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  1. Hey guys, hope all of you are well! So I recently submitted by extended essay options (both of them being history related questions). I really want to refine my questions and get an insight on them, in regards to the questions being doable or not. Thanks in advance! Question 1: To what extent did Henry Ford and the Model T impact American society throughout the 1920s? Question 2: To what extent has advancements in technology led to developments within the automotive industry post World War Two?
  2. Will my final IBDP Grades be purely based on the final assessments, EE, TOK and IA's or will my term grades also impact my final grades?
  3. Thanks for the insight Nomenculture! I was considering the history of motorsport or how the CIA impacted the Cuba situation, or something along those lines
  4. Honestly depends on which career path you are looking into
  5. So I have started to think about what I would like to do for my Extended Essay, we have to give in our ideas in around a weeks time. Just need some help refining my ideas, any tips would be appreciated! How has the Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal impacted the brand image of Volkswagen (Related to Business Management) Comparing the speeches of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and how the language impacted the election results (English Language and Literature) How can war be justified (History) Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if the Casio FX-9750GII is suitable enough for Math HL. Our school recommends us to buy the Casio FX-9860GII, but I found the FX-9750GII to be cheaper and it has almost all the functions as the FX-9860GII. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the advice! I'm still in between the options of automobile engineering, politics or journalism, and unfortunately, there is no middle ground for all three! Anyway, thanks again for the valuable advice, really appreciate it!
  8. Thanks for the help! Gave in my options yesterday, and ended up choosing some interesting subjects for next year; Physics HL English L+L HL Math HL History HL Business Management SL Spanish Ab Initio SL Really appreciate the help!
  9. Hey guys! First time here on ibsurvival, hope all of you are doing well It's time for me to chose my subjects for IBDP, so I was going through the choices and I stumbled upon English A: Language and English A: Language and Literature. I was just wondering the difference between the two of them, the advantages and disadvantages, and the features of HL and SL in both Language, and Language + Literature respectively! Thank you in advance! ali.asif
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