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  1. Thank you for answering, but are they general examiners? I have one teacher in my school who said that it is only the box that will be visible.
  2. Guys, I'm wondering whether there's a possibility that any answers written just below the answer box can be counted for marks? I know that it is recommended to request an extra paper and write the additional answers within that paper but when I was about to ask the paper I thought it's not a big deal to waste a 4 pages booklet for a sentence or two. Hence, I wrote the answer just below the box (outside). Do you think I'll lose marks because of that? Unluckily, there are many comments said it is only the box that will be visible by the examiners while the others said IB scanned the whole page of papers for digital marking (hence those answers outside of the box can be seen). Any similar issues?
  3. Ah yeaa ic... It's the one with hydrogenation of alkene compound, right?
  4. U sure? It's pH calculation as I remembered (?) I'm in TZ2 once again..
  5. Anyway guys, what was the last question in P2 TZ2 once again?
  6. I'm not agree with u on that standard electrode question.. If u used the zinc electrode as the SHE, then u also need to take into account the potential diff between Zn and H electrode which is -0.76 V.. Then do the sign reversion, which will give you the value of 1.1 V. I'm 100% sure about this..
  7. I know it's kinda stupid, but I'd like to know whether question 31-34 require us to include only a 'short phrase' or a 'sentence' for the marks. Yes, it is stated 'phrase' in the command but then I tried to go over past papers and found out that there were some cases they expected u to include the whole sentence (which is literally not a phrase by any definitions).. For TZ2 people, here I'm referring to the text entitled "History of Telecommunication: from firebells to smartphone" There were 4 questions in this part. 31. In old times, communication was not a sophisticated and... (instantaenous interaction (we know and love today)). 32. Firebells, the most ancient way of communicating, are... (simplistic in design). 33. Pigeons could help to reduce the number of deaths by... (delivering vital messages). 34. The development of telegraph leads to the invention of... (telephone, fax machine and internet). Any extentions to these?
  8. Don't u think paper 2 is quite manageable, too? Although there's a little pressure in section B part b/c. So with regards to the previous boundaries, I'd say it is fair enough.. and there might be a prob for the boundaries to go up 1-3 (at most) points.
  9. Imo, it's easier compared to past papers.. all the questions are straightforward and u just gotta make lists of them in case ur first/second answers don't satisfy the mark scheme 👌🏻
  10. How do you guys think about the boundaries for TZ2? I'm super-worried that they'll increase the points by 3-4.. Like in May 2014, which is 86 for a 7.
  11. Do you guys think they'll increase the grade boundaries? It's just crazy to remember what they did in May 2014.. 84 AND 86 FOR A 7!!!!!!!! (TZ2)
  12. Why no one seemed to appear in this thread..?
  13. Liver? U meant the exocrine cell of pancreas (paper 1 num 3)?
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