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  1. Hi all, I just replied to a specific/topic-based EE question, and I'll repost my reply here as some of the hints/tips/advice/comments could be useful to others Ok, so it's been over a year since I did my EE, but I'll try my best to give you some help/tips. - Your topic is wayyyyyyyyyyy too broad for an EE. You should try and make it a local topic, even if it's from a broad origin. I did mine on the effect of falling economic growth (as measured by GDP) in Australia (very broad) on the residential property market of the Brisbane postal code of 4000 (extremely specific). Ultimately I didn't like my topic as there were too many variables, but I managed to still get an A because I did my best to discuss the variables, control them, use statistics/economic theory etc etc etc. I talked about this in the discussion/conclusion. Whereas if I had not made it a specific target, I probably would have gotten a C as there would be WAY too much to talk about and the essay would be too brief. So yeah, I'd recommend maybe trying to look at the effect of reinvestment/recovery act on economic growth in your region? Perhaps like the Greater Toronto Area, or just the Metropolitan area (probably better). I say metropolitan is better because you could discuss that the metropolitan area has similar characteristics, which makes the data more valid or something like that. Or even just the Downtown area! - You need to collect both primary and secondary data. Primary data is what you collect yourself first-hand. Like surveys and interviews etc. Try and survey local business owners or people who've been affected by the reinvestment/recovery etc. Perhaps hospitals, schools, and infustructure were a primary focus of the investment? Interview them if you can. Try and get lots of quantitative data as well so you can do graphs etc. This is mostly from secondary sources like government websites. This would be like employment statistics, GDP etc. I got my data from a survey I did on residents in the city and two interviews with a real estate agent from the city. That was primary data. She also gave me access to some great databanks for secondary sources You get some marks for how much effort you put into the essay, and this is evidenced from the quality of it (overall), what the supervisor says, the sources used, and the effort that's gone into getting primary data....well that's what I interpret "holistic" to be (I think it's the last criteria). I think you get 4 marks for this which is a big deal. - Don't forget that some data is lagging, leading, or coincident in economics (or something like that). So they illustrate the change BEFORE, AFTER, or WHEN it happens in the economy. You can talk heaps about this. - I think it says somewhere that data can be no-older than 3 years or something. Check this. This is important. You're allowed some data from before hand, but make sure most of it is recent! You can also talk about this in the discussion as data from the last 3 years only shows a snapshot of the economy, and hence the validity is affected because of blah blah blah... - Don't forget to use lots of economic theory and make sure that your essay is firmly in the area of economics, rather than say maths...this is the risk when using lots of data and doing graphs/statistics etc. Make sure you always bring it back to economics. - Set yourself a timeline, stick to it, and make sure you allow at least a month between your deadline and when the essay is due. Revise it heaps, and get other teachers/supervisors/tutors to look at it for comments. Make sure you always look at the markscheme. - Look at example essays from the internet/IBSurvival (pay to become a member for access to heaps of files...but don't cheat!). Your teachers should give you some samples I think? Also, the abstract is really easy and important. Good way to get some marks I put in an "acknowledgements section" to make it look more professional/I think the IB would like it. DEFINE ALL OF YOUR ECONOMICS TERMS AND THEORY!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! I think I may have forgotten to define "market" in mine. i feel so stupid as it's practically one of the most important things in the essay, but I don't think it mattered as it's pretty basic and I defined everything else -Get your EE done as soon as you can. Work on it now, do heaps!! Get it out of the way! (but don't submit it early as that's stupid because you may think of something to change later)
  2. For Business and IT, I would say QUT, I think they have a reputation for being good in both. I'm going to QUT next year for Business
  3. I wish to clarify a few points. Firstly, I said 'disorder' not 'disease'. In my opinion, there is a very fine line between the two. A 'disorder' is used mainly to describe intrinsic abnormalities; malfunctions which occur naturally due to genetics or one-off external experiences which causes the malfunction. A 'disease' is used to describe extrinsic causes which impair bodily functions. As such you can 'catch' a disease but you can't 'catch' a disorder. You have skewed what I was trying to say by portraying me as describing homosexuality as a 'disease which will infect everyone'. No. Secondly, it is not 'my perspective'. It is the perspective I think any person who has a critical mind should take. You seem to think that there is zero possibility that it is a disorder. I don't think that is the right approach. You stated before that you would not accept treatment if, hypothetically, homosexuality was indeed a disorder, but you didn't say why you would refuse treatment in such a scenario. To ignore the possibility would be wrong. Another poster stated that they wouldn't support any research on such a 'disorder'. I think this is absurd. I would have thought that all homosexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals would want a medical explanation at least on the issue of sexuality. Never mind whether you can medically change your sexuality or whether it is a 'disorder'. If no research should be done on the topic, there is no reason to discuss it here; it would be a complete waste of OUR time, not some random researcher's. Matthew, I accept your offer of help and advice. Up to now it may seem like I'm homophobic, re-read my post(s); it is critical, but with purpose. I am myself slightly confused about my sexuality which is why