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  1. Bump? I really need help, I don't know what to do, I feel like dropping out, signing up for the university of missouri's online accredited high school degree program and working on my business ideas and passion projects at home, I've completely lost all motivation to study or do anything productive even if I go back at all anymore, and the school I'm going to isn't even that good, it's really bad compared to the ones in the capital, I feel like I'd rather switch schools since I'm going to repeat the year Poll vote's in a tie between: If I miss the date, pay the fees, spend hundreds on books and printing costs, start second year next year and If I miss the date, pay the fees, waste my time at home, and start second year next year"
  2. To answer the question, no I don't, although before I went to the IB I did have very bad grades and came from a not so glamorous area but because I'm only 1/8th Egyptian (even though I was born here) and they understood my situation they accepted me because they saw I wasn't your typical D+ student, so in a way I feel like I'm stuck to that school, even though it's the only IB school I applied to I still feel like no other would accept me. However since I have a decent e IB report card from the Norwegian school and I'm turning 18 next year I was thinking of just applying and going to an IB school in the U.S (since that's where I want to study and am a citizen of) and consider re-taking not only 2nd year but 1st year as well since they have proper establishments and might actually allow me to take the subjects I want that I couldn't get like Psychology, Philosophy, Econ and SL Math (was prev. studies) instead of the Bio, History, English, Math Studies, B&M, and Norwegian B that I'm currently taking I was originally going to go study in the UK but after researching the culture and talking to my aunt that was born / raised there I decided against it because to me personally it seems like a dangerous place to be with all the terrorist attacks and crime rates sparking, and environments like that (to me) are de-motivating. I could just go to the IB schools in the capital, however, $25-38 thousand dollars a year tuition fees, and not even counting the apartment rental and living costs of moving to the main city is literally around the tuition / living cost fees for Ivy League universities, so I'd rather save that money for the future instead of dump it in some sub-par North East African school, sounds harsh, but that's just the way it is over here, quality education isn't affordable, and anything that is is just not worth going to, it's literally cheaper to fly to another country and have it there hahaha. Most of the kids that go to the expensive schools don't pay for them, their parent's employers covers the fees, and they're usually embassies of country's because that's usually who they work for, I used to go to them ages ago, but since I moved cities and went through economical issues I couldn't afford to go them anymore, and I was going to a really ****ty one here and I had a ton of personal issues at home and just dealing with the culture I didn't fit in with, which is why I decided to go to the "happiest country in the world" to go through the IB system that might give me a proper chance even if it's just one of the local universities over there, because in comparison that's way more valuable than anything over here lmao. Thank you, and right, I get what you mean, honestly I'm just going through the IB so I can actually get in an actual non-3rd world college / uni so I can finish my standard education and go on to doing what I really want, because the things I really want to do don't require the formal education system, I can learn them on my own, though I don't want to disappoint my parents or face heavy criticism from society because I didn't want to conform to the way others go through life, and having friends your age helps a lot with just living in general
  3. Only way I can get grades at my school is with the IA and internal things but they won't let me do that, and I'm not currently in Norway, hence the "renewing my visa and get on a plane" part; I'm back in the 3rd world. Also, in Norway there aren't any free IB schools for international students, however, when compared to Egypt (where I'm at) it's in fact cheaper to fly over there than pay the tuition fee's for attending at one of them ($25-38 thousand) and the living and apartment rental costs of moving to the city where they're at, compared to the low relocation, living and tuition cost in Norway of around $15k for 1 year.
  4. I need your advice on this one guys, here's the somewhat summarized story: So I went to this IB school abroad for a year and came back home for the summer, turns out my parents ran out of money and now I've been out of school for 3 months and I'm still back home. IA's started about a month and a half ago and I was working on my history IA from home, Biology IA started and after talking to the teacher he told me the coordinator told him that I'm not allowed to work on them from home because of the "academic honesty" policy, they then asked my parents to give them another date; they did, and it's in 20 days, the school said that's the final delay date I can have and that if I don't get there by then I'm out and have to take 2nd year next year. I highly doubt my parents can can renew my visa, do what I need to do and get on a plane within that period of time, so I feel like the end is just inevitable. The thing is, now I feel like I've completely lost a chance at anything. I'm done, it's over...what's the point now? I recently got a message saying that even if I go over there on the final date I'm still not allowed to take the exams and I'll just be a "normal" student and will have to start my 2nd year next year anyways...what do I do? Go there anyway and waste my time? The teachers don't teach anything useful for the exams except for maybe 2-3, and even then they can't cover as much as independent studying could because of how big the class is. Aren't I better off spending hundreds of dollars and ordering the books myself and paying for the ridiculous shipping fee's and paying someone to let me print out all the past papers and just studying by myself at home? Then comes the issue of how stressful life is back home, it's nearly impossible to keep focus without something happening, or get distracted by all the different things to do, or procrastinate and cry myself to sleep because of how messed up everything is.
