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  1. RQ: Extent of recovery from environmental enrichment in autism (essentially how this environmental enrichment technique can help children with autism) So I want to structure my essay as follows, tell me if there is anything that I have to put in for if there is any information I should remove. Paragraph about autism in general (statistics) Symptoms and criteria used for autism Animal models of environmental enrichment technique (was first tested in animals) Method of environmental enrichment technique One research done by 2 researcher, first to use the environmental enrichment technique on humans Debatable issues with environmental enrichment (basically some disadvantages) Advantages of using environmental enrichment compared to other therapies. Can anyone just tell me whether these format/list of things to write about is good? It would help a lot. If you could also tell me what else to add or remove and etc. Tips for me if you already did a psych ee once before
  2. I plan on putting in more effort and if I get a good grade in 12th grade, will that be fine? Will 11th grade scores be counted?
  3. so im in 11th grade right now, and currently i take HL Chem - 3 HL bio - 3 Hl psychology - 6 Sl Math - 3 Spanish abinitio - 5 TOK - 3 SL English lang/lit - 4 I know these are pretty bad grades and i am wondering if i will be able to pass the ib diploma programme. Should i be worried about the threes? I feel like the grades wont get any better. Anyone know what I should do?

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