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  1. Bil Ifan

    Chemistry mark

    Hello everyone, Just saw your question concerning chemistry HL. If you need any help in chemistry, feel free to contact me. I've supported over a hundred students in their chemistry HL/SL and their IA's helping them achieve excellent grades. I have my own unique sets of questions designed to help the students tackle the exam questions more efficiently. Here are some slides attached as explanation for bonding and structure (hybridization). Do not hesitate to contact me: Here is my website: https://chemtutors.co.uk/ Hope you have a great academic year Bil
  2. Did you get any help finally. I could've helped you. Unfortunately a bit too late I presume. I'm a chemist myself and I usually help students with their IA's
  3. Hello all, How did you find this years chemistry exam, HL? Was it the same level you think compared to last years or harder. Thanks Bil

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