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  1. should be fine, don't stress too much about it
  2. Hey man, I'm really sorry about everything happening with you rn I hope it works itself out, try not to freak out too much just focus on the last couple exams like I am To answer your questions, for the Chem IA and how high you should get, look up "IB grade boundaries may 2017" and you'll get a rough idea but don't try to make it easier for yourself, do the best you can and be proud of what you've accomplished! #2, your teacher is a joke, no offense to her. If your IA's are as good as they seem to be then you will get marked up no doubt about it, and your teacher is likely to face some form of reprimand for not having graded accordingly so don't worry too much about it. And #3, from what I understand, the EE grade from moderators is aimed to be as unbiased as possible so I doubt they look at the existing grade from your supervisor before grading the EE themselves, but I can't guarantee that. We can all only hope that they're unbiased. I get that you're worrying but try not to stress too much about it because it is out of your control, so just focus on exams right now. The EE moderators shouldn't be affected by your supervisor's grade but I can't guarantee it. Good luck with your exams!!
  3. hmm... I see what you're saying, but even if the primary research you collect is the same as what you found in secondary research it's still more impressive to the IB when it's primary and not secondary. Something I highly recommend you try and do is contact someone in the mobile services you've selected, whichever brand(s) you chose and just set up an interview. Even if they repeat what you found online it's still a lot more valuable because it's from a guaranteed reliable source. To answer your second question, I don't know if doing the extent to which price discrimination is justified would be a good idea because you might have too much? but then again, I think you should give it a go because we still have time to turn it in. so yes try and answer the extent to which price discrimination is justified.
  4. Originally, I thought the same thing would happen with me and my Econ EE, but I set up an interview over the telephone with a representative in France while I wasn't in the country, and have sent out surveys online to receive primary research. So what I'm saying is be creative to get primary research because you probably can collect some without going to the countries. What is your EE question? And btw I'm taking BM so I know the material.
  5. Give examples of what sort of price discrimination is happening, define and express them in diagrams and use real life examples with reliable evidence from primary research if possible to expand on your point.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm about to enter DPY2 in August and I've got my question [To what extent has Tesla been more successful in Germany compared to France?] and I've done a lot of research, conducting surveys, interviews with a senior communications director in Tesla France and more. However, the more I look into this subject, the more I'm worried I don't have much of a groundwork to compare these two markets as they're both very similar. I previously had "... more successful in France compared to Spain?" but there was barely any information in regards to Spain so I chose Germany. Let me make clear that there is information out there, but I don't think I have enough to formulate a strong comparison as France and Germany have very similar markets. So my questions are: Do you think I should keep going with my question? If not, can you please suggest some possible variations I might choose to make with my question to answer it as best possible? Does anyone have any ideas where I might post a survey I created to get some reliable data? (I posted on Tesla Motors Club, Tesla Reddit, and SpeakEV) What are economic concepts that I should investigate in my Essay? (My two main ones are 'determinants of demand' and 'government intervention') Please let me know if you want me to share something with you, I honestly appreciate all the help possible. Thank you so much!
  7. Math HL is a very accelerated course with an extremely vast amount of material, but you can do well in Math HL don't worry, you'll just need to study a lot!
  8. No don't worry it isn't certain, and since you've done pre IB tutoring you should be completely fine don't worry. I'm not saying you can't do well don't worry. if you study well, you'll get the grades you deserve When preparing for unit tests, and this is me personally, I read the textbook and study guide, and took notes of everything. Basically, in the textbook there's a page at the beginning of each chapter that shows you what you should know of this specific chapter or sub chapter, its in bullet points, and this is what you must make sure you have notes of so that you know extremely well. Once you've taken these notes (don't rush it, when I took bio notes it took me hours and hours) reread them, and quiz yourself. But even better than that is to quiz your classmates and have them quiz you. in the IB, your other IB classmates are your best friends to study with, especially those who understand the subject better than you so make sure to get them to help you. And don't worry, everyone's weaker at something so what you could try and do is to teach them a subject such as math where you're better in, and they can teach you psych where they're better in (just an example.) AND ABOUT THE STUDY GUIDE: I highly recommend you buy the study guide for the courses you struggle in the most - for me this is bio, or even just courses you simply want to improve in because it helps a LOT when you want to take notes or want to read a more succinct and concise explanation than what's given in the textbook. This is the study guide I'm talking about: https://www.amazon.com/IB-Biology-Study-Guide-Diploma/dp/0198393512 - and just look for the subjects you're interested in. and also, i really recommend you take Math SL because math studies is not that recognized by universities in general. some universities in the UK that I've visited this summer simply don't even look at it, so if you have it you can't even be considered. But of course this depends on the course you'll be taking in university, but just a heads up that not all university programs accept Math Studies.
  9. First few weeks usually happen by you just being oriented in what will happen over the next 2 years. For IB in general, this means getting a brief overview of the EE, learning about CAS and possibly starting TOK. In your courses, you'll most likely have a day or two of just discussing what you will learn, how you will learn and why it's important. This is extremely important because you can almost always change to another course within the first 2 weeks or first month if you find that the one you selected isn't actually what you wanted to do, so pay attention because you're gonna have to stick with these courses for 2 years. But yeah, first few months are pretty straightforward, nothing major. You might do poorly on the first few assessments as you adjust to the IB system, which is totally fine, and is something that happened to many of my classmates and is completely understandable (I didn't have this problem because I did MYP so I knew how IB would be.) Join activities, whether it's sports or arts or service join them. Not only do you need them for CAS (and you need a balance between the 3 branches) but it looks good for universities. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck next year!
  10. Listen to Shawn's advice it's pretty good. Within the first 2 weeks or so, you should be able to change courses if need be, so don't remain fixated on the courses you've chosen right now (just in case). I'm a DP2 now and this year I switched from Psych HL to Business Management HL because Business Management was more what er I wanted to do. It's an amazing course don't get me wrong, even though it is lots of memorizing and knowing studies, but it just wasn't for me. So be open. During the first semester, you might think that the IB isn't that bad, but near semester exams in December (if you have them), and definitely in the second semester, you'll realize just how tough it is. and this is when you gotta stay calm and keep going. Good luck man, and have fun
  11. authority bias people are subject to the opinions of others and influenced by what experts tell them vocabulary in the scientific world is what is used to identify and separate the different fields in science gives power to what scientists say; the use of specific jargon represents the differences in science there's definitely more but I can't think of more off the top of my head, sorry
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