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  1. Yeah, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of both options. However, we'd have to make our final decision at the end, right? Or do we keep it open-ended?
  2. Oh yeah, you're right. How do I find it though, if it isn't the midpoint? Is the method I used wrong?
  3. I just saw the mistake I made!! I saw it as OA, and therefore added the vector OA to OB. AO is still easy to find though, so you just flip the signs, since OA= -AO. Therefore, AO becomes (1,0,-4) So, AB= (5,1,-1) |AB| changes as well, I'll fix both in my other post later. Thanks for checking it for me! I hope something like that doesn't happen in either of my papers. I keep making these stupid mistakes everywhere.
  4. I'm sorry I won't be able to help you with your SL IA, because I'm HL. There's a huge difference between the two, but I used the SWOT Analysis, along with other tools, to analyze the company's performance. Through that, I was able to decide on the final answer to my question. If you're discussing the relocation of airline headquarters, you can definitely use the ratios and anything related to the financial tools. However, for that you'll need the data of the company you're investigating, such as the balance sheet and income statement. Don't worry, you're not the only late one. I haven't started my Math IA yet.
  5. The most common ones that SL students use are SWOT and STEEPLE.
  6. Hey, does anyone have any English LAL paper 2 samples? Both SL or HL will work, but I'd prefer SL. My teacher hasn't given us any samples, so I'm not really knowing how to write one with confidence. Thank you.
  7. I'm soooo sure they're gonna ask us which option, Liza's or Paul's, should John choose for growth. What do you guys think? Which option should he choose?
  8. 8. a) i. AB = AO + OB = (3, 1, 7) ii. |AB|= (9+1+49)^0.5= (59)^0.5 b) OC - OA= AC (x+1)= -1 Cx=-2 (y-0)= 1 Cy=1 (z-4)= -1 Cz=3 c) i. angle ADB= 180-theta ii. Area of triangle ABD= 1/2 (BD) (AD) (sin180-theta) d) ( (1/2) (BD) (AD) (sin180-theta) ) / (1/2) (AD) (DC) (sintheta) =3 (BD) (sin180-theta) / (DC) (sintheta) =3 BD/DC=3 BD=3DC DC=BD/3 Since BC= BD + DC BC= BD + (1/3) BD = (4/3) BD Therefore, BD/BC=3/4 e) 4BD=3BC 4x-16=3(6) 4x=24 Dx=10 4y-4=3(0) Dy=1 4z-12=3(0) Dz=3 * I'm not sure whether these are correct *
  9. I've only watched Ao Haru Ride, and it was good
  10. Are you only using one Area of Knowledge? I'm certain that we're supposed to use two Areas of Knowledge, each one supported with a claim and a counterclaim.
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