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  1. So I've applied to a few universities: UCLA, UCSD, UCIrvine, UCSB, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Georgia Tech, University of Concordia, University of Texas at Austin. My IB Predicted is 39, 2 bonus points. Last year I've been getting a total of around 38-40 from midterms. My SAT score is horrible (1250). As for activities, I've done a few things: Built a device for charging and discharging capacitors Organised a bake sale Participated in TOK Conference 2017 in Istanbul Participated in 2017 Fibonacci Games (not an international event) Along with a classmate, made a revision app for physics. Making a TOK one now. With half of my class, working on a tourist app for our country. For sports I've had 4 years of Muay Thai. What would you say my admission chances are?
  2. Same thoughts as @Nomenclature, just one more thing. Of course, you wouldn't be admitted EVERYWHERE, but I think you should be more interested in getting scholarships. The universities you've applied to will definitely accept you. One question, completely irrelevant to the discussion. I hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you? I'm sitting here telling myself that there is no way someone around the age of 17 can do all those things
  3. internal assessment

    HELL YEAH REPORT THEM, THEY ARE IN NO POSITION TO DENY YOU THAT. However, before you do so, ask your Coordinator why she doesn't allow you to retake the the subjects. If you know their reasoning is bull****, make this threat and they'll become nervous. You'll have the advantage here and force them to do ask you ask, just make sure its nothing crazy like cheating on the exam or something like that.
  4. I don't think a first year IB math SL student will know how to do Calculus calculations with inertia
  5. Depends who you'd like to work as.
  6. As long as there are a a lot of calculations and real life applications of what you've learned (evaluate the light sail for transportation to Mars eg: calc time, cost etc.), you should be fine.
  7. Universities give extra credits for some subjects in IB. If you plan on getting 2s or 3s why even bother taking the courses? Just do some normal high school course that wouldn't spoon your eyes out.
  8. English A HL Git gud at analyzing and read a lot about your selected 6 books. Math SL Screw taking notes, PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE! Chemistry HL Download at least 2 IB Chemistry books and read them. The past papers are pretty easy tbh, but that's my opinion.
  9. I actually did find something. Since the Fourier transform is pretty much arrived at from Fourier Series. I figured I could use the following simulation:https://soundphysics.ius.edu/?page_id=949 As for a real-life application, I did something with the horn of my car (held it for 15 seconds while the engine was turned off, then honked it again while the engine and AC were turned on). Now I'm looking for a program that has the fast Fourier transform.
  10. tbh drop out of IB. The average total grade for IB exams in this year's exam was 29. Since 2018 and 2019 exams will be much harder, the average grade will probably drop. Since you're in a crazy situation with having to catch up in 2 IB courses, I'd say screw it, drop IB. Go for normal courses like A-Levels, they're 10x easier. However, if you're a new level of hard-working (which the next generation certainly isn't), I'd say don't drop IB and take the 2 subjects.
  11. Where do students submit the 10 lab reports they did throughout the year? Do we give it to IB, put it in our profile, or just leave it with our teachers?
  12. Well, since you don't have anyone to collaborate with, I can recommend a few things: Activity: Do some sports like swimming, boxing/kickboxing, running etc. I did all of these and after 2 months got a six pack XD. Service: Organize a bake sale. I organized mine on some day in December. I asked people to bring food, drinks etc. The benefit here is that whoever participates would've done a "Service", therefore this should attract more people. You, on the other hand, will get the service and a benefit of organizing it. If you're into computer science and coding: Make some sort of app that can benefit IB students. For example, my friend and I made 3 apps: Physics and TOK revision app. Now we're making a tourist app for our country. Or honestly, if you're too lazy to do any of the ones mentioned above, try this: Option 1: Go to a beach, take a picture of yourself picking up trash like a banana or plastic cup, and claim that you cleaned some part of the beach. You'll have the picture as the backup. Option 2: Go to the beach with friends/family, leave a very small amount of trash around where you're sitting, ask your friend/family member to take a picture of you picking up the trash.
  13. If you have too many pages, use font 12 and 1.15 spacing. 12 is the maximum you can set your size to (meaning you can't go below that). If you do go over that, then decrease the spacing. If you still go over, remove some unnecessary information. And yes, you can get penalized for extra pages, wrong font, etc. Also, make your pages look well designed by adding borders and a table of contents, it will boost your mark for personal engagement.
  14. So my school guards were given 2 metal scanners to check for phones and I really hate that. So I want to try and attempt to fry the scanner's system. If anyone knows a lot about how these devices function, please say something.
  15. If you still have a chance, do some research on how to structure a TOK Presentation. I'm assuming that your teacher doesn't like you, which means he'll give you false advise and a lower grade. So what I would do, is look at the criteria as well.