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  1. I want to know if i get a level 2 in one of my higher level subjects, will i fail the diploma? but i pass 12 marks in total for higher level subject.
  2. Hi I want to know if i will pass my ib diploma if for example i get a total of more than 24 points, and 3 of my higher level subjects add up to 12 or more points, but one of my higher level subject scores a level 3, will i still get my diploma? Please help
  3. I would have revised throughout the year, and taking my study more seriously instead of cramping everything in the last 2 months, because that's what im doing. Just 2 days until i finish my IB which im really happy about.
  4. Thank you and do you have the past papers? Our teacher did not provide any materials for us.
  5. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for the french ab intio exam?
  6. So would a B in TOK and C in EE score me 2 points?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if the additional points are guaranteed? What grades do i need to score in TOK and EE to obtain the 2 points? And my predicted grades have told me that I have those 2 points, but is that guaranteed?
  8. Yes I agree. Taking subjects that you are good at and able to score high levels is first priority. Especially for higher level subjects as you need a total of 12.
  9. Hey, I'm not sure taking HL or SL for chemistry will really affect your career prospects. However I would advise you to take English B HL as it is really really easy and chemistry requires you to study 12 topics which is a lot compared to english HL. I would definitely recommend you to take HL english B.
  10. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for paper 2 english?
  11. Hey, Does anyone have any idea of what paper 2 questions may be about?
  12. Oh thank you so much!! Do you know roughly how many marks are needed to get a level 3?
  13. Oh i see, thank you! Do you have an idea on what paper 2 section b questions will be about?
  14. hey, But the total is 72 right? But in the last section, we choose 2 out of the 3 questions, so shouldn't the total not be 72?
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