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  1. league is probably the most toxic game ever though
  2. Does anyone play video games while in the IB programme? Some games like league of legends are addictive and can cause harm to our study plans. Just wanna know if people in the IB spend times on these things
  3. two things to talk about: I am not american. I am from hong kong. 1. I have no actual feelings about his win, not surprised too. But its good that hes more entertaining with a lot of new memes born and funny videos on youtube 2. The way he secretly 'disrespect' China makes me feel so happy. 'accepting the phone call from taiwan = disrespecting china and admitting taiwan as a country on its own' is so good for me. Punishing this bloody communist china - the shi-tty government that blocks facebook, youtube and kill people eg 1989 massacre 3. fu-ck obamacare. This way the poor gets less healthcare resources. (people still dont understand this)
  4. oh really xd, i was 2015 may grad, our first language is not eng so a translating dictionary is provided at chem/physics/bio econ
  5. I remembered when i interviewed HKUST, following with an offer for BBA for 35 points with 665 in HL subjects. Electronic engineering, I remember my classmates got an offer of 35/34 points with 665 in HL too. For the question on consequences of changing from chem to econ hl. There are certain internal assessments total 3, has to be completed in different periods during your 2 year. (actually i think its 4, but you choose the 3 best to send to ib). Also hl subjects have a minimum number of hours you have to be in class, for this purpose you should ask your teacher directly hope this helps
  6. your teachers are not doing their job, if they really care about students, they should have at least some backup calculators/pens/pencils for them during exam. This is probably the most important moment for students in life. I feel so sorry for you. In my school, our teachers even provide dictionary for exams where its the language in paper is not our first language (ib allows this of course) Also, it is against the rules if teacher didn't check the calculators of students before the start of the exam. I dunno, but you could report this to the ib
  7. As a hong kong student, you may probably know the importance of marks when you apply to hong kong unis. I am a hongkonger as well but i decided to study at uk unviersities. As you indicated you would like to study math & physics hl, (these two are of course, essential to your programme you've chosen), the third HL subject is entirely 'free' for you to choose. Economics, although it seem difficult with that countless workloads, and quizzes, the only things count towards your final grade is (3 *IA + Paper 1/2/3). IAs are pretty easy to hit 7, given you spend some time and check carefully before you submit. The 3 exam papers are really just repetition of past yrs. Chemistry HL includes (IA) = investigation/lab report as you know, it's relatively difficult to get high scores. Paper 3 now contains a part where its from all part of the course, making it more challenging than previous years (before only options in paper 3). Paper 1/2 are fine, but there are always questions that challenge you, making most people getting a 6 than 7. What i mean is that economics hl is easier than chemistry hl in terms of marks predictability, and 'surprises' in exams. All the quizzes that you do now means nothing to your final grade, except of course internal assessments, which count 20% .
  8. I am a may 2015 graduate and i did both econ and chem at HL. Econ HL is one of the easiest subjects to get a 7 if you understand basic concepts and willing to memorise things, diagrams. Got an easy 7. On the other hand, chem hl needs you to have really good scientific mind, you have to understand concepts and equations, also to do lots of past paper questions. Questions on the same topics can be asked in many different ways. Do you plan to study uni in hk or uk?