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  1. Ok, so a little bit of context before we begin. Im actually a current sophomore and upcoming diploma candidate. I do very well in all my other subjects. I get mostly A's In math (I'm in Integrated iii). I come from a STEM heavy background, and have been accelerated in both Math and Science for years now. This is why I am in the first Year of IB Physics as a sophomore. I thought that I would do very well... Nope. The first half of the year I got my first ever C in any class, Now my grades have fallen ever further. I don't know what to do. I have many sources of outside help, but I still don't get it at all. I just took a test, on Topic 6....AND I failed. Any Ideas?
  2. Since the progression through math classes at my school is stupid, I am curious to know what yours is like at your school.
  3. How should I go abou taking pre calc over the summer though?
  4. Yes, I plan to study something that is very math related like Physics or computer science.
  5. Sorry, I was not very clear here. I am a sophomore at the moment. I am in Algebra 2 right now. Here is How the math path to HL Math is at my school: Algebra 1 (8th Grade) Honors Geometry/Algebra 2 (9th Grade). <-- Was NOT Told I could do this until it was to late! IB Mathematics Year 1/Precalculus (10th grade) IB Mathematics Year 2 SL/AP calculus AB (11th Grade) IB Mathematics Year 3 HL/AP calculus BC (12th Grade) Now, Here's My math track: Algebra 1 (8th Grade) Honors Geometry (9th grade) Algebra 2 (10th Grade, Present time) IB Mathematics Year 1/Precalculus (11th Grade) IB Mathematics Year 2 SL/AP calculus AB (12th Grade) _____________________________________________ So, What should I do? PS: at the other IB school in my city, You take HL Math right out of algebra 2 and test in it senior year.
  6. So, I completed my first round of planing for the diploma. I tried to take HL Math, my IB Coordinator said that I can't becasue I was not In the right level of math. Lets say I want to get into a pretty selective college/university. Also, I plan to take both the Math SL exam and the AP Calculus AB exam. Anyways, here are my subjects... HIGHER LEVEL -Physics -Biology -History (my school requires it) STANDARD LEVEL -English A: Language & Literature -Spanish B -Mathematics _____________________________ will taking math SL hurt my college apps given the classes listed above? Also, I will be taking HL Physics in 11th Grade (Like I'm going to be done with it) and may continue taking physics at a highly competitive college near me. Also, here is some info you need to keep In mind: >Took Algebra 1 in middle school >Took Honors geometry 9th Grade Now, my school allows you to be in Algebra 2 while in geometry, sadly I was not told this until it was too late. I can't take any classes over the summer due to my school's curriculum. What could I do to get to HL Math? ~Thanks for advice
  7. I was wondering, since I will be completing HL Physics at the end of my junior year and really like it, Is there a class I can take after HL Physics, aka: is there such a thing as further physics like they have for math? Thanks
  8. So at the moment, I am a sophomore. I am planning for the diploma at the moment. I have a schedule worked out. I know this is subjective, but can anybody share which of the subjects I chose are/were hard for them and if possible, exactly what aspect of them was easy/hard. Also, what was your homework like in each of these classes? Spanish B SL English A language & Literature SL History HL Physics HL Math SL (Possibly switching to HL) Biology HL (Possibly switching to SL if math changed to HL) ToK (of course) Thanks for any advice.