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  1. If you are planning to stay in the UK then yes, you do not have to the IB. Otherwise I would do the IB.
  2. Information is perfect for Paper 1 and also it gives you skills sets for Paper 1. I mean you can also use it for the bases of your knowledge for Paper 3 but not more than that.
  3. The difficulty of Chemistry HL is subjective but I will tell you this: it is definitely not an easy 7 and having four HL's is quite tricky. You can always drop one around November 2018. But I would still not even consider taking four HL's unless you started off with four because you think you might have difficulties in one (HL math students did this in my grade). But otherwise I really would not take up that extra workload just because you think a subject is easier than expected.
  4. That is not true. Summer technically still counts towards the year. It is called a 2 year program for a reason.
  5. You cannot take 3 sciences unless you're only doing IB certificate. You must take a humanity course.
  6. If your memorization is not good I would definitely not choose Bio. With hard work a 5 in History HL is achievable. But I would definitely not choose Bio HL if your IGCSE grades were bad because it only gets more difficult.
  7. Sorry I did not do topic 17.
  8. It is called The Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries The publisher is Oxford.
  9. There is a great book from oxford for the cold war. I'll search the exact name for you.
  10. That sounds like a good combination. Good luck!
  11. You mean the route? Then no you only get the route your school chose. Otherwise you would have to dea with over 100 Questions. Your reading time would be doomed.
  12. You cannot take HL ESS (it doesn't exist)... Both history and economics are a hard choice but economics is slightly easier, unless youre a pro at argumentative essays. I would not do visual arts and history... it is too much work. Although they would link if you want to study history of arts, which you do not.
  13. You will get marks off for any language or formality criteria.
  14. I would not let the comments get to you unless you know yourself that sciences are not your strengths... It is possible to achieve amazing grades in two sciences at HL. If you think it is too much I suggest dropping one and either doing Geo or Spanish HL (I would not suggest math). Hope this helps
  15. Also it depends on what you want to study. It shouldn't really be a problem if you are studying sociology.