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  1. I'd say human physiology or ecology (which is very boring though). Neurobiology is very interesting to study but a lil tricky. Avoid biotechnology. I'm doing neurobiology coz I also have psychology HL so it helps.
  2. 4 is too less a number to define the coolness
  3. 4 am. We're gonna have to wait till 4 am.
  4. We'll ace it don't worry. just don't leave anything out while studying.
  5. Option A because I like neurobiology hahaha 😅
  6. I'm doing A because I rather enjoy neurobiology hahaha and Psychology HL kinda helps 😅
  7. I'm gonna try to ace paper 3 now. What option are you doing?
  8. Thanks!! You too!! what option are you doing??
  9. I suggest you focus on paper 3 first 😂 but there's always change.org
  10. Don't ask I don't know myself 😂
  11. It was difficult. At least I thought it was.
  12. What the hell happened today...
  13. the total marks for section B is 32. 16 marks for each question.

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