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  1. Ask your teacher and repeat the experiment.
  2. It's a good idea in my opinion. There's a sample of the IA at ibessays.org/samples.
  3. I would do something different like looking at the effect of different concentrations of ethanol on the growth of a bacteria like E-Coli. There are other examples on ibessays.org/samples or IB's official website.
  4. Check out IB's official web site or ibessays.org/samples for samples/examples.
  5. Check out ibessays.org/samples or IB's official website!
  6. You could look at different isomers of butanol and see how they differ in their enthalpy of combustion. Check out ibessays.org/samples and IB's official website for more examples.
  7. IA too
  8. What do you want to model about the New York subway? How about something like modelling the population of New York or the Monty Hall problem. Check out examples on ibessays.org/samples or on the official IB website!
  9. You could do something like How effective was Stalin propaganda during the war?
  10. Agreed, try to show the relationship between an independent and dependent variable. Have a look at previous IA examples at ibessays.org/samples or IB's official website.
  11. Can you still make changes to your IA?
  12. Sure, send me a PM and I can help.