I find this topic important, especially with regards to childhood experience and parental upbringing. My mother brought me up on her own; I have played very little sports as a child thus being with other guys wasn't a common experience. So here's the question: how do you whether you are 'attracted to males' or simply 'curious' about them due to lack of experience? Does this question define whether one is straight or bisexual? Your comments are appreciated. All I said was that I think the possibility that it is a "disorder" has been heavily researched and questioned, and I think it's safe to say it's not. The reason why I wouldn't accept treatment? Because I am completely happy with who I am. I am very happy with my life and where I'm going. I am in a loving, monogamous, long-term relationship. I have family and friends that love me. etc. etc. As a result of these and many more, I have no reason to change. I wouldn't want to jeopardize what I already have, which for me is something very special. I believe that my sexuality (and I think all sexuality, but I should only really speak for my own experience), is genetic/biological. I don't think it has anything to do with my upbringing/environment. And I would say it runs in the family as I also have a gay brother (and another one who is straight). I have many gay/bi cousins and relatives....one of whom is 88, a war veteran from Africa, and a millionaire! haha. For me, and I think for many people, experience (like actually doing something physical with someone else) isn't necessary. For me, I knew from what I was attracted to when looking at porn on the internet. I looked at all sorts of things (all I mean is like guys and girls ahaha). From that I developed a personal understanding of my own sexuality. I did find it hard to come to terms with it, but that was because I didn't have anyone to talk to. Fortunately there are MANY, MANY internet sites and forums with lots of great, supportive information on it that can help a lot. Also friends, too. Ever since I came out, I've had a few other friends tell me that they're actually gay, or bi, or questioning, or what ever. It was great to be able to talk to them about it all. A very important thing is to not blame yourself or others. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just a natural part of life There's no rush in needing to know your sexuality. It's a gradual process. I think the most important thing is the support of others. You need to understand that some people might not react well, but that shouldn't deter you. Yet who knows Not a single one of my friends reacted badly. Quite the contrary I'd say. When I put up my change of relationship status to be with my boyfriend, I had about 40 something likes and heaps of positive comments. More than when I posted I got an IB 43 ahaha. My parents were not as good, but they were trying to come to terms with having 2 out of 3 gay sons. It didn't take long for them to come to terms with it though, and now things are great. So to answer your question, yes I think you can know without actual experience. For me the actual experience confirmed completely what I already knew. But just because you have some feelings for members of the same sex doesn't mean your gay, or even bi. That's for you to decide. A lot of people (most probably wouldn't admit it) have similar feelings, especially in high school/college. It's just a part of growing up. Just remember this. The most important thing in your life should be being happy and finding love. Sorry this was all over the place haha. It's getting a bit late here (11pm wow. Clearly no longer an IB student). I'll try and add more to this later if I think of things. You're under no pressure. There's no time constraints. There are no tests related to this (my best attempt at an IB analogy). Just take it easy and enjoy yourself. (and be safe). edit. but on a side note, I think it's better to come to an understanding of your sexuality as soon as you can (without rushing!). I'm just saying that it's not preferable to end up getting married and having kids and then coming to accept it etc. (but that doesn't mean you can't get married and have kids!! Just preferably with the person you're actually going to stay with your whole life! I hope to marry my boyfriend and perhaps have a family one day. who knows ) For me I fully came to accept that I am gay during my IB exams because I was writing a valedictorian/school captain speech and was talking about the different measures of personal success and part of that was the notion that success should be derived from being true to one's self. You need to be true to who you are and accept and embrace that and try to be the best person you can be. And ever since I accepted that and came out and started exploring my true sexuality...I really started to love life and things really changed for the better I feel so much more clarity and direction. Also for the record, I did date girls many times before...and it sucked haha. One of the girls I dated (for 4 months about 3 years ago) is now one of my closest friends. We became so much closer after telling her I'm gay. She was so supportive and understanding and we talk about everything now haha.
  4. Ahaha thanks guys as a result I shall leave them there Also, why must it be seen from your medical perspective as a "disease" rather than an example of "genetic variation in the population" or something else? It needs to meet certain medical criteria to be classified as a disease and evidently it does not. Yet I must agree with you that I think it is better to approach it from a medical rather than political viewpoint. However, unfortunately it's the politics surrounding the subject that need addressing/change still. Medically, I think it's (in the western world), well agreed upon to not be a disease/a problem. On a side note, if anyone reading this has any personal questions/needs help or advice regarding this subject, feel free to message me and I'll try to reply asap
  5. Notice I said world's population, not develped world. For those living in many non-developed countries, the thought of a possibility of marriage is probably the last thing on their minds with regards to what they face. And I'm not sure really. I suppose at the time I was really happy with them because I studied heaps for it (I know they aren't perfect but whatever)...but I suppose it's no longer relevant.
