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  1. The marker should not be able to place you as a citizen of the country in the paper. This is why IB asks for no names or candidate numbers on the papers. Write it like it isn't your country to avoid the possibility of discrimination (Instead of "my country" use the name of your country)
  2. I was in IB chemistry for a year as an course elective so I had more options. I was good at chem before but I dropped after a year because I found it difficult. But thats not the case for everyone. One of my classmates is taking chem and history in the same block and doing okay.
  3. Pablo Neruda is good. many of his poems are political or historical. Some are just nice. Like Ode to Laziness.
  4. @CherryBI don't know for sure that she had the only A but she was the only A I knew of and I asked a lot of people.
  5. If you want to go into the DP later I would suggest learning good study skills as early as possible and make them habits, like time management.
  6. T= 1000 k (727C+273) and I believe volume should be m^3
  7. My friend did an English EE and only had to read one book and analyse it, she got a B. I've heard History is harder but I can speak from experience since I did a world studies EE on environments and economics. Most of the student in my school did geo and science depending on their interests. I am also going to study law but since I want to focus on environmental law my paper gave me a lot of credit and looked good to universities as I thought outside the box and about current events.
  8. I'm staying in my country as I have some really good universities in my area, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. You don't have to leave with the diploma, go where you want and the diploma can help get you in. Or go wherever is best for your program.
  9. For my reflective statement I wrote a formal MLA paper that was max. 400 words. You write it based on what was talked about in the interactive oral. Try to come up with a thesis and outline key points in your paper.
  10. I would recommend doing something controversial so you have many perspectives to argue about. I don't know about statics but in my class of 28 I believe only one person got an A (That's including all subjects). It's doable but you have to work hard. Keep the marking scheme in mind when picking as well. Also outline and plan a lot for the EE and keep a log of all your sources as I had a citations issue that took me 4 hours to fix.
  11. I'm almost done IB. My final year was the hardest from day one but I got though it by saying "I'll drop out next week" and procrastinating it so much I finished all my work and then realized there was no point to dropping out. Not very healthy but worked for me. I also ate chocolate and going for walks in nature with fresh air is extremely helpful for stress. Try to meditate and clear your mind every now and then.
  12. IB did not affect my free time except to force me to socialize more. That makes me sound weird but it was because I was locked in a room with 30 people for two years and didn't want to make enemies. Also, half of my year dropped IB in the first year. It depends on the school but it can be easy to try it. Even if it's not for you it's best to have tried it then not and regret it later. As for reading I spent more time reading the massive stack of English book more then my own interests but that just forced me to become a better reader and more open-minded about books.
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