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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. I am very sorry to hear about this. Know that you absolutely have a right to feel the way you do and no one should condemn you for that. Doing IB is a choice. If there is one thing that I have learned thus far in the stressful amounts of work I have had in my MYP and IB career, it is that mental health and listening to the heart is of the utmost importance. Ignore all the "college requirements" and "pressure to excel" stuff. Listen to your heart, and honestly consider if you are going to be able to continue this program without it seriously affecting your mental health. If needed, you can always talk to your family or a trusted friend, adult, or teacher or counselor. Please, what ever you do, do not hate yourself for whatever decision you make. There is no "wrong" decision, and everything will work out in the end no matter what you choose. About this online situation. I will admit that I do not completely understand what is going on, nor can I empathize completely. However, I am still glad that you have posted about this in order to seek help. If I were you, I would do a couple things. First, give him some time. I know this can be frustrating and hard, but there is always the possibility that he has something going on that is prohibiting him from talking with you. Second, if it really has been quite a while since he has said anything, maybe you could chat him again asking if he is still there. If he still does not respond, still do not assume the worst. I found an interesting article that may help which comes from a man's perspective on why he might stop texting someone after texting constantly for many days: http://www.anewmode.com/dating-relationships/guy-text-a-lot/. Bottom line is, do not spend so much time and energy stressing about this. Not that your feelings are invalid, but we care enough that we do not want to see you exhausted over the stress of this situation. I am by absolutely no means qualified to counsel anyone; the most I can do is sympathize. Regardless, I really, really hope that this helped you. Please, do not let this situation consume your life. Everything will be okay. If you do not believe that statement, keep repeating it. Believe it or not, the more you repeat something, the more you begin to believe it. I wish for the best.
  3. Hello all! I am currently working on my Maths EE, and I would like some tips on how to create aesthetically pleasing graphs or figures. An example of a "bad figure" would be a screenshot of a graph plotted on desmos.com, but I am talking about those images that are seen in very formal math papers. My EE is geometry-based, so currently I am resorting to taking screenshots of the geometry I am creating on the program Geogebra. It definitely needs work, but the reason I use this method is because I can adjust the shapes and thus make any figure I want for my EE easily. I'm just worried it does not look as good as it can be. Thanks for all your help!
  4. How I format my reflective statement is with a brief, max two-sentence description of the IO itself, followed by "Our discussion helped me realized that...". The entire reflection should be focused on what you had not seen before the IO but now understand because of the IO, and you want to make it very explicit the connection between your understanding and the IO. Basically, my reflective statement looks like this: Paragraph 1: What was the IO, what did it help you understand Paragraph 2-3: Specific point of understanding (for example, your newfound knowledge of a certain character or symbol, one per paragraph). These paragraphs should move like this: previous understanding of character/symbol/etc., "however, we realized that", "this interactive oral thus helped us understand", "this greatly deepened my understanding of..." Paragraph 4: Brief, two-sentence ending note. I wrote it like, "This interactive oral has made me consider..." and the final sentence was some existential connection to culture in general. Notice the phrases in quotations; those are the types of phrases you want to use in order to be explicitly connecting your new understanding to the IO. I am not sure if this helped or not, so if you are still confused, please don't hesitate to ask more questions.
  5. Holy moley. Thank you so much for showing me this. I've been looking at the old one this whole time but I am reading this new one right now. Thank you so much this is saving me so much time.
  6. I am doing mathematics for my extended essay and my topic is on Morley's Trisector Theorem, which states that if you trisect the three angles of any triangle, then the resulting intersections of each adjacent pair of trisectors forms an equilateral triangle in the center, deemed the Morley Triangle. My topic is on finding an expression for the area of that triangle depending on the placement of one of the points of the triangle in space, and later find the maximum area of the triangle as the area of the outer triangle extends to infinity. The problem is... I am not sure what to do about my sources. So far, I have one source that gives the proof of the theorem, one that gives the same proof but in a slightly different step-by-step guide, one gives the history of the theorem, and one just introduces the theorem itself. That is four sources, and if I were to include the Calculus Options textbook as a source (which I'm allowed to do but sounds kind of needless) that would be five sources. Is that enough? If that is all I need to do a more or less in depth analysis, is it okay to focus more on my own mathematical skills rather than facts or methods that I see other people doing? If it helps, I have done minor research to see if anyone else has done this topic, and although it has been touched on it has been trivial, so I do not think that those sources would be of much use to me other than stating my justification of my own topic. Please help, because I do not want to get marked down on the "Investigation" category for not having enough sources or not using them effectively.