  5. Kai_Harry


    Hey there, I'm an IB1 in mid-term. I planned to apply to all the ivies (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown) + USC, UChicago, UC Berkely, Rice and Duke for regular on 1 Jan 2018 with Cornell being my early decision but I feel like I should have more on my list which might be more suited towards these grade boundaries just in case my magic trick doesn't work. I plan to study finance. I'd really appreciate it if you could chance me and maybe even give me some recommendations. Below you'll find all my stats. School's internal predicted grades: HL: English A:LAL - 5 Biology - 5 History - 5 SL: Math Studies - 5 Business and Management - 5 Norwegian B (anticipated) - 4 SAT Subject Test Practice (taking the real tests in 2 weeks): 570/800 Literature 450/800 World History SAT Practice (taking the real test in 3 months): 1000/1600 Extracurricular's: -IB papers study resource website (difference is all the questions from 1999-2016 are organized by chapters in the syllabus) -YouTube channel with loads of helpful information for new-coming international students going to study at my school -Made 2 websites for 2 intentional companies with no programming knowledge
  6. I'd just like to thank both of you for replying. @kw0573 I feel as if I have lost all sense of direction in my EE because I thought I had everything planned out, I had around 1200+ words early in and was just waiting for my experiment to succeed so I could finish analyzing my data. All I can think about is English atm. But regardless, any ideas for the direction a "quick and easy" Biology topic I can research write and complete in around 2 weeks would head in?
  7. So I'm doing my EE in Biology and my research question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 5˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". The experiment was supposed to investigate the effects of seeds germinated under cold temperatures and the effect on the biomass produced in seeds after germination among different temperatures. I even had some data with around an 80% germination rate for the seeds at 10˚C. But 10 days in, and 100% of the seeds at 18˚ (my control group!) germinated and 0% of the seeds germinated in both the 5˚ & 0˚ groups. I have no ideas for any other topics in Biology. What do I do? Continue writing the EE with my failed experiment and try to come up with reasons why it failed, and even attempt to state that this could be beneficial to the scientific community? Try to switch research questions within Biology? Or do I all out switch subjects to English and just "type away"? I need answers quick, because I have 9 weeks left until I have to present an EE without a conclusion. Future message to those who reply: Thank you for taking your time to read and answer!
  8. Great, then I guess you don't have to worry anymore.
  9. I'm doing my EE in Biology. My Research Question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 10˚, 4˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". I'm growing seeds under different temperatures in growth chambers. I was wondering: what number of seeds to germinate for each temperature range would be significant for my data? Even though I have 35+ sources; none of them state the amount of seeds which they germinated (total or for each temperature range), rather, they simply conducted calculations with the mysterious total percentage of the seeds which germinated, which leads me to think that the total amount of seeds needed aren't significant and rather it's how many of those germinated, but then again, conducting a germination test with 2 seeds doesn't sound so good in practical terms. So what do you think? What number of seeds would be safe to use? My supervisor suggested I used 50. How overkill is that?
  10. Help yourself to be on the safer side by imagining a curious examiner doing a reverse image Google search and finding your image and all the things that might be running through his head. Hope I helped with that sentence. Cheers.
  11. Noticed many people have blogs like "how to apply to university X" or "how to apply to university in X (country)". Did not notice a "share helpful information here" thread. Thus, I decided to create a post so those whom might have helpful information to share (guide, blog, YouTube video etc.) can do so here. Edit: For instance; have you written a detailed guide on the ibsurvival website you'd like to share here (university guides for applying to a certain country, study guides, tips, etc.)? Maybe you have a blog which has good information on something IB / school-related (i.e a resources and guide website for IB subjects and the syllabus). Or perhaps you have a YouTube channel which might have informational videos you'd like to share here. Cheers.
  12. Do not take chemistry SL. You need at least HL Chem & Bio for med (source:https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/20918-ib-subjects-to-become-a-doctor/ & http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/subjects/medicine/subject-requirements.html). To me, what would sound good is: -HL Chem (med req) -HL Bio (med req) -English A HL (English skills) -Math SL (math skills) -Psychology SL (skills which might be useful for becoming a doctor / med school) -random subject SL which doesn't have to but it would be good if it associates itself to medicine. I wouldn't recommend taking Korean unless of course you would need to practice the language (I didn't take my second language because I figured keeping a foreign language out of my application might do a little good in proving I'm what I describe as "English capable")
  13. The FOA can be structured in any way according to what you've chosen to do. It's an oral activity, so it requires the use of speech. I do not know what the phrase "I'm going to do the song" means. I do not think anyone other than yourself would know whether or not you should use cards. Does your teacher say you can read from cards? Will it affect your marks? I don't personally think reading from cards for your FOA during the presentation itself would help. Can you try re-phrasing your question? I don't think that particular question your asking can be answered.
  14. source: https://www.quora.com/What-subjects-should-an-IB-student-take-to-pursue-engineering Math, Physics, Chemistry HL then Spanish, English and History SL seems fine for engineering. If you want to be an engineer you will definitely need to know Physics and Math...
  15. Well for starters, don't take English SL, take HL English A (Assuming you'd want to travel abroad for university, they don't like international applications "lagging behind" in English thus a high level English subject choice keeps you away from things like language proficiency admission tests). As for your career path, that's entirely up to you, but if you're going to do anything that has to do with typical law or engineering, don't take Biology. I don't know why you took Spanish SL but you (should probably) have a good reason for it. I should note this is from someone (me) who didn't do well choosing their subjects and found out what universities look for later on in first year...
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