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  1. hello people, I hope there might be some people whos doing geo HL. I am taking my exams in 2019 and I feel so lost. I really need help and tips in studying for geography. Also, my teacher told the student and me that the new syllabus is not sufficient meaning that there should be other sources. However, Know I need someone to help me up and tell me how to study and is studying the new book and the new guide would be enough.
  2. hi people in here I need your advice and suggestions we are all between 19 to 19 years old and we can get each other so im an ib student obviously haha. my subjects are geo psych and English B hl. Bio math Spanish and Arabic A lang and lit sl . this semester I filed with biology which was really the hardest moment, I have some difficulties in English as well as it is my thired year stuying the language. anyway now my class teacher and my headmaster are trying so hard to convince me with the certificate according to them IB is not worth at all as well as polish universties do not ask for diploma I am so lost i bearly sleep at night and i don't have any sort of rest or fun at all . as I am what would you do ?? please do not insult me with bad words or make me feel ashame of myself
  3. Right this is the whole problem
  4. -Hello dear all IB students so I'm currently doing the IB diploma and The struggle is real as it comes to English I have big problems in reading comprehension and speed. although it is my third year doing English language please give me some tips to improve.
  5. hello, people,I need tips on how to study for lang and lit on sl I am doing Arabic A self-taught and dunno from where to start
  6. EE

    are we allowed to write the EE from lectures ??
  7. which is easier to take computer science or biology im in dp1 and i have bio sl the teacher does not really know how to explain , although she treat and explain everything in polish language her mother tongue . and im not haveing good grades with her at all
  8. Math studies , biology SL
  9. HEY THERE, I am working on my EE on psychology and i want to have 3 chapters however , my question was how many words must the chapter have
  10. Yes it has :((
  11. Non haha I think core 1
  12. Yes I started and I have done the first test from core 1
  13. Hey sorry for late reply but i will take fresh water and 2 more i think
  14. hello ib students worldwide , Im taking Arabic A lang and lit self -taught and i was wondering what is the requirements ? or if someone has the guide
  15. MAY13

    you did arabic A or B?