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  1. Hey everyone, I really need some advice. We just got our projected grades today and I am so disappointed in myself. I’m passing, but I’m barely passing and the whole few weeks leading up to our exams was incredibly stressful. I mean I slept for maybe 1-3 hours on average a night. I know I didn’t work hard enough, I told myself to not be surprised if I saw low scores, but they still felt like a punch to the gut. Now I understand these are only projected grades. Universities look at predicted scores right? I can’t change the past, but are there still any chances of improving the grades universities will look at? Can anyone explain projected and predicted grades a bit more thoroughly to me? We still haven’t done our IAs if that’s anything. I just feel so discouraged and unmotivated and depressed and I’m so close to just giving up. I really need to change my study habits and although level 7s in every course seem unachievable to me right now, I really need to aim higher if I want to get into the university of my choice. I don’t know what to do, I lie in bed too often and just think too much. I used to be a better student but I think Math last year just broke me somehow and it’s so hard to be positive. I really hate myself right now and I truly regret doing the IB. If you’ve read through all this, thank you. If you have any advice to offer, or answers to any of my questions, I would be delighted if you shared them.
  2. Hi everyone, For my ia I decided to do a simple vitamin c titration from different fruit juices and compare this to their labels. My teacher said the procedure has pretty much been done countless times before and my report would have to be flawless to get a good grade. She also was iffy on the comparing my values to the label values since those were calculated by actual professionals. Any suggestions for how I could put a spin on a vitamin c titration? Or should I just trash the idea? Thanks any advice is appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, So Uni applications are due soon and I'm a bit confused over the IB scores. Mac's Health Sci program (very popular) needs an anticipated IB score of 36 points and average above 90%. Would I still be eligible for admission if I was able to keep my average well over the 90s, but not reach the anticipated score (getting 35 or 34 instead)? If the IB is going to hinder my chances of getting in, is it mandatory to include anticipated IB scores? Just a bit flustered with the system. Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, So I'm a Canadian student and my goal is to get into the Life Science program at Mac. I initially really wanted to do Health Sciences but it seems very competitive. Are there any Canadian IB students here who are doing the Life Science program? Has IB helped you with admission or just generally throughout Uni? I want to become a neurosurgeon and I guess this would be my starting point, not sure if the Health Science program would be more ideal for this occupation as well? Any advice and tips would be appreciated!
  5. I want to get into Life Science at McMaster. The University that told me they have no preference is Western, where I also was interested in their Medicine programs. I want to become a neurosurgeon. I have no interest in going to the USA or a country in Europe where the IB would be really valued. Many of the students that graduated IB at my school told me that the only advantage was that they transitioned well into Uni. They were ahead at first in the sense that they were familiar with the stress load, but eventually the other students got used to it too and everyone was on the same pace. As it is now second semester of grade 11, I have 2 more tests left in math sl and with the deadline of the math exploration approaching, I really don't think I will end up with a good mark. I know math is very important and I don't want this particular subject to be my lowest mark. I really just regret being so naive and choosing this program. Thank you all for the tips and any advice would be surely appreciated.
  6. Yes, the program requires between 32-34 points for admission. I emailed the university as well and they said that IB students were given no preference. I am really struggling in this program. I am afraid that I will not be able to achieve the 32-34 points range and this will jeopardize my chance of acceptance, especially if I know that I would be capable of doing better as just a regular kid, easily earning that 87-90% average. The uni is not even in another country. I do not want to graduate IB with a potential level 4 in math, knowing that that mark would've been way higher should I have dropped. I am not enjoying high school at all. I dont want to appear as a coward but I really am struggling. This is why I want to know if it is even worth it given my situation.
  7. I live in Canada and the University I want to apply to is also in Canada, same province. The average to get into the program is about 87–90%, I am not going international and the university said that IB students are not given “special treatment”/preference over applicants w/o the Diploma. My math mark is what is mainly concerning me, it’s a level 5, my lowest mark, but I know I would do way better as a regular academic kid. If the uni. has no preference, and I am not going international, is the IB really worth stressing about?
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