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  1. EE

    are we allowed to write the EE from lectures ??
  2. which is easier to take computer science or biology im in dp1 and i have bio sl the teacher does not really know how to explain , although she treat and explain everything in polish language her mother tongue . and im not haveing good grades with her at all
  3. Math studies , biology SL
  4. HEY THERE, I am working on my EE on psychology and i want to have 3 chapters however , my question was how many words must the chapter have
  5. Yes it has :((
  6. Non haha I think core 1
  7. Yes I started and I have done the first test from core 1
  8. Hey sorry for late reply but i will take fresh water and 2 more i think
  9. hello ib students worldwide , Im taking Arabic A lang and lit self -taught and i was wondering what is the requirements ? or if someone has the guide
  10. MAY13

    you did arabic A or B?
  11. HOLA AMIGOS any thoughts about Arabic A language and lit , self taught , i need to take language A in my case i cannot take English A or polish due to the difficulties i have in writing and reading literature , any experience please leave comments because otherwise i have to find myself a teacher to complete the IB course
  12. Hey everyone . i have been recently struggling with math studies i forget a lot all the time how i should answer a particular question . can you give me some useful tips of how to prepare myself for MOCKS and final exam
  13. I think yea there is no problem, in my school, it is possible as long as the timetable allows this
  14. thanks a lot
  15. When is the EE wouldn't be acceptable and the student fail it ?van someone tell me what to avoid in order not to fail EE ??