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  1. Check out https://ibessays.org/blog:2018-TOK-titles for some insight into the title.
  2. Check out the BBC or CNN about UK interest rates considerations or have a look at ibessays.org/samples or the official IB website for examples!
  3. Check out the official IB website for IA samples or ibessays.org/samples
  4. Any model is good enough. Show the data and we can give you some more precise feedback. It will probably be an exponential or logarithmic model depending on whether it is growing or receding.
  5. You could look at the interference between two wires and how coaxial cables exist as a result. I would do something simpler though. Look into experiments like Roger's paper tray or measuring the speed of water waves.
  6. There are plenty of IA examples on the official IB website.
  7. To get an example of an IA see ibessays.org/samples
  8. To get an example of a history IA check out ibessays.org/samples
  9. To get an example of an economics IA check out ibessays.org/samples
  10. Check out ibessays.org/samples for example IAs.
  11. Check out ibessays.org/samples for examples of previous IAs.
  12. Ask your teacher and repeat the experiment.
  13. You could do something like How effective was Stalin propaganda during the war?
  14. Can you still make changes to your IA?
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