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  1. Don't take my comment as support or denial, I don't know anything about physics Extended Essays. To be honest the idea sounds DOPE. Quick question though, why potato XD? (besides the fact that they are light and the perfect shape).
  2. So I want to major in Mechanical Engineering and will (hopefully) graduate in 2018, from what I've heard they get a ton of work. I was told that most people study 20-30 hours a week which really shocked me since I study about 2 hours a day and still get good grades. My friends told me that I will need to take other courses besides math and physics, is this true?. How many laboratory works do you do a week? Whats the usual deadline? Do you have time for other social activities? How long do you stay up for? Oh and also, I'm only interested in American and Canadian universities, if that makes a difference.
  3. So I already got around 2000 words on my essay and have plenty of ideas to add more. Problem is though, my supervisor says Im doing great work, but I don't have articles to support my ideas. I could only find sites like sparknotes and cliffnotes etc, the rest had information irrelevant to my thoughts. Obviously i can't use those type of analysis articles since they pretty much write the essay for me. Can somebody please give some tips on finding these articles.
  4. Our school isn't really a decent IB School. We don't have managebac. And yes I'm aware of the learning outcomes for the activities, I have them written down in a Word document.
  5. (So Far) I have done the following CAS activities:} Organising a bake sale with a classmate and gave the money to a charity (Creativity?, Service) Developing a revision app with a friend (Creativity, Service) Swimming (activity) Kick Boxing (activity) I will attend the European Youth Parliament where we will do some activities, have a debate and get a certificate for participation (no idea) Does going to the gym count? During IB Forum my physics class and i travelled around the country collecting soil and sending to a radioactivity factory or something like that. We wanted to check how radioactive our soil was. Another thing I did was build a device that charges and discharges capacitors, FROM SCRATCH. I soldered a bunch of wires, connected resistors etc and used it for my internal assessment. (Physics SL btw) The last thing my entire class and I did was perform our own version of Shape of You. So are these activities good for CAS?.
  6. Somebody is a bit mad. And I wasn't asking about THOSE type of consequences. Obviously their thought's and opinions wouldn't process properly. I was asking about the consequences during the exam, would IB be able to tell if my classmates didn't come up with these ideas themselves (by the way I don't think they would copy other analysis' word by word). It is ridiculous I agree, but there always are some people in most generations that will do anything to get a reward like the diploma.
  7. I dont know about the lower scores because the IB2s this year never read their books and managed to get 6s on the exams.
  8. Hi everyone, Our class picked out the 6 books a while ago but few have read them. Most of my classmates said they would go on websites like cliffnotes, sparknotes etc to read and understand instead of reading the actual book. What are the consequences?
  9. (Correct me If I'm wrong) IB Changed the CAS hours to at least 3 activities in the 3 categories. Do these projects have to be long term or can it be something that lasts a few days Eg going on a a trip organised by some educational program for a few days where you can do debates and other activities. On the trip let's say you would do a debate, and running. Would that count as 2 activities? If not can someone please explain.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm 15 right now and will be taking my IB Exams in 2017. I don't think I'll have enough time to do the Subject Tests. So will it be ok if I take the subject tests after I get the diploma and apply for 2019? What will be the bad and good things?
  11. I used a bunch of lines from the book to show the situations that I'm describing. Do they count as part of the word count?
  12. Thanks
  13. So as you know my first one was about culture. The second: How do the authors of Kite Runner and Mice and Men portray human relationships. ( I will compare them both in the end and then compare it to real life) My third one, which I don't think sounds good is To what extent does emotion play a big role in decision making in the books Of Mice and Men and The Kite Runner. to be honest I would prefer one of the first 2 as I've already started Analysing their relationships
  14. I want to paste graphs, tables and other things like that into my IA. I will reference them as well. I asked my teacher but she is like 400 years old, doesn't even answer my question properly, in fact she doesnt even want to answer the question. "Im on vacation stop messaging me". I found a graph from my physics book as well, can I paste and reference that too?
  15. So I narrowed down my topic to using the transforms in different signal problems. So far I've written down a short summary about Fourier, his Analytical heat theory and will start writing about Signals. I figured I would include these things in my IA: Introduction To Fourier His greatest work Signals Fourier Transforms Applying Transforms in Signals Uses of isolating frequencies Why I wanted to write about this topic Personal Thoughts What should I add/remove? Thanks