  6. Well unfortunately there are many people... And by many, I mean the majority of the global population, who still think the way I suggested. Which I agree, it sounds mellodramatic, but I meant it more just to incite a reaction. And if there were a pill or something, no I would not take it. Clearly scientists and psychiatrists have contemplated what you've just said about the medical aspect of it. It used to be classified (for example in the DSM) as a mental illness, but they removed that classification decades ago.
  7. Question: For those who are homophobic/opposed to homosexuality, Do you think I am a bad person? Like an innately bad individual who DESERVES to be punished, excluded, abused, bullied, forgotten by the laws that protect society's individuals, and condemned to eternal damnation etc etc etc? What about the millions of others like me? Do you think that the way others, perhaps including yourself, treat me and the rest of those with non-hetero sexualities, is fair and justified? For most who read this, just like most who judge gay people, the only thing about us is that we're not (exclusively) attracted to a member of the opposite sex. So I ask: who in this case really is wrong? How can not being straight make someone bad, or worthy of the aforementioned treatment by others? If you must judge someone, shouldn't you at least give them a fair trial first? At least get to know the person and their merits? This doesn't mean you should be forced to like all gay people, but rather, you should like someone due to their merits, their personality, and how they interact with yourself and others around them. Doesn't that make more sense? All I ever ask from others is to have an open mind, and to really think about this, rather then just conforming to a given point of view.
  8. I know this thread is old, but for future reference: I just read on the IBO website (after typing: "publishing extended essay" in google for my own curiosity) and it says that you have the copyright to publish your EE (or other things that you have created an hence have copyright)...but they state VERY clearly that that should only be done AFTER it's been submitted and marked. I think they state it's because you may gain extra feedback if you have others scrutinizing it/reading it etc which makes sense...it could make things very unfair. And turnitin wouldn't be happy as someone mentioned
  9. A chick who's having photos taken of her and she's probs not in the mood as her smile looks forced haha.
  10. Yeah you should be able to easily get the Student F1 visa or whatever it is considering you have an offer at the university. Congratulations!
  11. Yes. According to my Bio teacher, 7s went to the top 1.6% of HL Bio exams. Our school hasn't seen a 7 for the past few years in Bio. IB Bio doesn't require that much memorization. There is more of that in the AP curriculum, and from what I've heard, in the other IB Sciences. To be honest, I think Bio SL is way too easy; it is several magnitudes below my regular provincial curriculum. In fact, some of the stuff for the provincial curriculum is harder than IB even (components of the brain, endocrine system, heredity, are a few examples.) Your teacher is either misinformed or is trying to scare you. Type in "IB Biology 2009 (or 2010 if available) grade boundaries". There's a document somewhere. For biology HL it's like 80% or above or something I can't remember. Although I suppose what she could be talking about is the top 1.6% of the students who take the exams?? although that seems very low
  12. What do you mean the cut off was 1.6%? It's the same cut-off for everyone if you're talking about the grade boundaries?? I think Bio HL doesn't get too many 7s because people underestimate how much they actually do need to study for it and how much there is to memorise. The difference between SL and HL is insane in my opinion.
  13. Maybe at your school there hasn't been a good history with the results of group four subjects? Hence she finds them annoying hahah But it could just be that group 4 has some of the hardest subjects, especially at HL. Your question is hard to answer, because the difficulty in getting a 7 in any subject is highly relative to the individual. I personally think it's hard to get a 7 in HL, it's definitely possible though! We had about 25 students do HL biology in my cohort and I think it was only myself and one other who got 7s and we both worked our asses off and loved the subject to bits. I think it's the IAs that bring you down, so make sure you submit your final IA mark as close to 48/48 as possible! (that includes the group four project! get a 6/6 or aim for one hah). To get a 7 in HL bio, you need to study study study! and love you the subject! And study! And also there's a thread with hints and tips for bio SL/HL in the bio forum It's got some great advice. Good luck and if you work for it, you can get it!
  14. Butters, it's called Google. I have found you your documents (which appear school specific?) after no more than 4 seconds on it. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxoaWxsYnVycm9pYnxneDo3NzBiZThhNDdlMjc0ZTBi http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxoaWxsYnVycm9pYnxneDo5MmVmYThiN2RiYTMwNmM I don't mean to sound rude, sorry, it's just it was that easy to find the document.
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