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  1. Hi everyone I hope you're all having a great day! I have a question for you all and I'm begging for recommendations it's really important. I never liked math and it's even harder this year for me since I've been studying HL. Even though I'm going to take my exam from SL, my school exam grades keep decreasing and this needs to stop. We're using Oxford's HL Mathematics book but it's too hard for me since I'm not a math person at all. Do you know any books which explains HL maths really good and easy as possible? Because I need them. P.S.: I'm living in Turkey so it would be better if you could suggest me a book which Amazon or eBay has. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM NOW<3
  2. HL Math is even hard for the people who have a passion for Math. So I think it would be better for you not to make yourself miserable during this non-stop occupation in your education life. If you have a chance to study HL Chem with SL math, go for it! (I would not be saying that if you'd say that you're going to study something like Engineering or Mathematics, I'm saying these things considering your choice of future: Business.)
  3. Oh I also can recommend Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and 1984 by George Orwell! They're a bit hard to read though, but I think you can find some pretty cool topics to write about them
  4. You can use Pride&Prejudice by Jane Austen or How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee! I can recommend you lots of books but it depends on your book taste so I think these ones are the bests:)
  5. I wanted medicine for a long time even though I wasn't interested in science. It has always been my dream to be a psychiatrist. Then in the middle of the semester I realised how low my GPA was because of the science lessons. So I changed my decision and decided to study something that I always had an interest in: english literature! Even though it would be lovely to study in UK, we can't afford the universities there so I'll stay in Turkey or going to go to Germany/Austria. My advice for all of the IB students who still couldn't decide what to study: just try to know yourself and what you're interested in. Don't push yourself to do anything. Just go where your heart wants to go. You'll all be okay. We'll all be okay!
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