  7. I feel like caffeine content in drinks sounds not too original as you said, but that does not mean that you have to ditch the idea. This is a perfect starting place, and the idea for an Extended Essay is to take something that exists and find an extension. I have a friend who is doing a Chem EE and he found a procedure online, but for his topic he adjusted it slightly and carried it out. In that sense, he took something that already existed and made an original change to it. It seems as though many scientists agree that more caffeine = more energy (well, obviously). Maybe you could find certain conditions for which this energy can be maximised (i.e. temperature of storage, atmospheric pressure, additives of the specific drink) and create experiments off of that. This is taking the original idea of caffeine = energy and turning it into an extension. Of course, this may have already been done before, so I suggest doing a little bit of research just to make sure this idea is more or less original. And this is just an example of what you could do; there are probably many options of how you can extend your current topic. My main point in writing this is not to completely ditch this topic. It is a great starting place, and with changes and extensions, it can be made into an original idea. I wish you luck as you continue on your extended essay!
  8. I definitely agree, and I would say to use us as a resource for terminology, analysis techniques in music, etc, or ask any teachers at your school who either teach the class or, if no one teaches there, just a teacher who would know about music in general. P.S. I am in IB Music so I am happy to help whenver
  9. Hello all! For my individual oral presentation for IB Literature, I am planning to give a performance based off of the book The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. I want to do a performative-type IOP, where I will be talking from the point of view of one of the characters named Dave Jensen. The purpose of my IOP will be to explain/perform the development of his relationship with another character in the story and what that means for Jensen himself. I was a bit confused on how to do this at first, but my idea now is this: my IOP will take the form of my character writing several diary entries, each creating a near story-arc in the characters' relationship. While reading aloud the entries I will be miming the actions that I describe in the diary. I feel that this can help me build emotion while still digging deep into what one of the characters is feeling. My main question, however, is about the "analytical purpose" of this performance. Acting is great and all, but is that enough? If I had to physically analyze the character, how would I be able to do that in a dramatic performance rather than a formal speech? Should I include a little introduction describing what my performance is supposed to convey? And if so, should that introduction simply be that "this performance seeks to reveal Dave Jensen's characteristic that _______" ? I'm sorry for bombarding you with questions, but I hope that this was specific enough to ask for help. Thank you!
  10. Ok, but what if I want to make a new theorem, and it has already been done before and I just don't know it? Sure, it wouldn't be unique, but it would be very hard to be original if I think it is my own work when really I am doing the exact same thing that someone else has done.
  11. For our extended essay, we need to come up with an original idea. I have one, but I am not sure if anyone else has done it. How can I make sure that my idea is entirely new and has not been done elsewhere, even in the littlest bit? P.S. I rather not share my specific topic yet since it is still in the works, but if it helps, I am doing a mathematics EE and I have a new proof I would like to try. If you really need me to, I can outline the basics of my EE.
  12. I would say that doing a paper stimulates the testing environment, so that is more useful. That does not mean, however, that you can't use questions from a question bank. You can do that, however I suggest that at least once you take a full practice test along with those questions for your individually-needed topics.
  13. I'm in IB Chem, but at the moment I am only able to answer the first question. (Sorry...) It gives you that molar volume is 24 dm3 mol-1, so if you want to get from dm3 of O2 to moles of O2, you do the following: 2.4 dm3 O2 x (1 mol O2 / 24 dm3 O2) = 0.10 mol O2 We put the molar volume flipped because the dm3 cancels out that way, leaving the remaining value in moles. From there, we use the equation's coefficients to find moles of NaBrO3. Since the coefficient of O2 is 3 and the coefficient of NaBrO3 is 2, we have the following: 0.10 mol O2 x (2 mol NaBrO3 / 3 mol O2) = 0.067 mol NaBrO3 Again, the mol O2 cancel out this way, and thus we are left with mol NaBrO3. Therefore, the answer is B. I hoped that helped! Sorry I can't answer the other ones at the moment, but I hope you get the answers soon.
  14. From what I have heard, it would be a lot like analyzing music in different cultures, and you would probably need to know many ib music terms to write the paper. I'm not doing a Music EE myself so I would not know much, however I am in IB Music. Basically, the class is a combination of music theory, western music history, and world music (hence the "analyze a culture" part of ee). The main skill that the IB wants to see in IB Music is your ability to analyze a piece in the context of its culture or time period. I would suppose that an EE would do that and compare it to many other pieces or musicians like you said, but I guess that finding a piece to analyze would be a starting place. Not sure if this helped or not, so I'm sorry if it felt kind of jumbled. Regardless, I wish you luck on your EE!
  15. Hmm, I would say that Math HL is probably the harder one. Of course, I do not take physics HL, although I have heard of how hard that was as well. I strongly advise you not to force yourself to do something you do not want to do, let alone at HL. You seem to like physics, so that could be a possible HL for you, but if you feel in your heart that you will not enjoy math, then don't do it at HL. I see what you mean when you say that physics might be weird for your specific major. but if you really love it, then I think you should do it. Are there any other sciences that your school offers? I suppose that you could take bio and physics HL but I am just curious to see what other options there are if any. I realize that this post was really jumbled and probably was not very helpful, so sorry about that. If you have any more questions I can try to answer them to the best of my ability.