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  1. https://ibb.co/dTqwva https://ibb.co/mvaUFa https://ibb.co/eVLwva https://ibb.co/kK6rTv https://ibb.co/nc2n1F https://ibb.co/hkaUFa Hi all! Here are the collection of questions that I think are very relevant for your upcoming exam! I brought some nice log and all the questions should be in paper 1 set up; no calculator please. I'm more than happy to answer for your questions. Please do attempt :)! Good luck.
  2. https://ibb.co/bss4gF https://ibb.co/mtsFov https://ibb.co/gtZvov https://ibb.co/iMwVMF https://ibb.co/eFozFa Hi all! This is a package of questions for Standard Level Students. I've collected some interesting questions from the past paper, hope you will enjoy the question. These are the questions that are very 'trendy' for the recent papers. Emphasis on Vector and Calculus has been put on for SL. Please do attempt and share your opinion. I'm more than happy to answer for your questions. Good luck!
  3. Hi all! I think these two questions are very nice questions to attempt for combinatorics :). Please enjoy the question and ask for hint if needed!
  4. You are right :)! I just ne d to think of pi, 3pi, 5 pi and 7pi over pi for my solutions as they only make the equation to be zero when they were substituted into cos 5x. Just wanted to use different approach :)! Thank you for your comments.
  5. Hi all! I decided to upload a pile of questions. Please leave a comment on questions you'd like to verify :)! Today I chose some of questions I love from permutation/combination. Thanks for checking it out!
  6. Hey, I've written up my solution; see if you can understand and ask me if there unclear part!
  7. Very well done :)!! With this technique, we can pretty much calculate EVERY trig equation; when they come in product of two different trig, we can use null factor law to work out the x. Even if we get an equation of sum of trig, we can combine them into product of trig functions to apply null factor law again. Good job :)!
  8. My triick will be to compare with the closest angle I know! For example, we have to get cos 7pi/10. The closest angle I know is 5pi/10 with exact angle. cos(pi/2) being zero, and since it's decreasing till pi, we know for my y=cos(7pi/10) value it must be bounded by 0 and -1. And then I can compare the value. I will write it up nearly tonight! Been busy in Seoul too lol.
  9. Hi all! I like this question a lot as it requires understanding of 'Discrete Random Variables!' You need to remember how to get expected value from discrete random variables. Enjoy this question :)!
  10. http://imgur.com/2gApK7O Hi everyone! I like this question a lot as it shows that you need to understand what function is and how to work on the modulus domain and range! I love it and please enjoy the question as much as I did :)!
  11. I like this question a lot as it goes over an intense substitution. Overall, standard question for paper 3 option 9 :)! Enjoy!
  12. HI! I like this question a lot as it shows the phenomenon of sum of roots of unity with a nice guideline of geometric series! Overall, intermediate level of section B :)! Enjoy!
  13. Hey thanks for the reply :)!. It gets simple if you use factor formula from compound angle. Beauty of compound angle is that you can make whatever the sum of two trig equations become a product,which is nice to solve due to null factor theorem. Give it a try again :)!

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