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  1. This doesn't only apply to Sports science, but when using an advanced term (let's say abduction. The word isn't used in everyday life.), are we required to explain what the term means? Or can we just throw it out there? Thank you
  2. Good luck with Theatre! It's one of my favourite subjects
  3. I'm really bad at giving advice but I'm here to tell you that whatever subjects you end up choosing, you will still have chances to change them when you're in the IB programme. It's not strongly suggested, but it's possible
  4. Hello there, I'm doing my Extended Essay in Sports, Health and Exercise Sciense- and my current research question is "What is the negative impact on bad posture caused by smart- devices", but I was thinking about changing it to "What are the respiratorial issues caused by smartphones and laptops?". I know, I'm still working on the research question. I have conducted my experiment and collected all the data and done most of the research, and now I should start writing the whole thing.. But I have no clue where to start from? My supervisor hasn't told me what goes into an introduction, any tips for writing etc.. You get the point. And of course there are no exact instructions because everyone has a different research question and all, but I honestly speaking have no idea where to start.. And I'm not blaming my supervisor, I personally forgot to ask them these questions Please don't judge me, I'm new to this whole thing (like we all are ) and I'd be really thankful if anybody here would sacrifice a little bit of their time and give me some advice ~ Thanks already!
  5. And if anyone can explain me what are the three ypes of questions you may choose from in the exam, so; technique, concept and context I briefly understand the difference with these three, but extra explanation wouldn't be bad Oh and I noticed a mistake in my headline.. I meant paper 2 instead of paper 1!
  6. Hi, I'm having my first paper 1 mock exam on Monday, and I know that the best way to prepare for an english exam is by writing essays! So I was thinking if any of you guys have any sources where to find good essay questions? (prefer redly from the IB, I haven't managed to find any..) Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am sorry if my post was inappropriate. I had my IOC last Friday and I survived Thank you for the people who helped me, I am really thankful
  8. Milja Tammisto

    IB1 Finals

    Sadly I'm not studying any of those, but in case you are not a native Finnish speaker I can help you I'm Finnish and speak it fluently. I really respect that you're trying to learn that hideous language!
  9. Milja Tammisto

    IB1 Finals

    Hi! What subjects are you studying? I have pretty ok- ish notes with Sport Science, Math Studies, and English Lang& Lit
  10. Here goes my first post; My IOC is right behind the corner, and as I am revising one of the scenes which is the sleepwalking scene (act five, scene one) I am facing a slight struggle annotating it. If here's anyone who would be willing to share their knowledge and toss me a couple of literary techniques of this paragraph or generally how to survive from the IOC I would be more than happy! I kind of regret taking English Lang & Lit now Thanks beforehand!
  11. I feel so sorry for you buddy and I think it is 20% of your grade if I remember correctly..?
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