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  1. you are welcome! I can see that you are also taking them, and in Norway hahah, good luck!!
  2. Yahhh i diiddd! It was good experience but im sitting again this may because My grades were not satisfying. it took me alot of time to find a school like, a month or two.leaving me with a month of study, i keep underating IB forgettting it needs a month of mental preparation and then another month of studyinf lol. I only had 4 weeks to study so. But yah i went haha.
  3. basically damage your sketchbook with a whole bunch of stuff that comes to your mind, my sketchbook was ****, still aced that with a 6 looool, but what you need to understand, visual arts orbits around your inspiration, so you need to really be expressive, otherwise nothing can inspire you in a sense. anything can inspire you, from a bird dying, to your mom making breakfast. the teacher usually gives you a theme, if not, make one yourself, brainstorm, you dont have to be good at drawing, you have to be good at expressing yourself. youre behind obviously, what you need todo, is get that sketchbook opened, and start sketching, and writing everything that comes to mind for the theme youre given. give every project a title, a story, and a body, this is going to take time, especially if you wanna pass. make sure you follow a patteren, you need to use your projects in for the exhibition in the end, so you need the projects to be in rhythm, to fit a theme in the end of the year obviously. remember, you need to be expressive, and open-minded to be able to catch up. anything can inspire you, build something, do something abstract, anythign that has a story can have a presentation, reading all this is also a waste of time, behind 5 weeks? thats a death wish. make a pinterest account and make a board for every project you're behind on, get moving. good luck. EDIT; What you put in your process portfolio is all your sketches your brain stormss, inspiration background, the artist that inspired, the cutlural background of the inspiration, your approach, pictures, print picuters, objects, use your PORFOLIO LIKE A DIARY. or the friend you brag about too about everythingggg. and the comparative study, worry about that when you catch up hahahaah
  4. This is a rather annoying question sorry.. but i had a discussion with someone who told me that short stories are not allowed to be talked about in paper2, plz.. this is like my end game right here.
  5. Do u guys possibly know if we can talk about short stories in paper2?
  6. i just got my history remarked and got it back, it went up by 3 marks, and i was 5 marks away from a 5. dude just remark. like literally its worth it even if you dont get a grader higher. you would still feel relieved if you get more marks, but its your choice and risk.
  7. hk18


    So i got my november retake results and i am 5 marks away from a higher grade in history, i need one point to get 24 points. i registered for the may exams to retake, so what is the risk? i have the money, ( starting work was so beneficial ) should i just send my papers? has anyone ever miraculously gotten a higher point from like an everage of 5 marks increase? (i legit know i did good and wrote my ass off with quotes and dates, and historians, i think someone is biased and i keep getting the same teacher that corrects my stuff cause i legit don't understand) help
  8. Did u do the remark? Cause im also 4 marks away in history and i need one point for the diploma~
  9. sooo, have a question concerning IB retakes, what happens if you don't show up? does it affect anything? like does it ruin the diploma that you might already have?..
  10. Hey, so ive just sat some November exams which i didnt do well on in may, im wondering if anyone has some good experience from retaking their exams so i can find some motivation in waiting until January for the results.. thank you
  11. I took danish B HL English lang lit HL math sl physics sl history sl va Hl im also planning to do architecture and I do regret taking physics all the way, I would recommend BIO as I heard its a lot easier than physics when approaching the idea of grasping a topic, however I heard the exam is rlly hard, and my school didn't offer computer science, but I think bio would be a easy approach compared to the other subjects u take. funny thing we took the exact same subjects but took different second language subjects looool
  12. I did all the november past papers for my may which i regret because november in my preference was alot more easier when it comes to the structure and understanding of the paper compared to the may. Im retaking hopefully. So i will probably have an update on what happened. Otherwise I hope the november exams this year is alot more mercyful.
  13. look, i do regret taking it, and i do regret not studying harder when i knew that i have serious exam stress and that im not really that smart IB student that everyone is. if you want to take the IB programme one thing i can tell you is that you can always retake your exams, remark them, and get a higher point average. you get alot of experience from the IB programme, but if you don't get the diploma you can't get anywhere. so taking IB is a risk. you just need to know how to handle it before it gets all crowded and you might be behind, you have to make sure that if you are behind by just a short distance, sprint. make sure you sprint. but yeah the friends you make through the IB programme are those who will last with you prob a long time as they are in the same hell as you. enjoy the two years. and dont worry about getting a job now, worry about passing and getting the diploma after that everything will be fine. the IB diploma is recognized in the majority of places, you will be fine.
  14. okay, so this list is preferably aimed at people living in the Scandinavia region. so I'm retaking this November and I've done a lot of research and i thought i could share that here and make this threat a place where people could add more places. so far i can tell you this, if you're not enrolled in the private school you cannot retake your exams there because you have to apparently pay tuition and since you don't do that you cant take their exams (???) yeah. so that means, starting with Denmark, - don't contact Copenhagen international school if you're not planning to retake in may. i called them like 3 times after my first call and omg i was about to die. i contacted all the schools in jylands ( okay i might have missed three) - first one of them decided to stop giving the novmber exams cause they saw no succes... THEREFORE THEY SAW NO SUCESS IN ALL THE FUTURE STUDENTS AND DECIDED TO SHOT THE DOORS ON US. THANK YOU IB. and so i continued to sweden, DO NOT CONTACT SWEDEN. ITS USELESS. USELESSSsSSSS. i went to germany, -International school of bremen. THEY WANTED ME TO PAY 500€ EXTRA ON ADMINISTRATION, OVER THE 700€ LATE REGISTRATION SO IF YOURE UP FOR THAT GO AHEAD. i called everywhere else NOTHINGGGGGGG you can try UWC in germany maybee there is hope, but i tried everything up south and not north. i then stumbled upon norway UWC IN FØRDE PEOPLEEEE contact them you might have hope, but let me tell you, travelling there is not an easy job. but they are nice and welcoming i hope. IT GOT TO AN EXTENT WHERE I CONTACTED A HIGH SCHOOL AND THEY THEMSELVES WERE STUCK NOT ABLE TO FIND A SCHOOL SO I CALLED THEM BACK AND HELPPPPPPPPP I thought traveling to norway was difficult because it was up north and its pretty isolated, so i went ahead and contacted the united kingdome. - st Leonards. they are nice. since i can find very cheap accomidation in paris, i decide to look into paris, i have found one school and i will update this post if they reply. however they keep asking for many details and i think its really going to make me pass the deadline but oh well. hope this helps.
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