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  1. KyleAdams

    English A1 HL P1

    Wow that's cool! I hadn't noticed anything like that. I came up with completely different stuff than you, but I heard that there is no right answer, just a well supported answer that gets you points. I hope that's the case because I supported my answer well.
  2. KyleAdams

    English A1 HL P1

    I did the poem "Fishing on the Susquehanna in July." I talked about how the author is a very imaginative person that lives life vicariously through art. He won't ever go fishing on the Susquehanna, but he is fine with that because he can imagine it through the painting. I also talked about how it was humorous, and how the structure showed his free imagination through enjambment, and the possible rigidness of his real life based on the regular stanza lengths of 3 lines each. Overall it seems to be a poem about imagination and living life and experiencing things through art.
  3. KyleAdams

    Math SL P1

    I actually thought paper 1 was really easy, as well as paper 2. Math is my strong subject though, as well as my school's strong subject. We usually average about 25% of our math students get a 7. A couple years ago we had 9 of 40 get a 7.
  4. KyleAdams

    Cheating on IB Internal Assessment

    So what happened was the school didn't do anything about it. They let her off and didn't even ask her to try to play anything. We all know she wouldn't be able to do so. Nevertheless, I emailed IB telling them what had happened, and the school hadn't reported anything to IB either. She was going to get an IB music grade as if she'd done the work herself. In addition, she took recordings of her friend's, and the friend was in complete consent. Also, IB Music at our school is basically a joke because of the teacher. I took it last year and never had to play anything, even though I could. I used the group performance option for my IA.
  5. KyleAdams

    Cheating on IB Internal Assessment

    First of all, valedictorian means that you are first in the class, or you have the highest grade point average. Also, my school has been notified, and the teacher of IB Music is naive and stupid and doesn't make people prove that they can play an instrument to get into the class. It's not the school's fault, it's the teacher's fault. I just don't know what the school is going to do about it.
  6. KyleAdams

    Cheating on IB Internal Assessment

    What do you think should happen? Do you think she should be allowed to sit for tests? If she can she'd still be valedictorian, which just seems wrong to have the top of the class get there by cheating.
  7. I know of cheating going on at my school in an IB class. The class is IB Music. For the internal assessment, students either have to submit group recordings, solo recordings, or compositions that they've created. This accounts for 50% of the final IB grade. A student in IB Music at my school took the class knowing that this was the case and that she played no musical instrument. I found out recently that she used another students piano recital recordings and submitted them under her name, saying they were hers. What would be the consequence of her being caught? She is an IB diploma candidate and the valedictorian of our class. Would she lose the right to sit for IB tests? Would she just get music taken off her IB test regimen? Let me know what should be done, or what you think should be done.
  8. KyleAdams

    Math EE Desperately Need Topic

    Alhzen's problem could be applicable to real life in 3D. I thought of doing that myself. Also I will look into those and please anyone else with ideas please let me know.
  9. KyleAdams

    Math EE Desperately Need Topic

    I am looking for a topic for a math EE. I can't find anything! I have looked at the Alhazen's Billiard Problem essay and I have boon looking for a similar problem to that one. Does anyone know of a problem such as Alhazen's Billiard Problem that I could work through for my EE? Or do you know any others in general that would require a great deal of mathematical work? I have looked around the internet and looked through books I am just not finding anything. Thanks
  10. KyleAdams

    Math EE Topic Name?

    I found two interesting problems on a website that deal with finding the area of things that I don't know the name of. My cousin asked for help in solving them and they seemed like somewhat worthy/lengthy topics in geometry. They are shown in pictures on the site and I don't know what I should call them in my EE though. There are links to the site below. Also, do any of you know if there is a site I can reference for the problems besides the one listed below? It's a kids game site that doesn't seem like a good resource for an EE. If you know of any other topics on that site or any other site that are good let me know please. I am still searching for a suitable topic. http://www.neopets.com/games/conundrum_feature.phtml?round=298 http://www.neopets.com/games/conundrum_feature.phtml?round=296 Thanks
  11. KyleAdams

    Natural Number e-EE

    I have decided to write my EE in mathematics and focus on the natural number e. Unfortunately, I don't know where to start or where to take the paper. Should I just focus on calculations? Should I talk about the applications? I really have no idea where to start. Thanks
  12. KyleAdams

    Math Extended Essay Ideas

    http://www.tedbursa.k12.tr/ib/PDF/Mathmatics_3.pdf I think that EE is purely theoretical,and it is on the "50 Excellent Extended Essays" list put out by IB.
  13. KyleAdams

    Math Extended Essay Ideas

    I know I don't have to do math, but it's the one subject I really enjoy and that I want to go on with in college most likely. I think this is something I really want to do, even if I don't have a topic yet. I think my indecisiveness is partly the problem, but I just can't tell if something is a good enough topic or not. I think there is enough to do with the harmonic series and overtone series but I am not certain. Well I am not really sure if I will stick to the music one, but I am now looking at combinatorial game theory, and I also looked through Heinrich Dorrie's 100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics. Some of those problems looked interesting so I may see if I can do one of those. What do you think? Some of the better problems I saw in that book were the following: The problems about finding location based on astronomy. Steiner's Sphere, Circle, or Ellipse problem. The Square as an Image of the Quadrilateral. Berwick's Problem of the Seven Sevens. Bernoulli-Euler Problem of the Misaddressed Letters. Euler Problem of Polygon Division. The Euler Number. Nicolaus Mercator's Logarithmic Series. Newton's Sine and Cosine Series. Fermat-Gauss Impossibility Theorem. Gauss' Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Those are some of the ones I think I could do. Anyone have any comments about them? Also, is it true that the research question has to somehow be applicable to real life? Can it not be solely theoretical or something?
  14. KyleAdams

    Math Extended Essay Ideas

    I think there are sufficient topics that could be done for math that relate to music. There is the logarithmic scale, for instance, that the frequency of pitches is based on. It is something like a logarithm with a base of 1/212. I think if I do the harmonic series and overtones then I can possibly do something that relates the graphs of the sine curves that model each of the sounds and then show how they relate to the overtones and such. I don't know for sure, that is just a possibility, I just am at a loss for any other topics. If anyone has any ideas based on any of the possibilities I have presented, then please let me know. Thanks
  15. KyleAdams

    Math Extended Essay Ideas

    I have a few different general topic ideas, I just don't know how to turn those into a condensed RQ. Please give me suggestions if you know of any that would fit with the topic. I kind of just need something to stimulate my brain to start thinking up more ideas. 1) Combinatorics 2) Fractals 3) Golden Ratio 4) Derivatives If you have any ideas of an RQ I could develop out of those topics please don't hesitate to respond. I am already way behind in my choosing of a topic, because I had originally wanted to do English thinking it would be easiest, but I decided to go with math, something I really enjoy. Thanks I did some thinking about a different topic. I started thinking about doing an EE about the math in music. I think an EE on the math of the Harmonic/Overtone Series would be doable, and I could incorporate trig functions like sine cosine based on the sound waves and show how sound waves turn into overtones and such. Does this seem like a doable topic? I don't have enough research done to know an exact RQ, but that is the sort of outline of a topic.

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