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  1. Hi, I think writing your references at the very last part is the best since that's what everyone is doing but you can also put at the end of each page(this is also possible).
  2. Exactly, you can get 45% in real Exam but if your IA is good then this will give you 6 as a total grade
  3. Thank You
  4. Hello Everyone, I am writing an IA on math about the spread of disease in my country. I am little worried that the examiner that checks my IA might give me bad mark because of my choice. If he/she writes me bad mark for this what can i do?
  5. Use a timer and start doing past papers with time, this will decrease your panic in the exam since you have already prepared for the time limit. Use the app called QUIZLET and put all your definitions there and the app will quiz you. This is very interesting and fun to use. You can use this app for your other subjects too.
  6. My teacher says that it never has to be hard. Write it simple but perfect(I mean try to use as good as you can like). If you look at IA examples, you will see that most of the people who get high from Physics IA are ones that write simple things.
  7. Try to do some topic that you like. It doesn't really matter if your IA looks hard or easy, It's all about how well you write it.
  8. Dont panic be comfortable and relax few days before. Everything will be perfectly fine.
  9. I don't support modern Feminism and i never supported. I only support equality.
  10. German B is not very hard to get 7 for me even though I started with 0 knowledge.
  11. You're Welcome
  12. Well, to be honest, the best advices are at the top of the page but I want to give you some information that can make you a bit confident. The first thing is the Grade Boundary for physics HL is 65%. So if you do well in your IA you are most likely to get 7(Of course you have to work hard). The second thing is if you have extra time, to and talk to your teacher to let you participate in IB2 lessons in your free time. Most of them around this time are doing past papers with teacher so if you have some problem with any specific topic, you can ask your teacher when you write past papers. I hope it helped.
  13. Yes, Just put URL of websites and I hope you get the best mark.
  14. Exactly, You need to write all the websites all documents you read when you were writing this Assignment. It seems like there is no reason to do this. But First of all, it makes examiners work easier and Its kind of like the free point you get by just putting references.