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  1. For me, I do C- Piano, literary magazine team (School), BGIC (basically MUN but Borneo) A- badminton, hill walking, horse riding, DOfE S-leo club(collaborative fundraising club), mentoring KS3 students Most of my CAS exc horse riding and piano are school clubs, i hope this gave you some ideas!
  2. (because you said someone please say something) you can go look for the ib failing conditions (does D in TOK count as a fail?) and compare them to your results to see if you will fail IB but you should make what is left of your time to start studying hard + start doing your ia's. do chunks of each subject everyday if possible (i know its hard but if you really want something to happen, then you have to find time) if you really feel hopeless i think you should talk to your school's counsellor or a professional or you can consider doing a levels if you feel that you will do better in ib best of luck, im sorry if this wasnt very helpful :/
  3. Warning: dumb questions ahead! You don't have to answer them if you dont want to! what information does one need in order to write resolution clauses? Will the research we do for our countries play a big role in this? what are they REALLY based on?
  4. I'm not sure about this but "methodology" is an aspect of an AOK framework, and its about how knowledge is gained in an AOK and the process taken to gain it. So for art, questions regarding methodology include: What counts as a fact in this area of knowledge? What role do models play in this area of knowledge? Which ways of knowing do we use in order to connect with, and understand, the arts? Which ways of knowing do artists themselves use in order to create their works? I'm not sure if this is any help but its just to clarify what your teacher couldve meant by methodology Do ask your teacher for clarifications! best of luck!
  5. Hi! I am planning to do my Bio IA on how do different light intensities affect rate of photosynthesis (of a pondweed, idk specifically what species yet) IV- light intensity. I aim to place the plant away from the lamp in various distances (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm) DV- CO2 uptake by plant (measuring pH of water) OR counting bubbles of oxygen produced in/per one minute OR measuring oxygen produced by using a gas stringe 1. Is it necessary to have a lux-meter to measure the lux of the light intensities? Or will just stating the distance of the plant from the lamp be enough? 2. To measure my DV - which way is the best? A. i am not sure how I will set up my experiment properly if I were to measure the CO2 uptake by the plant. B. Otherwise, will counting bubbles of oxygen be a reliable way of measuring the rate of photosynthesis? C. I might use a gas syringe to measure rate of photosynthesis after 1 min (or should it be every 10 seconds?) Sorry if this was slightly unorganized, I appreciate any feedback/suggestions, thank you for your time!
  6. actually yeah i take back what i said, 3 points is worth quite a lot now that I think about it, heh
  7. Eventhough I really dislike how we have to do so much work for it (for less than 3 points!!), I think its really interesting how there are actually ways and areas of knowing to which we use to gain knowledge, and its really interesting how this is actually used In real life!
  8. 1. What is your real name? Dawn 2. Where are you from? Brunei (It's near Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in South East Asia!) 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Either: I needed help with something in IB and stumbled across the site OR I was trying to find an IB students community/meme page/a place all IB students can relate to each other to 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I needed help with my Psych IA idea heheh 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 4 days ago or smething 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Psychology or English Lang & Lit A 7. When are you graduating? 2018 8. What are your plans for university? I want to study psychology (unsure of what field) in the UK, perhaps Bath/Leeds/Cardiff/UCL? 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Music, memes, random insightful trivia, looking at art & plants, sleeping 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? It's quite good the way it is, I'm glad it exists
  9. Hi! What if you read an example EE that is similar to yours and found that the reference they use was useful and can be applied to your EE too If you use the exact same reference (but different sentence or something), is that counted as plagiarism?
  10. Hi! Thanks so much for your reply! I agree that Loftus & Palmer's 1974 study would be easier to replicate (idk why i didnt choose that in the first place, really. maybe because we kinda learnt about it in TOK?) I was thinking of using two videos that I found on youtube but I found that the gun condition video was shorter than the cheque condition (duration for showing the gun was much shorter) I have asked guidance from teachers and they said that I can use pictures instead, so I think may screenshot the main parts of the videos instead! I think my DV will be the number of correct responses to a questionnaire that I will write up (eg- was the man wearing a hat?) I don't think I will be measuring if P's can identify the man correctly because I would have to find mugshots or something which is a bit problematic. The last resort is that I will do Loftus' 1974 study (I don't really feel like changing right now because I already did research for this WFE study and I'm a bit lazy to redo it. heh) Sorry about this but, what do you mean by "you would have to employ confederates that your participant didn't know"? Thanks so much for your reply once again!
  11. Hi! I plan to replicate Loftus' 1987 study on the Weapon Focus Effect (WFE) for my psychology (HL) ia, however I am aware that Loftus used a corneal reflection device in order to see how much time was spent looking at the cheque/gun (in order to provide evidence for the WFE) in addition to a questionnaire and asking p's to identify who the man in the video was. Is it okay to do my IA on this experiment if I were to exclude the element of measuring how much time is spent looking at the cheque/gun because its a bit complicated to do?