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  1. It depends on how you manage your time. I cannot tell you exactly if you must drop the sports, you will see it by yourself once you start. For English there is not a lot of work unless you are bad in languages (aka like me) then you do have to invest time in it (again depends on the person). Also CAS is explained in the IB Guide so I would look that up if I was you. It is pretty straight forward and you should not be scared of it.
  2. You got it all wrong. Final exams count and so do internal assessments as well as orals. In class quizzes and tests never count, they are only done so that the teachers have an idea what to put on your predicted grades that you send to uni during your application.
  3. I would even change it into a how and why question, which I did too, because then you wouldn't drift away from analysing and evaluating the effects on the audience of certain stylistic features.
  4. Talk about the effect and why the authors decided to use the specific stylistic features (in real depth).
  5. engineering

    Also bear in mind that it depends on the type of engineering you want to study. I know some people that take Chem only at SL level but take both Physics and Math HL. I really recommend looking at the entry requirements, they sometimes tell you what subjects you must take.
  6. Include it in the appendix if you actually conducted the interview. If it is from a website of some sort then you do not have to include it.
  7. It should not be exactly original and you can easily score high marks if you do an easier experiment but have a good analysis in your IA.
  8. It really depends on the uni but most of the unis in Russia do have entry exams. I would if I were you check the entry requirements for the unis online or contact them and ask them.
  9. Chemical engineering? Economics/Finance/Accounting? International Relations?
  10. I had an activity that started in summer but continued a little into my first year and the hours I had in summer still counted. And also the one I mentioned above counted.
  11. A lot of students in my class took both at HL and yes it is very doable if you are good at both. Also although they do not go hand in hand as well as math and physics HL, they still do work together.
  12. No you do not. One of my CAS activities was in summer and stopped during summer before I started the IB. You just have to have evidence you did this activity (pictures are the best).
  13. Being a history student I can confirm that history is a pretty tough subject, especially at HL. I wanted to study law before I got into IB2, so I can confirm that most unis (I would even go as far and say none of them) do not require History. It is just recommended because of the argumentative skills you aquire in History, but you also need to write argumentative essays in Geography and Geography overlaps well with Economics, so I'd choose Geography.
  14. Yes any quotes you use count in the word count.
  15. Yes they can count as CAS activities. I would write the activities down and check with your CAS coordinator at the beginning of the year to see if the activities do actually count for CAS.