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  1. My English teacher told my they don't use turnitin, but instead their own. I tried to find a source supporting this from the IBO but they're pretty hush-hush over how they check things (obviously ). Like I said, that's the report my teacher saw on the CS, so only written things. He also told me not even the PP has a report (in his May 2016 examining session). To me, that sounds like the IB hasn't developed a visual work plagiarism checker... This is just some inductive reasoning and speculation, so if you're really beating yourself up about it, perhaps you can send the IBO an email. Other than that, all you can do it wait until July. I think they would check anything when it's examined. That is likely any time after the April deadline (with so many candidates, they have to stagger marking them, I guess). I'm pretty sure that's what they do with IAs, so I don't see why it would be different in art.
  2. The art teacher examined in the old syllabus and the new one (2016 for sure). What he told us he saw was something similar to turnitin, so a percentage and a breakdown. I've never heard of anyone getting caught with plagiarism, so I'm not sure when they contact you. I imagine over summer? Probably when the diplomas are released... not entirely sure tbh... For more information on plagiarism/hearing, try researching online. I can't find anything concrete, only some weird IB pdfs, but nothing concrete, so don't stress about it too much. All you can do now is wait haha
  3. math is the study of patterns, so try looking for things that have some correlation (dependency on other things) in real life. the personal engagement criteria can be best fulfilled with something that fits with your interests, hobbies, etc, but you'll need good data, too. maybe start by researching statistics on something you're genuinely interested in?
  4. My art department head was an examiner in May 2016 and he said he only ever saw a plagiarism report for the CS. They must contact you if anything does show up. The IB guide states that there is a special "hearing" for plagiarism (would check that again, not 100% sure), especially for dubious cases/subjects like the arts. I mean, how many countless works do they see where students use famous works of art and graffiti over them or collage something?One of my classmates used Marilyn Monroe photographs which are, of course, copyrighted, but there's no issue with that; it's art! If they do check for plagiarism for the works, all those student's portfolios would come up... I would focus on your exams Worst case, IB contacts you or you contact the IB and your friends, teachers, etc. can vouch for you. The IB isn't trying to fail you (that reflects badly on them!) and you should only be scared if you've truly copied someone else's work. Try and think of this situation like the shock of getting 99% on turnitin on an essay you didn't plagiarise at all, only to find out turnitin compared it with your previous draft! edit: loads of students share their work online, from their final exhibition to their studio work!