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  1. Hi! For the LO of "Discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes", will I still be able to get 8/8 if I just say one study (Rosenzweig on brain plasticity) and subtly mention another effect (e.g- mirror neurons)?
  2. I know someone in my class who plagiarized his homework (well, first draft for his written task), the teacher just told him off really badly and he was asked to redo his work. The teacher was unaffected, but maybe it varies from school to school? Best not to plagiarize at all in the IB because its not a good practice + just to be safe!
  3. udawnc - udon my name is dawn c stands for chai (yes, like chai tea), my surname
  4. I agree with the person above ^ You should do chunks of your subjects everyday, and if you need motivation or something then remember that you spent more than a year of your life in the IB, and it will be a shame that you fail the diploma after all this time spent on TOK/EE/IAs all that stuff For each subject, highlight which areas youre weak on and focus on those. I suggest working closely with your teachers as they can tell you what areas youre weak on. Look through old class tests and learn from your mistakes there Physics is a pain, i don't do it for IB but I feel it. Maybe studying by the syllabus will be effective, especially in topics youre weak on? As for skills, it can be worked on via question banks/past papers/textbook questions. (many questionbanks on reddit) As for sports science since your teacher sucks and didnt teach, you can teach yourself from youtube/the syllabus. I was in a similar position in igcse, and taught myself the whole biology syllabus 3 weeks before the exam (did many small chunks of stuff everyday) which turned out ok! It's best to study in a quiet environment with NO DISTRACTIONS (phones, tv, youtube) and to study a lot in small chunks (30-45 mins chunks) I can't give advice for korean sl, sorry maybe try reading korean news/short stories/past papers/kdramas (i do malay sl, and many people say that watching malay subbed shows/malay dramas actually improved their vocab)? All the best!
  5. Yikes Even if you paraphrase a sentence/idea for your essay you need to cite it to be super super safe, but since this is an english written task, i dont think you can do that. Teachers normally put essays through turnitin.com , so turnitin may have been able to detect it somehow? Also, its easy to find out if someone plagiarized through a change in lexicon. If a part of your essay seemed different from the rest then there is a chance the teacher will think it is plagiarized. It's best not to copy anything from sites especially targetted at AP/A levels/IB students because sites like those get a lot of student visitors, so there is a chance other students may have written the same thing I think the most you can do rn since your teacher doesnt believe that this is your work is to just sit the essay in a test environment as instructed, good luck with that! Or you can try to further convince your teacher to remove the parts you got from the website from your essay but keep everything else?
  6. http://www.sci-int.com/pdf/1066298242825--830- -ANEELA.pdf was finding psych EE sources!
  7. agree! you know you're in ib when you constantly stress about accidental plagiarism and citing (or is it just me?)!
  8. I will delete this post once it's answered Is this OK for my main KQ? Is our perception of the world affected by the various types of knowledge around us? RLS: why people are scared of flying in planes eventhough stats show the probability of being in one is very low + plane crashes over the years has been decreasing WOK: intuition, emotions, imagination (touched on language) AOK: maths, (touched on human sciences and the arts) I talk about how movies (the arts), the news (hyperbolic and constant coverage on plane crashes), make us think plane crashes are very common. Thank you for your time!
  9. that is so true what am i thinking LOL // oh yeah thats actually smart HAHAH for psychology ee's, is it necessary to base it around notable studies? Because I found a couple of studies from sagepub journals/researchgate that are quite decent in helping me develop small points, but have yet to find proper sources for "notable" studies" (have yet to find notable studies related to my KQ too!)
  10. WOKs are a fundamental part of TOK, surely you can include WOKs SOMEWHERE in your presentation? maybe you can see what WOKs are used in order to create the knowledge claims you identified? For me, I don't know how to discuss about AOKs in my presentation haha!
  11. That is true, but what if the source doesnt cite the articles? or what if they reference multiple sources in the end, but do not specify which part of what they wrote are gathered from which articles?
  12. Hi all, I know that journals are the best sources for information in terms of psychology ia's, but would it be bad if i cite sources such as: a slideshare that has concise information about the topic simplypsychology.org psychyogi.org A citation/reference used in a wikipedia article? I am having trouble finding free (clear and concise) sources for the studies I will be talking about in my IA (Pickel 1998, loftus 1987, Yuille & Cutshall 1986)
  13. Hi all, I might use sentences from this abstract for my psychology hl ia, however, i don't know how to cite this. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advanced https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9709443
  14. Hi! i am doing my practice tok presentation in a week or two's time, and i have found an rls that i kinda know how i would answer it for my presentation. My rls is a ted talk abt why we should listen to vivaldi's four seasons (rly entertaining!) my kq might either be "under what circumstances does language play a role in the arts" or "how does imagination/emotion help us perceive the arts" <if someone can give their input/opinion on this that would be amazing :)> i have other ideas for a presentation (theres this article about how a tribe in africa uses music to communicate with their ancestors instead of entertainment, so i was thinking of using a KQ like "how can the arts give us knowledge about cultures/societies?") that i know is TOK worthy but i dont know how to answer -- should i use my current rls for my real one and just find another rls of similar AOK to work with now? -- please let me know what you think!
  15. This is so informative omg I hope it didn't take too much of your time/energy to type this It was very, very helpful I can't thank you enough!! Have a nice day