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  1. Hello Everyone, So I will keep this short and hopefully, someone can answer my question. I am currently enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course and I'll admit I am not doing very well at all and am quite concerned about my progress. Also, the teacher we have is terrible. He is five weeks behind in grading, cancels lessons five minutes after they should have started, and all in all its just been a terrible experience. My question to you is this - Can I switch courses from French to Spanish? We are in week 11 of the program, however, I believe I should be able to catch up in the Spanish class as I had two years of beginner Spanish my Freshman and Sophmore years. If anyone has any answers or insights regarding my question please answer below. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hiya, I'm living in Japan also and can answer one of your questions, I'm not sure about Keio PEARL or GIGA but as far as I know, the lowest IB score for Waseda is around 35. Below that and you have no chance. I'd assume if you contact a Keio admissions personnel they would be able to give you information regarding the IB scores. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. This sounds really cool, are you tying in Chemistry as well? Also, are you doing this for your EE or an IA?
  4. You could certainly show how Donald Trump's portrayal of the media as an enemy has united his rather uneducated base, which clearly didn't take IB. You could go into detail about things like the old adage like, "If you say it often enough and loud enough people will think its true." While also talking about how Donald Trump himself has used public distrust to sway the opinion against them. I know it's not exactly along the lines of, "how the government uses mass media to their advantage," but its still a pretty interesting idea.
  5. My school had a similar requirement as an entrance exam into the IB program within another public school. I'd suggest you do two different topics but would think you should be able to do both the pre-EE and the EE in the same subject. I would personally do two different subjects for the sake of variety since in my experience doing them in the same subject can get rather boring quite quickly. However, you should also keep in mind that you'd have practiced for the EE in that subject since you've already done the pre-EE in the same subject. There are both positives and negatives to both but overall I'd go with different subjects to keep me interested and engaged.
  6. I'm assuming you're doing the May 2018 questions so let me know if you want other ideas for the 2017 questions instead. I'm quite strong in history so here are the ideas I've had for it: Throughout a certain period in history give examples of when scientists were incorrect in their thinking and how curiosity and questioning proved them wrong. For instance, during the fifteenth century when people were sure the Earth was round. As we have grown throughout history how has the expansion of technology led to an increase in discovering but also more questions. For example, the invention of the microscope by Zacharias Janssen in 1595 and what questions have that led to? Give an example of a time in history when knowledge was not necessarily increasing for humanity and how that affected people's questioning of the world around them. The best example of this is the dark ages. Hope this helps and good luck to you!
  7. Yeah, that is not true at all. In fact, summer is one of the most important times during your CAS experience. Doing CAS over the summer can mean the difference between passing and failing CAS so I'd definitely ask your teacher, politely, to go over that policy again.
  8. I find writing profiles for myself is difficult as well so here are some tips that I've learned: Naming your interests. Whether they be sports, hobbies, or another type of activity it is always great by starting with those. This is especially helpful if one of your interests is also one of your CAS activities. Share what you're good at. Things like speaking multiple languages, an outgoing and friendly personality, and your ability to adapt are all good skills you can share in your profile. Share cool experiences. This one isn't the best thing to do but it's always good when you need to fill some blank space. Finally, be yourself! Whatever you come up with just let it flow. After all, the only people that will be reading your profile will be you and your teacher. Hope these tips helped and good luck!
  9. If you truly love history like I do I say go for it! I've had a great time in history and can honestly say so far into high school, it's the subject I've learned the most from in terms of skills such as reading and writing. As my history teacher puts it, "Its the hardest humanity in IB, but its certainly the most rewarding. You guys will realize this when you enter college and the workforce."
  10. Hey Guys! I'm new to this whole forum thing so please bear with me. So a few of my classmates and I are enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course although, we seem to be having a few problems with our teacher. Firstly, no matter what we do none of my classmates, nor I, can please our teacher when it comes to assignments. We have tried everything including sticking as close to the rubric as possible and even going so far as to create our own study group with native speakers to try and learn as much grammar as we can to add to our written assignments but even if we use advanced grammar we still get 70s and 80s. Here's the real kicker, we were quite suspect about our teacher's grading habits and so, to test this, we had a native speaker write a short assignment for one of my classmates to have graded. We made sure they kept to the rubric and did everything that was asked. When that person got the assignment back the score, as usual, was 80%. The feedback as well was ridiculous, the teacher was saying that the grammar wasn't good enough and pointed out mistakes that were correct. Keep in mind this is work from an A1 French student. Secondly, orals are another source of stress for us. Firstly, for one oral that we had to take time out of school for, the teacher canceled after we were waiting for ten minutes then rescheduled with a ludicrous time none of us could make and when we tried to explain we couldn't do it then since we had prior commitments he simply said, "Well too bad, you shouldn't have missed the practice." We still don't know how we are going to be scored for it since orals are a graded assignment. Also, we took all both problems with our Pamoja advisory teacher who said he couldn't really do anything. If anyone else is doing or has done the Pamoja course and has any advice or tips that would be fantastic. Also, feel free to comment as my classmates and I could use all the help and information we can get. Thanks all!
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