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  1. From what I remember, you can do a perfectly good TOK presentation without any sources, depending on the knowledge question. The presentation is like a thought experiment, connecting TOK ideas to real life. It is of course appropriate to have sources as long as they add onto your TOK thinking, but much of your TOK-thinking-style can come from what you have already studied in your TOK classes. I guess I should also note that people who think of the presentation as a research project and not a TOK investigation, regardless of the increased number of sources they obtain, typically do not do as well as they do not focus on knowledge itself, which is the entire point of the investigation. Your knowledge question looks good, and I am sure that if you continue changing words in paraphrasing and continue with investigating the TOK world, you should be just fine.
  2. That can be a starting point, but as IB Math Helper said, it probably should not be the entire investigation. Try to think of something you can model, then expand upon that to make it more interesting.
  3. Done.
  4. Oh never mind, I just found this: "A contradiction has been brought to our attention about the nature of the title in the history, business management and mathematics chapters of the extended essay guide. A title is required for all EEs, and the generic guidance on developing a title should be followed by all students as a way of succinctly summarising their research. The title should not be in question form. This is best practice for all students, and where possible students should be given the opportunity to revisit their essay to amend it accordingly. Contradictory text on the extended essay website in the subject specific guidance for these subjects will be removed." From: https://concordian-thailand.libguides.com/c.php?g=530178&p=3626648
  5. Currently, I am a bit confused. Looking over the extended essay May 2018 guide I see that the title of the essay cannot be stated in the form of a question (I take that to mean that it also cannot be the research question itself). However, in the mathematics section of the guide it says that "In mathematics, the title of the essay must be in the form of a question" (taken directly from the guide). Then, they proceed to give an example of an essay title when describing how you must explain the title early on, but the example they give is not in the form of a question (they give the example "Methods for approximating Π throughout history"). So, that begs the question, should the title of my maths EE be my research question itself, or just a regular title (a statement)?
  6. Hello all! My extended essay is due Sunday. I am doing one in maths, and I have spent quite a lot of time on formatting. However, I just reviewed the IB Extended Essay Guide for May 2018 exams, and apparently double spacing is required in the formatting. If I do this, then my entire formatting system will be messed up and it will look weird (I currently have it set to 1.5). Is this requirement wavered for math papers? How much will I be marked down if I keep it at 1.5 spacing even if making it double spaced would make the formatting look worse in general? Also, as a side-note, how does the electronic turn-in detect when the 4000 word limit has been reached? Does it know when there is a parenthetical citation and to exclude that? Thank you!
  7. Assuming this is a question you need help with, I think I have an answer: The cylinder's height is 2R, since the "diameter" of the sphere spans the bottom and top of the cylinder. The radius of the base of the cylinder is just R since the cylinder entirely surrounds the sphere. So, the volume of the cylinder is V=(pi)(R^2)(2R), or 2(pi)R^3. I'm not sure if that made sense, so please ask more questions if you have any. (I might also be completely wrong, in which case somebody can correct me.)
  8. I am in DP2 as well, and I can relate. I have tried my best to do things well to perfection, trying not to procrastinate on ee or cas or whatever, but the work seems to just pile on. Know that you are not alone. I can say, however, that for our school, once you make it past November (when college applications are due in the U.S.) stress levels gradually decrease. Try your best now, and find a time to say that you have tried your hardest on something and you don't need to continue working it to perfection. I have had to sacrifice doing certain assignments over others on certain nights because of the amount of work, me being a student who had judged others for not doing their work. It is something that every IB student deals with, but we are all in this together. I wish you luck on the rest of both yours and everyone's IB journey. Stay strong.
  9. My supervisor said that he'd even be okay with people making comics of their reflections! I'm sure this is fine, I would just double check with your supervisor as it might be different per school.
  10. I think the idea is fine, it just needs some rewording. For example, instead of "With the presence of limited knowledge...", just start with "Limited knowledge challenges...". I'm not sure if I am allowed to give you a full example of the claim, but I think rewording is the only issue. Otherwise, if you analyze it well, it should be good.
  11. Hello all! Is there any place I can find the new IB Music guide? The only one I can find is from 2011, and I know that one is outdated because in it they describe the structure of the old exam rather than the new one. Any place I can find the updated one? Thanks!
  12. I think you made the right decision.
  13. I've dealt with the issue of having too much on my plate, so let me try and help you out: 1. Ask yourself this: Am I going to enjoy continuing AYP? Not should you do it, but will you enjoy doing it. Without going into details, I've made the mistake to pile myself up with so many things that cause me anxiety that I cannot focus on school work. However, the activities that I do choose to do are ones that I love, making me much happier. We are only on earth for a 100 years. It's not about doing things to get ahead, but doing things to enjoy the present. 2. Out of the four classes you mentioned, I only take two: Chem HL and TOK. Regardless, all IB classes will require a lot of time to be spent outside of school on certain projects/presentations mandated by the IB. I am in my second year, and what has helped me out thus far has been knowing what to expect, as in, what those projects are for every class. For TOK, you take it once first year and a second time in second year. First time, it is all about getting acquainted with TOK terminology and topics. Second time, you take all you learned and do a presentation on a question about knowledge you create (10 minutes if a single-person presentation, 10 minutes times number of people if a multi-person presentation up to 3 people) and a 1600-word essay on a topic from a list you are given. Chem HL is very conceptual and requires some memorization (not as much as bio) and some math (not as much as physics). When you study for this class, you want to try and visualize certain things that are happening, like graphs for rates of reactions or the structure of an atom. Other than IB exams, there are only two IB-mandated projects for sciences: an internal assessment (basically a lab report on a question you make up) and the Group 4 project (a group science project, I think the details differ between schools). I would say to do your research to know what's ahead so you can plan ahead, physically and mentally. 3. Find down time. Athletes in the Olympics who take a month-long break after the Olympic season is over before starting training again often do much better than those who get right back into training without breaks. You need to find times where you can relax. Read a book. Play a game. Watch videos. Do something that you enjoy to help your body and mind recharge, or else you will wear yourself out trying to juggle everything at your hands. To me, it sounds like you might be doing too much, however that is not my way of telling you to drop this AYP. I would say to sit down for 10 minutes in a private and quiet place. Then, think to yourself about AYP: What is ahead for me, and will I enjoy it? Let that question guide you. I wish you the best of luck in your choices, and no matter what, I wish you luck in your IB career.
  14. Taking two sciences is difficult, but given that you want to go into a science-related field, if you feel you can handle this then that is fine. I think you made a very good choice in not taking both chemistry and physics at HL; that would be too much. In terms of ESS, it counts as Group 3 and Group 4, so it seems like too much, given you are already taking two sciences. Perhaps one of the other three you have listed in place of ESS? Other than that, any of those three seem fine if you are motivated to take those classes.
  15. You might want to be careful choosing an RLS which has very strong controversy. Your KQ could turn into an ethical dilemma over whether this is right or not. If you are careful not to steer in that direction, then perhaps you can focus on how this action inspired more awareness of transphobia, ultimately leading to people showing more and more support for transgender people. Maybe something like how our emotion influences our ethics? You could try to make a KQ out of that. Again, be careful not to make it a question of whether it is right or wrong, but more of HOW everyone chooses what is right or wrong. I'm not sure if this helped at all, but if you have more questions feel free to ask.