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  1. He put it through Turnitin and it came out as 19% plagiarised, the thing is its a mathematics IA he doesn't know how to do one
  2. So my friend recently bought a mathematics internal assessment but now he feels as if he'll be caught, he managed to change quite a few things on his IA but is still worried that he will have his diploma confiscated from him. What do you guys think?
  3. Hey guys! SAT 1300 (660 math, 640 english) IB scores 6 -Chemistry HL, 6- English Lang/Lit HL, 5- Biology HL 6- Maths SL 6- Spanish AB initio 4-Economics SL TOK B Extended Essay B so 35 overall out of 45 150+ hours of community service. School soccer team, series of out of school voluntary services at local primary school (assistant teacher) I live in the UK but I'm from Maryland. Good letters of reccommendation and fantastic personal statement. What are my chances? Thank you and be honest Unis UMaryland College Park UMaryland Baltimore County NYU UCSB UCSD BU UT Austin U Florida ive gotten into U South Florida U of Toronto UBC

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