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  1. Thank you! I don't think our school lets us do it alone... but now I sorted out things. I have a partner so it's fine now. thanks!
  2. Gusto en conocerte Manuel! Si, de hecho ya se que libros quiero estudiar y ya tengo mi pregunta de la monografía (voy a hacer una comparación de los espacios diegéticos de Cien años de solded por García Márquez y de Pedro Páramo de Juan Rulfo) jeje solo quería ver quienes tomaron español o quienes hablan español en esta página web.
  3. I am personally not really into the sciences and medicine, but i always like to read books from many different genres, specially these areas, because I always learn soemthing new. I might actually read the book you are recommending me here, When Breath Becomes Air. That is now in my To-Read list After I read it I can write you some feedback on it! Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. This is very useful information... I might really have to consider what you just told me, thanks a lot! I am trying to use a kale leaf with catalase for my experiment but I am not sure if copper sulphate will work with this, I will have to ask my teacher or even do an experiment myself to see if this works. If this doesn't work, I have to look for more inhibitors for catalase..
  5. Oh I might read it to see how it is. I don't really like to generalize likes... So, for me, even though I didn't like one book, I don't think that should mean that I might not like another book, I actually have to read it first I think I might try reading it and then I can have opinions about it
  6. I have never heard of this author but now I am interested... Is Infinite Jest one of his books? I'll find it and read it. Based on what you told me, it sounds really interesting. What types of books does he write? What's the genre?
  7. So... TOK... We were told that we have to start thinking about our TOK presentations. And, to be honest, I'm lost. I don't know where to start from (It's because our school doesn't support us that much, we don't receive a lot of help from teachers, so basically we are lost, I don't know what to do...) So, to start with, what is this? hahaha, it sound like a stupid question, but I really don't know what are we supposed to do in a TOK presentation. I already have a group for the presentation, now what. How many areas of knowledge do we have to choose? How long does it have to be? How many ways of knowing do we have to talk about? How do we make a knowledge question out of no where? I really need help
  8. Are there any disadvantages if I do my TOK presentation with two other students? So, in total we would be three. I heard that it is harder to get good marks if we do it in a group of three. Is this true? Why?
  9. Alguien habla español? Alguien que haya tomado Español Literatura? Que libros están leyendo? Alguien haciendo su Extended Essay en español?
  10. Oh! I don't know most of the books you mention here! Are they good? I was never a big fan of Ulysses, but good luck with that
  11. Oh interesting books! I really liked The Metamorphosis, The Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson, but they are not in my favorites. And The Great Gatsby is everywhere, everyone reads The Great Gatsby hahahaha, but nice choices of books. It is mostly fantasy series, I prefer historical fiction or fiction in general, not too much fantasy
  12. Hi! I took literature because I love to read and I am good at analyzing texts. I created this topic to open a space where we could share what we are reading (in class and outside of class/in our free time), what are our favorite books, favorite genres, favorite authors, book recommendation, and everything you would like to share. I took English A Lit HL and we read: Persepolis Woman at Point Zero (loved it) A Doll's House The Great Gatsby All my sons Death of a Naturalist (poems) That's it so far. In my free time (IF I CAN EVER FIND SOME FREE TIME, IB LIFE ) I am reading The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. He is one of my favorite authors. I also like Haruki Murakami. One of my favorite books are... Kite Runner (Fell in love with this one), 100 years of solitude (yes, I read a lot of books in Spanish too), Night Circus, After Dark, The Book Thief and more! What about you??
  13. Oh nice! I read The Crucible last year and I really liked it! I am currently reading The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I love this book!
  14. You said dream score, so 43 but hahaha But if I am realistic I would say I'm aiming for a 40. At least a 38, but 40 would be great
  15. Oh, I'm going to read Hose of Bernarda Alba for my Spanish Lit HL class. And, nice books!