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  1. I remember I missed my IOP because I was sick and my school was very strict about not coming and they could only allow me to retake it if i brought a doctor's note with me... I would immediately contact your teacher because it could get a little tricky for you... But then again it depends on your school policies.
  2. ESS and Physics is a weird combination... I would pick Geo if I was you, its similar to ESS. Also I would pick Chemistry instead of Physics seeing as you are taking maths studies. Also classics requires Latin or/and Greek as languages but seeing as your school probably doesn't offer it, taking 2 languages as HL should do. Also history is very highly valued when applying to a classics course, although history HL is challenging but manageable... Hope this helps
  3. I think the first rq is a good starting point but I would talk to your supervisor first
  4. calorimetry

    The most obvious limitation is the heat release... I mean your calculations will not capture all of the heat release even if you measure temparature change. Secondly make sure you include all the uncertainties of your measurements as these are also limitations and the rest are mostly human errors...
  5. Btw I would check the entry requirements for universities that offer the course. For example LSE, which offer that course want either Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology at HL
  6. It would be difficult for you to change seeing as you have to catch up an awful lot but it is not impossible. However, I would not recommend it...
  7. I do not know exactly about the retaking of the IA but what I know for certain is that the higher score does not count. So if you do worse in the retake they will still count the retake as your score. Hope this helps
  8. I do not know about the difference between HL and SL psych but I do not think behavioral economics requires psych HL. You should be fine with SL
  9. Psych is a tough course in combination with Maths HL but it is doable. I know a lot of people who took this combination and no bio is not required to understand psychology but it will help you a little surely.
  10. They can still check for plagiarism though if someone posts their work online...
  11. My friend wrote it in global politics even though she did not take the course but I would not advise to do that...
  12. If you wanna be safe wait till the 6th of July. I mean usually the IB grades external work up until the end of June so even if you post it a little earlier it should be fine.
  13. Very doable. I had a 4 for a while and brought it up to a 6 very easily. I mean the grade boundaries are not that high for a 6 or a 7 even. I mean of course you need to study harder and put a lot of effort into chemistry. Unlike @IB`NOT`ez organic chemistry is exactly the topic that brought my grade down but I was confident that I will get it during my finals coz I had this huge revision session with my teacher and that is the moment I understood organic chemistry... Also I had to understand it for the option Biochem so yeah, I would not worry too much if you are at a 4, unless you will not try your best to put the grade up. Hope this helps
  14. You want to analyze a graphic novel? That would fall under a group 1. Yes you can do an EE on a graphic novel, I mean you need to have a good research question but otherwise you should be good to go even though I do not know Watchmen specifically. A friend of mine did hers on a graphic novel called Persepolis but she did a comparative analysis with another novel. That is another way you can do your EE (a comparative analysis) Hope this helps
  15. I agree with @fromsomewhere2k17. Your question is not really a KQ. However the KQ that @fromsomewhere2k17 gave you may be a starting point...