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  1. Hi everyone, I have applied UTSC and I received the conditional offer which says "Maintain the grades and get IB Diploma" I have maintained even improved my grade until the end of the semester. However for my IB Final results I droped 7 points from my PG, for some reasons I dropped 2 points in two of my subjects which I both recieved a PG of 6 (dropped 4 in these two subjects), and for some reasons I obtain none of the extra point (dropped another 2). However, my final results has still meet the minimum requiremnt of admission. I am wondering if the school will withdraw my offer by any chance and is it possible for me to retain my offer if school decideds to withdraw my offer. Thank you very much.
  2. Both subjects are not "fun" as you expected, but B&M is easier than Econ, I rarely do revision but I get 6 for both subjects: B&M HL and Econ SL. But both subjects require reading, as long as you understand the concept and know the tricks to answer questions, you'll be fine.
  3. Alan Z

    UT requirment = =

    Hi, I'm currently a G11 student and I'm planning to study sociology and/or philosophy in collage, just want to ask how much score should I get so that I have a high chance getting in UT? My Maths is Maths studies, does that affect my application?

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