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  1. Same here, I've nearly lost all motivation for doing the diploma, but I know that it will be a great benefit if I finish it. I work 4 hours everyday after school doing homework and writing internals, I take the rest of the day to do some math for fun or just watch videos and not worry about anything, it helps me relax. Time management is key here, you need to have a balanced life where there is plenty of time for work and enough time to enjoy life. Think of it like this: You're not the same person you were yesterday, today your mind developed and you became smarter. The more you learn, the greater your success, THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE.
  2. Pick the diploma, its more recognised around the world. Everyone knows this programme is a pain, but in the end, all your HARD WORK pays off.
  3. ok, thanks
  4. After they reset your calculator and you get ready for the exam, can you enable all the things they disabled?
  5. So my physics teacher says that for anti neutrino you have to put a dash above the symbol, but my extra teacher says that you don't put a dash on anti neutrino, but on the normal neutrino. Who's right?
  6. Doing my math IA on Fourier Transforms in digital, even, odd signals. I'm having trouble finding a decent experiment to do and my teacher keeps forgetting to help me. If anyone has any recommendations, or any websites that guide people through this stuff, please comment.
  7. Before you start the MATH HL Exam, do the examiners reset everything on your calculator or just check what version it is.
  8. Which one has a bigger workload?
  9. I heard that it is illegal to do that.
  10. Which one do you think is better in terms of designing and building.
  11. When (or still) you were in IB, did you have to buy the course books or did the school library offer them to you? Just curious, the schools I've went to gave us the books meanwhile the one I'm in right now forced us to buy them. Obviously no one bought them since we found an archive of them.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a few questions about these 2 engineering courses. I really want to be specialised in both but obviously it may be too difficult and very time consuming so I have to choose 1. So I did some research on both of these and people had different opinions. Can someone briefly explain the differences, and if I can study mechatronics in mechanical engineering.
  13. I'm going to an extra teacher and I showed him the chapters after calculus. I asked them if they were hard, he looked at me and started laughing saying its easier than calculus.
  14. I'm only planning to apply it twice or thrice since it will take a lot of time, AND I'm running out of pages and my font is already at 12.
  15. My teacher told me that if I do some real life applications I can get a much higher grade. I was planning to do theoretical applications only so I didn't have time to look into applying in it irl. How difficult will it be? And how many *experiments* should I do?