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  1. Lol will IB the only person posting here in 2017?
  2. My father's family has a lot of Irish heritage and everyone used to (and still kind of do) get into fights. Doing or not doing something in spite of someone telling you to not do or do something is also a common practice in my father's family. My dad always told me that if I got into a fight, he wouldn't be mad at me. So in spite of him, I was a pacifist during my early years, and to this day, I still have not gotten into a fight. 10/10 not sure if I regret it or not
  3. Ok yah, I think I got it. Thanks for the help man!
  4. Sorry, when I had posted that the only post I saw was the one above (above my first post that is). I just want to say this : Has anyone considered that God isn't essentially conscious? As in perhaps a balance in the universe or simply an entity unaware of its actions in creating our world?
  5. Is there a problem in which people are misunderstanding these facts? It's pretty straight forward.
  6. So hows it going with the Chem, Physics, and Math HL classes?
  7. The memes here are so accurate it almost hurts as much as an IA all nighter.
  8. I think the problem is that facts are backed by defined statistics and evidence, however, ethics is an interpreted and subject concept. Like an example might be something like committing Japanese Ritual suicide, seppuku, and how it was completely justified back then. But now, just out right killing yourself over something embarrassing or scandalous, wouldn't result in that person automatically killing themselves. ( although there are still some problems with this in modern day Japan ) I don't know, I feel as though I may be rambling. What do you think?
  9. During my Global Politics class I began contemplating about why we have the "Minority Vote". Basically what I'm thinking is that : We worked so hard to remove segregation from Society, but yet we reinstall it in our political system? Was it ever removed from our political system? Why is the "Minority", generally the African-American population and doesn't the Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc.? I think back to when my mom had all these stock exchange shows and news channels constantly being playing on our TV, around the time of the last Presidential Election (Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, in case someone is reading this in the distant future, and if you are, hi), and the people on the show kept saying "The Minority Vote", as though the people they're talking about are foreigners who don't understand anything. I talked about the idea with some of the people in my Global Politics class, and got some interesting answers. Some said that its because they're in the Black Community with Black Culture, but just because they have a different culture doesn't mean they're not Americans. I proposed the idea to my Global Politics teacher for my HL Extension, but after discussing it, we both agreed that its too subjective and wouldn't fit within the 10 minute time limit. The concept of questioning this felt more like a ToK topic than a Global Politics one, so that's why I'm posting it here. This is more of a United States thing, but I'd love to hear the opinions of others on this.
  10. I'm in SL. Today we received our now graded quiz on distribution. Almost everyone got this one question wrong, our teacher said that we were "verifying it and not showing it". This specific terminology is new to me, I browsed some other educational forums in search of an example, but found only Public school teachers saying that there's no difference. What do you guys know about this? Is this an official IB thing or just being overly specific? Link to question

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