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  1. rue saint-denis

    Kahneman and Tversky (1973)

    hey, just email Kahneman. I know I wanted to do an experiment by him, and the assistant kindly sent me the pdf.
  2. rue saint-denis

    ANOVA for HL IA

    Can I include other data that I did not collect for comparison purposes? (like in biology)
  3. rue saint-denis

    ANOVA for HL IA

    I'm not sure that I can do any other statistical analysis other than the ANOVA or a t-test with my data. If it's too complex, even more of a reason for IB to accept it, no?
  4. rue saint-denis

    ANOVA for HL IA

    Would doing an analysis of variance qualify as the required stats part for the HL IA?
  5. rue saint-denis

    University Offers 2009

    Predicted grades HL: 7, 6, 6, 5 (Psychology, Biology, History, English A1) SL: 6, 5 (French Ab., Mathematics) Tok/ EE: +2 Total: 37 Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.) - UK (in order of preference) University of St. Andrews- Biology/Psychology- Unconditional University of Bristol- Psychology/Zoology- Conditional: 34 points, 6 in Psychology and Biology, 5 in English and History Cardiff University- Psychology- Conditional:35 points without TOK/EE; 5 in mathematics and english University of Bangor- Psychology/Neuropsychology- Conditional: 32 points University of Reading- Psychology/Biology- Conditional: 6,6,7 at HL including Biology and Psychology, 5 in mathematics Other countries: US University of Florida: accepted Comments
  6. rue saint-denis

    Disgust: Good Internal Assessment Topic?

    Describe some of the procedures. It might not be ethically valid if you exposed the subjects purposely to infected people!
  7. rue saint-denis

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday, Graeme!
  8. rue saint-denis

    UCAS and IB predicted problems

    I'll continue to ask here, so not to create another thread. I haven't finished my UCAS application, and it seems that the Pay option will only be available when I'm finished. Can anyone tell me how much, on average, the fees are for 5 unis? I dont want to be surprised when it tells me I have to pay 500 USD.
  9. rue saint-denis

    UCAS and IB predicted problems

    For you guys, when inputing your predicted scores, does it give you the option to input the scores for each individual test, or just for the overall IB diploma? It is only allowing me for the overall diploma. Is my recommender supposed to include the predicted in the written recommendation, then?
  10. rue saint-denis

    University in the UK

    Can anyone advise me on whether or not I should choose the Joint Honours program at Newcastle Uni for Biology and Psychology, or if I should just go with plain psychology?
  11. rue saint-denis

    Should I do my EE in Psychology

    I heard you don't have to do an experiment for the psychology EE. :|
  12. rue saint-denis

    Interview 10: deissi ~

    How do you deal with the school workload and being a mod here?
  13. rue saint-denis

    Psychology syllabus for 2009 examinations

    Does anyone know where I can find this?
  14. rue saint-denis

    Topic History

    Put the mouse over your name, let the options scroll down and click "View Member's Posts".
  15. rue saint-denis

    Interview the person below you

    They are worthy, but no third! Last time you visited the doctor?

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