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  1. So, is there a chance this depends on what the CAS coordinator would do? Is it that CAS coordinators are the ones control the activities used and approve them instead of the ib deciding?
  2. Dont I have to wait for the year to officially start? Does it have to be continued till the year starts to be counted?
  3. I am currently in pre-IB summer, can the activities done in this summer be counted for CAS?
  4. Thank you for your responses. In fact, I have some idea about how medicine field has been dominating CUHK and the emphasis on engineering given by HKU. Therefore, my aim is HKUST. Judging my own ability, 35-36 SEEMS just manageable even with Chem HL. But do you guys think it is worth dropping, probably reducing the workload by a small margin?. I am aware that Chemistry HL is not an absolute requirement, but I think that the subject could give me more complementary knowledge with my subjects. This keeps me from considering Chem HL. Just a question I have, Do you think it would be worth switching from Chem HL to Econ HL after the ib has started? What consequences would be there if I do so? I am not in that situation as I still have some time but I would like to know about it
  5. My aim is mainly Hong kong universities. I decided to take Chemistry HL, dropping Economics to SL. I think it would be worth the knowledge for the extra work put. I am not 100% sure if I should stick to this decision. I just hope it does not add on to the pressure given by my languages in SL which are going to be tough for me. I am generally interested in chemistry but the problem is that we have a high chance of having a bad teacher for the class. She has been teaching our class for 2 years and I have absolutely NOT been fine with her teaching. On the other hand, I am tired of the extensive workload given by Economics. Essays after essays, quizzes after quizzes, they just keep on coming for the entire year. I am pretty sure this workload will continue in the following years.
  6. I am going to take Math and Physics at Higher level. I am aiming to study engineering in the future, mostly interested in Electronic Engineering. Do you guys think it is worth downgrading Chemistry HL to SL for Economics HL in order to relieve the stress of Math and Physics HL? Do you think Chemistry could be useful because of it's interrelation to other subjects.? From what I have heard, Economics has a paper 3 which could be beneficial mark wise. Economics in Higher level also has less additional topics compared to the extensions in Chemistry HL. I believe this choice could relieve stress. On the other hand, Chemistry HL is a science subject which gives me more complementary knowledge for what I will be learning. It would be useful in the pursuit of engineering. I am equally passionate about these subject, putting me in a dilemma of which to take. I would like to know your opinion of which might be a better choice.