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  1. Christina Dahdal

    General Music Exam Question

    Hey! If I wrote the wrong culture for 'world music' but I backed up my answer, could I still score points on the question?
  2. this really gave me encouragement, thank you so much!
  3. Hey! So I was both happy and unhappy with some of my exam grades for my mocks. I was unhappy mostly with my biology and math mock exam grades, my first exam is Math, on May 2. I was wondering, is it possible to highly improve on the real exams then mocks? I am applying in Australia so only my real exam grades matter. Has anyone really improved on their real exams compared to their mocks?
  4. Christina Dahdal

    HELP MLI(music links investigation)

    Hey! So, for my Music Links investigation rough draft, my teacher marked me really low, and I really want at least a 5 or 6 on it, please help me... What are some tips to get a higher grade in the MLI? I tried to be as detailed as possible, help ASAP
  5. Hey! I am confused about internal citations for the Extended Essay. I have internally cited primary and historiographical/secondary sources, but do I have to cite EVERYTHING? My EE is in history, and almost nothing is just "common knowledge." What do I do?
  6. Christina Dahdal

    Biology IA weighted grade

    Hey! My biology IA is predicted at a high 4 low 5, I am trying to get a 6. However, If I keep a 5, will I still be able to get a 6 overall if I do well in my exams? And how much is the IA weighted in contrast to the exams?
  7. Christina Dahdal

    Same sources for IA and EE?

    Am I allowed to use a source that is used in my History IA in my Extended Essay?
  8. Christina Dahdal

    Biology SL - Question about Exam

    Hey! I take Biology SL, and was wondering if we have a paper 3? Is it just paper 1 and 2? Also, do SL's learn the option topic?
  9. Christina Dahdal

    Word Count Requirement?

    Hey! For my reflective statement the maximum is 400 words. Does this include the title? Does it include MLA?
  10. Christina Dahdal

    History EE - I need help!

    Okay thanks I'll cut down the case studies and mostly focus on comparing the two.
  11. Christina Dahdal

    History EE - I need help!

    Thanks! I was going to use Hitler and Mussolini as a case study to say that Stalin and Lenin did not follow Marxist ideology because they were following certain policies that Hitler and Mussolini followed which were fascist. Would this be okay? If using case studies in the EE okay?
  12. Christina Dahdal

    History EE - I need help!

    Hey, for my Extended Essay for History I want to write a comparative essay on Lenin and Stalin and the extent to which they followed Marxist ideology. Is this considered "trivial nature"? Also, how would I frame my question. I also want to utilise case studies from Hitler/Mussolini's reign to demonstrate that a lot of their policies were similar or even the same as Stalin/Lenin's. Some ideas I had were. How successful were both Lenin and Stalin in following Marxist Ideology? To what extent were both Lenin and Stalin implement Marxist ideology after the fall of Tsarist Russia in 1917?

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