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  1. Of course you make friends in IB. And I would say quite good ones, as everyone can relate to each other and what they're going through. >By the way, I don't want to take the academic part of IB as I am too lazy. If you're going into IB only to make friends, IB is not for you. Like, seriously?
  2. Definitely EE. Longer process, more work, and more involved. After all, if you fail EE, you fail IB. If you fail an IA, it doesn't mean you will fail IB.
  3. Well, you're still taking the other exams because they're part of the class and curriculum, even if you are not getting the diploma - you can still get college credit for taking them, if you get a well enough score.
  4. You mean like the 1-7 scale IB grades? There is no set conversion. A 4 is considered average or a "C", so you can kind of take a guess at it from that. You can also look at 2017 grade boundaries to get an idea of what each grade is like in terms of difficulty to achieve. https://www3.dpcdsb.org/STFXS/Documents/2017-05_grade_boundaries.pdf
  5. EVERYONE "gets into" a university. Trust me... If you're scared of not getting a specific university you're shooting for, I would do research on what the required GPA and scores are. Put lots of effort into maintaining a high GPA and SAT/ACT scores - US colleges care way more about those than whether you get the IB Diploma or not, mainly because you don't know if you get it until a month after you're done with high school (unless given a conditional offer)
  6. Don't worry about it - think positively. Worrying about it now will not change anything Relax and just prepare for next year, that's the best thing you can do right now
  7. You will be fine as long as you did ok on one of the essays. Let's say you got a 10 or 11 out of 15 - that is still a high 3/low 4, according to grade boundaries. If you did well on your Paper 1, IA, and paper 3, you'll be ok.
  8. You will definitely get points taken off, but if you still wrote a good essay (included accurate info, structured well, included historiography,) you should be "ok". It's up to the examiner.
  9. I would relax over the summer. You really don't need to start studying for IB exams until middle of year 2...because by then you will already know what will be on the exams and will receive studying advice from teachers and peers. Don't over-stress. However, if you really do want a head-start, you can check out IB-geared textbooks especially for maths/sciences. they're on amazon. take it easy
  10. The examiners aren't dumb...you'll be fine
  11. Even if you get a 2 , just balance out the remainding 10 points, and you will get the diploma. Keep in mind that getting even 30-40% of points is a 3-4 and if you did well on your IA you will almost certainly grasp a 4...even at a 3 you still just need 9 more points in your other HLs (let's say a 4 in one class and a 5 in another...definitely doable)
  12. Try to relax over summer break - make a plan in terms of studying, homework, and your classes. This will end up lowering your stress levels. Keep in mind that things almost always turn out ok - I remember staying up many nights worrying about deadlines, missed assignments, etc. It all ended up being for nothing because everything ended up alright. Eventually you will get tired of stress, seriously. I'm at the end of year 2 and literally don't give a **** at this point. You become immune to it. Try to sleep as much as possible (7-8 hours a night recommended), 5 minimum. Otherwise, you will be messed up mentally and will not be able to function. Talk with family/friends, and just know that you are NOT the only one experiencing this, and will have others to help you and know what you are going through. Best of luck!
  13. https://www.change.org/p/richard-penrose-lower-math-sl-tz1-and-tz2-grade-boundaries
  14. Hi, I'm in the final stretch of IB, and want to make sure I have everything done to actually get the diploma. Obviously the exams are yet to come, but other than that, I have completed my IAs/EE/Tok Essay+Presentation, and am finishing up CAS. Are there any other requirements other than those? Thanks!
  15. This guy in my class had 3 months to do history fair. He skipped the period before history and printed out a whole Wikipedia page and turned it in. I **** you not

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