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  1. IJustWanaPass

    Physics IA length

    table of contents and bibliography arent included.
  2. Hi everyone, Are we allowed to use the same books for the exams? Part 3: Part 4: Great Gatsby Animal Farm Dolls House Importance of being earnest Metamorphosis On Politics and the Art of Acting Paper 2: Animal Farm, Great Gatsby Oral: Animla Farm WT1: Animal Farm WT 2: Great Gatsby
  3. IJustWanaPass

    Feels like judgement day.

    Take a deep breath, at this stage, don't bother going for the top. Set a target grade for every subject and don't make it rigorous: you will only make it worse. Aim for a 35 or 34, they are fairly good scores. Economics you're probably screwed. For physics, I would suggest going over the Oxford Revision book. Message me if you need any material for revision.
  4. IJustWanaPass

    Do I need IB to get into a good university?

    Waterloo gives nonstandardized tests whereas IB has standardised ones (or vise versa). So you wouldn't benefit from IB if Waterloo is where you want to attend.
  5. IJustWanaPass

    Line Spacing in everything

    Anyone mind telling me the line spacing required for every IA, EE, Tok E etc? Also, can one get penalised for using 1.15 spacing.
  6. IJustWanaPass

    Cannot Think of HL Math IA Topic

    Try something with Taylor or MacLaurin Series
  7. You can, but good luck remembering them.
  8. IJustWanaPass

    choosing HL

    @shellziess Indeed both subjects have some coinciding syllabus chapters. Choose English A1 HL, it will save you from having to waste your time from IELTS and TOEFL. The subject itself isn't difficult, you just have to be good at analysing and have good vocabulary. Having chemistry HL and physics HL will be difficult unless your enjoy both subjects. Read about the HL syllabus for both subjects and make your decision afterwards.
  9. if it is not too late, try applying for universities with a lower rank and slightly less competitive program as plan B just in case you don't get accepted into any of the ones you mentioned. Best of luck with the admissions. Also, who's the anime character on your profile?
  10. IJustWanaPass

    Can I do my IA in an option?

    If I understood your question correctly, you're asking" Can we do topics out of the syllabus for all our subjects? Yes you can. However, if you're doing something out of the syllabus, the topic must be more difficult.
  11. IJustWanaPass

    Are my grades ok

    Grade boundaries for the latest exams. subject-grade-boundaries-2017.pdf
  12. IJustWanaPass

    I got into IB, should I go for it?

    If you're studying to the end of grade 12: Universities don't care about marks till grade 10 because that's when high school starts. IB indeed is well reputed, but not everyone can handle it. The new syllabus for some subjects is more difficult than it is now. If you can manage your time VERY well, I'd say go for it.
  13. IJustWanaPass

    Are my grades ok

    Yeah all those scores are 7s. Don't get cocky though, you may have done past papers from 2010 which were a piece of cake. Most likely your grades will start going down in March. Why? You'll lose motivation to keep going when you see the newer past papers. If you're different from the people in the next generation (i.e not a party animal), then you have nothing to worry about. Anyway, good luck!.
  14. IJustWanaPass

    Can I do my IA in an option?

    1. Yes, I'm doing my math on Fourier Transforms 2. If you want a better grade, yes. Pick something you like and have a small background. In my case, I was suffering a little bit at the start because I didn't understand jack diddly squat about my topic.
  15. IJustWanaPass


    Now that you know what you like and have an idea of the potential future, look up university requirements. UBC, for example, doesn't require math hl and physics hl but its still the 3rd best engineering university in Canada.

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