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  1. oh did biochem tooo.... i wrote about the measuring of temperature, pressure, volume and mass of the butane in the section A... but my friends thought this is wrong.. what did you say??
  2. yeah had to find temperature for two questions and both were reallllyyy high... thought was doing something wrong... tz2 tooo
  3. I think it was 0.34 cuz they asked for the electrode potential of cu only.. and wasn't it IR spectroscopy for the last one cuz it was something about bonds absorbing energy as far as I remember.. and for the affinity one I think you just to turn all of the arrows in the same direction and in that case you had to turn the one for Hf which makes it positive.. so yeah all were positive. I got the structure wrong too. wasted a lot of time on that but still, couldn't figure it out.
  4. How was chem paper 1 and 2 for you guys... i think paper 1 was really easy. And paper 2 was a bit tricky.
  5. i think first question is mostly interpreting the data, and the second about what maybe done wrong in the experiment, or some calculation, they can ask about improvements for the experiment. Sorry i am not really sure about the structure
  6. for part a it is usually stuff like Global warming, Acid rain, Ozone depletion and for part be it is an experiment possibliy calorimetry, acid base titration, emperical formula experiment, investigating rate of reaction experimentally, voltaic cell working set up and how it works etc.
  7. HEY guys.. can someone please help me with this question, have spend almost 2 hours on it but cant figure it out. it's about aqueous electrolysis of CuSO4 At anode: h2so3 + h20 ---> so4^2- + 4H+ + 2e- (-0.17) Or H2O ----> 0.5O2 +2H2 +2e- (-1.23) Why does the second reaction occur at anode even thou the eletctrode potential for the first one is more positive?? (question says using graphite electrodes, does that has to do something with it?)
  8. ****.. i think i didnt added the h20...i thought i was gonna get 30 points for the erq .. guess not..
  9. tz2 paper 1 was real hard for me even though i was able to do all of the past papers well. Paper 2 i think was much easier.. way to get back those points lost in paper 1
  10. yeah i think it was pretty easy. but may be i was in the allusion of knowing lol
  11. oh okay sorry.. thanks for deleting then would have gotten in trouble..
  12. okay sure but i was talking about maths studies paper 1 for which 24 hours have passed.
  13. heyyy i would really be very thankful if you help we to study for chem.. i really need a 7.
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