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  1. Since the progression through math classes at my school is stupid, I am curious to know what yours is like at your school.
  2. How should I go abou taking pre calc over the summer though?
  3. Yes, I plan to study something that is very math related like Physics or computer science.
  4. I Know a few people who have had this problem, heres what I suggest that you do: -Look at what is going to be covered in HL Math, What do you already know? What do you have at least some background in? -What Math class are you in at the moment? If you make As or Good Bs you should be fine. -Ask yourself how much time you wish to put into it and how much work your other subjects give. -To Conclude, you need to enjoy the challenges that HL Math will present. _______________________________________________ Ask your current teacher why he/she will not recommend you for HL math. Consult your counselor on you math grades in previous math classes and discuss with them. If you already are finding your current math class very challenging, you may want to take SL because HL is a lot harder than SL and Physics HL is quite a challenge (probably next hardest HL after Math). Another point I forgot to toss in; Do you plan to study a math heavy field? I would assume so based on the HL Physics you listed. Also, if you want to get into a very good university, HL math may help a little bit. ~Hope that helps
  5. Sorry, I was not very clear here. I am a sophomore at the moment. I am in Algebra 2 right now. Here is How the math path to HL Math is at my school: Algebra 1 (8th Grade) Honors Geometry/Algebra 2 (9th Grade). <-- Was NOT Told I could do this until it was to late! IB Mathematics Year 1/Precalculus (10th grade) IB Mathematics Year 2 SL/AP calculus AB (11th Grade) IB Mathematics Year 3 HL/AP calculus BC (12th Grade) Now, Here's My math track: Algebra 1 (8th Grade) Honors Geometry (9th grade) Algebra 2 (10th Grade, Present time) IB Mathematics Year 1/Precalculus (11th Grade) IB Mathematics Year 2 SL/AP calculus AB (12th Grade) _____________________________________________ So, What should I do? PS: at the other IB school in my city, You take HL Math right out of algebra 2 and test in it senior year.
  6. So, I completed my first round of planing for the diploma. I tried to take HL Math, my IB Coordinator said that I can't becasue I was not In the right level of math. Lets say I want to get into a pretty selective college/university. Also, I plan to take both the Math SL exam and the AP Calculus AB exam. Anyways, here are my subjects... HIGHER LEVEL -Physics -Biology -History (my school requires it) STANDARD LEVEL -English A: Language & Literature -Spanish B -Mathematics _____________________________ will taking math SL hurt my college apps given the classes listed above? Also, I will be taking HL Physics in 11th Grade (Like I'm going to be done with it) and may continue taking physics at a highly competitive college near me. Also, here is some info you need to keep In mind: >Took Algebra 1 in middle school >Took Honors geometry 9th Grade Now, my school allows you to be in Algebra 2 while in geometry, sadly I was not told this until it was too late. I can't take any classes over the summer due to my school's curriculum. What could I do to get to HL Math? ~Thanks for advice
  7. I was wondering, since I will be completing HL Physics at the end of my junior year and really like it, Is there a class I can take after HL Physics, aka: is there such a thing as further physics like they have for math? Thanks
  8. So at the moment, I am a sophomore. I am planning for the diploma at the moment. I have a schedule worked out. I know this is subjective, but can anybody share which of the subjects I chose are/were hard for them and if possible, exactly what aspect of them was easy/hard. Also, what was your homework like in each of these classes? Spanish B SL English A language & Literature SL History HL Physics HL Math SL (Possibly switching to HL) Biology HL (Possibly switching to SL if math changed to HL) ToK (of course) Thanks for any advice.