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  1. marinaoliveira

    Applying to US Universities

    I am from Brazil, therefore, I do not know much about the US universities as the Americans do, but I am very interested in studying there. Since 2014, I have been researching about a few universities and how do the American system work when someone applies to college, because in Brazil it is all completely different. Here, the academic transcript is not important at all for us to enter in a Brazilian university. We have the "vestibular", which is a test from 2 to 4 phases and each course has a number of candidates per chair. In a determined university, medicine, for example, has space for 30 new students and normally 7000 people apply for medicine, so there are 233,33 people competing for a one space, therefore, the 30 better students in the tests get a place in the university, so there is practically no reason why someone that want to study in Brazil would do the IB. As my exam session is in May 2017, I would like to hear from a few US students that are preparing to enter of are already in a university, about how do the American system work? Is it different between the universities? Is there any difference between the public and private schools? How do they evaluate the IB Diploma in selecting a student?

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