hard to find your material online. This depends on your subjects as some hardly ever change (such as languages and maths) while others have had a lot bigger changes to the syllabus. Best thing to do is to start an FB group with each class your in and then pool all your notes together. Then you simply print them and put them nicely in folders. Notes pooling is great especially if the teacher talks a bit too fast or has awful handwriting.
  3. It's a good start, but EE needs to be quite specific. I believe that the best thing is to focus on one country and rephrase the question. Example: What are the socioeconomic impacts of Syrian refugees in Germany? If you do your entire question you might have more than the 4000-word limit. Also another tip: By using Syrian refugees and Germany, there will be plenty of data, as this subject is often discussed in European media.
  4. Hello, Pre-IB class sounds a lot like Pre-DP (Pre-diploma programme) that they offer in Sweden.But I did not get to chose levels in that year.
  5. I had a friend of mine who went from the US to Sweden and re-did DP1
  6. Something that I usually do when I'm a bit behind, is that I spend evening and weekends re-writing my notes. Also if you are unsure about something, ask your teachers!
  7. Hello, all of your research questions sound wonderful, however, just like Natalia mentioned, you need to go sort of in depth with your question. One of my friends is doing her EE and had to narrow down her analyzation of a character's behavior in a movie to just one scene. Perhaps you can choose to compare 1 scene from each movie.
  8. Computer science and computers, in general, are all based on math. So I believe that Math is the best one to do, but it might be hard. Another way is to do it in History and have something along the line of the history of technology and how computers were made.
  9. Sounds great and for the title, I guess it depends on what you want to focus on in your EE. Also, you should have read the book once or several times, just a tip to make the process easier
  10. Well tbh I don't really plan my time as I have an easy time remembering things. I always write by hand as it helps me remember and start studying for tests latest 2 weeks before. Sorry that all i got :/
  11. An even wiser man said "Due tomorrow, Do tomorrow"
  12. Omg Same, but no I'm now more active in general because I have to train due to an injury and it makes me feel a bit more alive. You should try to eat nuts and fruits, also drink lots of water. Best thing is to eat as healthy as possible (lots of vegetables and fish). For studying after school you can try to study for 20-30 min and a 10 min break between study sessions. Use the break to stretch and go to the bathroom.
  13. Hello, I also had troubles in the beginning of IB, but since I changed my Math SL to studies it has been so much easier to cope with everything. Another way is if you change your levels in general, for example maybe have English HL and Economics SL. Try to balance your best and worst subjects in a working HL and SL way. For studying in general, try to rehearse everything you've done during the day after school and take good notes by hand. Wish you great luck
  14. Accepting several universities can be troublesome because some universities have a legal commitment after you accept their offer and place your deposit. Some universities have rules against accepting several offers. Best case scenario is that you contact 2 of the universities and explain your situation, perhaps they can make an exception for you. I wish you good luck
  15. That depends on which university you are applying to, some schools are very strict with subjects while others only look at your final grades. If your grade is 38 or higher, most schools would say yes. This depends on where you are applying tho. In the US and UK they are generally very strict.
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