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  1. They say that because they're your school officials and their job is to promote IB at your school. Naturally they would say that to entice people into signing up for it. Personally I think IB was worth it, but overhyped. It was worth it because I received transfer credits from my higher level courses allowing me to skip first year courses, and I am currently taking second year biology and chemistry courses at university. I will admit that second year courses are hard and IB doesn't cover everything from the first year uni course (it covers most of it), but I prefer to learn new material and not to be bored in class by learning stuff I already know. I would say everything in the centre of the hexagon was not worth it for me (ToK, CAS, EE). They didn't really help me think critically or grow as a person; I learned that from the six subjects. It was just extra work for no reward. In terms of study habits: I think my study habits actually worsened during the IB. I procrastinated more and I became lazy, and I really regret it. It showed most when my final score dropped from my predicted. Even though my final score didn't really matter in the end, it hurt my pride to know that I could have done better. So to sum that up, I am happy I did the IB but the benefits aren't as great as I expected.
  2. Don't really have a top 5 since I usually just listen to whatever I'm in the mood for, but here's a great French song:
  3. Nope...too bitter NP is super bored
  4. Whoa, a future Xavier kid on the forum...welcome! I just finished IB at Xavier so I can be of help to you It's hard to say if your marks are good or not because not all teachers mark the same way...especially in elementary school, you pretty much get what the teacher thinks you should get, not necessarily what you earned (or at least that was my experience). $235/month is steep for only 1.5 hours a week...just saying... A lot of people at my school went to Alliance Francaise for French (basically French classes, they have some geared specifically to pre-IB/IB) and they said it helped a lot (the people who went regularly mostly got 6/7). I don't know how much it costs though, since I didn't go there. I think your dad is should just go to French class for a month or so and see how you find it. If you can manage 85+ in grade 9 French, you probably don't need a tutor. Even 80 is not bad. If you want to improve your speaking, just participate in class. Try to answer questions when the teacher takes up homework. And actually do the homework! If you want to do well in IB French, it's important you have a good basic knowledge of French, which starts in grade 9/10. Make sure you can conjugate verbs well (ie without using a Bescherelle/verb dictionary) in present, imparfait, and passe compose at least because it will make your life so much easier in grade 11. Also picking up vocab is important too; nothing fancy but enough to string together basic sentences and have a simple conversation is a good idea. Of course it doesn't hurt to pick up extra vocab though. If you make any friends who did extended French/French immersion, they can be pretty helpful too
  5. The best way to know if you like something or not is to try it! Volunteer or get a job in an area you think you may be interested in and see how you like it. As for myself, hopefully I'll be a researcher. If I hate that, then med school it is... Or if that fails too, I'll open my own massage therapy clinic. I also want to increase my proficiency in French cause I don't want to have spent all this time trying to learn it and then never use it in my job/in life. Increase proficiency in my mother tongue and in other languages would be great too, but I'll focus on French for now. Get married (LOL if that ever happens) and have some hopefully-not-annoying-brat kids. Live life. Die a happy lady.
  6. No. NP can lick their tongue.
  7. Banned because nobody should take the side of Winnie the Pooh.
  8. Banned because roses are red, balls are blue
  9. Banned because I heard Award Winning Boss from my grandmother's cat.
  10. They might actually be doing you a favour, you know... They see that you're struggling with math HL, so they're putting you in math SL which is easier and probably will be better for you in the end. What's wrong with that? Just switch one of your languages from SL to HL and there you go.
  11. Not really. The bilingual diploma is barely recognized by admissions officers, if at all. Of course if you want to do it for your own satisfaction, go ahead, but bear in mind that it won't really strengthen your uni application. I actually think you should keep your language B at HL. This is because: 1. Language B HL is required by some unis for the language requirement, if you intend to study in that language (some places don't accept language B SL as proof that you're fluent in the intended language). You could do something like TOEFL to prove that your langauge ability is sufficient but then you pay extra money to sit the exam. 2. Language B is an easier HL than any of the other three HLs you have. It will lighten your workload, especially if you're already fluent. What do you want to study? For engineering you could drop chemistry to SL (except for chemical engineering which would require HL). For computer science you could also drop chemistry to SL (or maybe even physics instead).
  12. Banned because I'm not bored and thus didn't need to be saved from it.
  13. No it's pretty unlikely that you'll go down to a 5. English is subjective but not that subjective that you can drop almost two grade levels. Since you're at a high 6 it shouldn't go all the way down to a 5 (unless they made a major mistake but that would be pretty rare). They do remark the WL since it is not an IA. You write it in class but your teacher doesn't have to grade it, only the IB examiner does. Of course many teachers will grade it anyways to help them give you a predicted grade and to give you an idea of how you did, but teachers don't have to mark it.
  14. You figure out your subject grade breakdown by contacting your IBC. Component scores have already been released to them. For bio a remark may not be worth it because bio is not very subjective and the examiners follows a markscheme that tells you what specifically to awards marks for for every written response question. Paper 1 can't be remarked because it's a MCQ paper, and your IAs can't be remarked either. The only things that can be remarked are papers 2 and 3. To the OP: Have you looked at the boundaries yet? If you're one or two marks away I suggest remarking since English is subjective. If you're further than that, then I think it's risky and it's best if you just accept what you have right now.
  15. Yeah some people at my school have remarked English and their grades usually go up. My friend got English remarked because she was two points away from a 6, and after remarking her grade actually went up by 3 points. I'm also planning to remark it partly due to pride and also because I want to get uni credit for it (and I can't right now). Now if only my coordinator would email me back with my mark breakdown... Even if you don't really need the remark for university purposes, getting the one extra point can mean a lot to you. The current thought in your mind is "I am 2% away from a 7 in English". Does it really bother you or not? If it really gets on your nerves, go for the remark. Even if your grade doesn't go up at least you can say you tried. If not getting a 7 doesn't bother you that much, then save your money for partying or other useful things