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  1. Thank you so much! At least now I know it's doable! Can I ask you one more question? What was the most difficult topic in chemistry? Thanks!😊😊
  2. I'm a 10th grader in MYP system, and I'm going for engineering! The thing is, I don't know what to choose for DP next year. Here's the rough idea: English A SL Korean A SL Economics SL/HL Mathematics HL Physics HL Chemistry SL/HL I'm swaying in between Chem HL and Econ HL. I've talked to a number of juniors and seniors and even college students about it, but they all say different things! Right now, I don't know what area in Engineering I want to apply; I'm considering as broad as possible, but excluding biology related areas. Can anyone tell me how's taking Math Hl, Physics HL, and Chemistry HL like? Having not enough time to study for HLs and getting bad grades are the ones that I want to avoid the most!