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  1. Hi guys so I will be having the group 4 project thing tomorrow and our topic is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Has anyone ever done anything relate to Olympics before? If so, can you please tell me what you did so I can have a more general idea of what I have to do tomorrow? Don't worry I won't copy your ideas. Thank you and let's pass IB together
  2. Thank you so much I was able to convince her and now I'm starting to write my written task. You just save my grade :))
  3. Hi everyone, so I'm doing my written task right now and this is my third one. For the first two I used the Part 2 learning outcome so for this one I have to use Part 1. My teacher said the primary text has to be something related to what we did in class. However I really want to write a blog to compare to football reports, one from a winning side and one from a losing side. I need to somehow connect it to what we have been doing in class to convince my teacher to let me do this. Any advice ? Thank you so much and let's pass IB together
  4. Hi guys, so I have my FOA presentation next week, I have decided my topic, I will analyze a dialogue between two teenagers on the internet with slang and internet language and a dialogue between people from 19th ( downwards) century to see the degeneration of language and how words change meaning. But the problem is I cannot decide my primary text, especially for the 19th century part. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi guys, hope we are all surviving in IB. So, I have my FOA proposal due next week but I'm kinda stuck in ideas. I have to do it in part 1 learning outcome and I want to do something relate to women in soccer. Any ideas? Please save my life. Thank you in advanced guys
  6. oh i actually like that idea. I will try to look at it. Thank you :))))
  7. I have come up with some ideas but I don't really like it and it's not related to complex number. My ideas are : - calculate the surface area of an egg - prove that Pi is an irrational number Could you please elaborate more on what you wrote in the comment?
  8. I want to do something relate to complex number
  9. Hey guys, so I have my IA research question due soon. The thing is I'm really bad at coming up with a research question. Can someone please save my life Thank you