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  1. My initial EE research question was about gender equality. It's in english tho, perhaps you can translate it yourself? PM me if you wanna know (:
  2. As an aspiring journalist myself, I'd suggest you to switch HL VA to SL and SL History to HL. This will help you build a strong foundation in becoming a journalist since you'll have a broad range of knowledge from different fields. Also, it'd be better to take an actual science like bio/physics/chem instead of DT as not many universities would acknowledge it. Especially if you're applying to the UK.
  3. All my friends who are currently studying in the US tells me that the IB program gives advantage for your uni application as compared to the AP/A Levels. HOWEVER, they'd still rely heavily on your essay + SAT score.
  4. I feel that the annual grade boundary gives us a validation of what can be deemed as the 'easiest' and 'hardest' IB subject. Based on last year's November grade boundary, both Physics and Psychology has the lowest boundary whereas Indonesian B has the highest boundary. Hence, making them the hardest and easiest subject respectively.
  5. Hey, care to PM me your email? I guess I could use a little help for review!
  6. The novel was written in 1984 and published a year after. Should it have been written before the Industrial Revolution, it would be written before the 1760s. Let's assume it was written before the Industrial Revolution in the year of 1730. Since the novel's title was inspired by Orwell's vision of how Oceania would be in 36 years ahead, the novel's title would be changed to '1766' instead if it had been written before the IR. 'Big Brother' won't be watching 24/7 like they were in 1984 as 1766 is an era whereby technology has yet to exist hence, there would be no telescreen for Big Brother to watch over all the time. Also, due to the huge gap in era, there would be several changes to the novel's theme and the novel would have a different approach in representing the real life political issues throughout the novel. In 1984, sex is depicted as a way for the population to grow and not an act of love. Big Brother had basically brainwashed all of it's citizens into thinking that sex is despicable and unpleasurable. However, 1766 is the year where the first-ever sex manual was published in America (part of Oceania) by Aristole and they encourage sex as long as it's within marriage. This suggests that in 1766, sex is viewed as an act of love.
  7. I don't take History but here are some tips for Psychology. #1 rule in getting a 7 for Psych is to KNOW YOUR COMMAND TERMS. Learn the difference between each of their definition and what each of them wants. (You can find google this or look it up in your textbook). #2 know your studies. I'm guessing you're in your first year of DP? Here's the thing, you will be learning LOTS of studies throughout the course of 2 years and your teacher would tell you to memorize them all. HOWEVER, based on MY experience, you don't necessarily have to memorize all the studies because there are just too many and memorizing all of them would be a waste of time. So what I'd suggest is to organize the studies based on their different categories and memorize the 'versatile' ones. For example, Bartlett (1932) can be used to answer both CLOA and SCLOA questions about schema/cultural. (You will get me once you start Psych!) #3 practice writing an essay for EVERY learning outcome. One of the good thing about Psych is that you know what's gonna come out in the actual IB exam since they'll follow the LOs and change the command terms. So when you're practicing to write an essay, just practice writing with the level 3 command terms. Once you nail the level 3 command terms, you'll be able to nail all the command terms. Trust me. #4 aim for the highest mark bench for your IA. For HL Psych, you need to choose a study and make some changes to it so make sure you do really well on that. #5 never give up. I used to get like 2s for the first 2 quarters for Psych but eventually pulled my grades up to a 5 at the end of Grade 11. Psychology will seem hard and intimidating at first, but at the end of the day, it's all about practice and perseverance. Psychology, whether it's HL or SL, is a disaster. I mean yeah, it is indeed one of the most interesting subject which I enjoy learning in DP BUT the exam never fails to screw me over every time. The good news is, because it's one of the hardest subject in DP, it has one of the lowest bellcurve in IB! This means that you only need 63 points out of a 100 to get a 7 (according to 2016 bellcurve) whereas the same points will only get you a 5 in standard-bellcurve subjects like English. Don't get me wrong though, that doesn't mean you can just slack off to get that 7 because getting a 63 is definitely not as easy as it seems. Haha, good luck!
  8. Which university are you applying to in the UK? I have a few friends studying law in the UK and one of them got accepted to Oxford. From what I've observed, the UK isn't as demanding/picky as the US when it comes to personal statement. If I were you, I'd take some time off to reflect on why I want to study law. Was it because of past experience? Your family's want? Childhood dream? And also, what kind of impact do you wish to make in the society as a lawyer? Try to think about these things and write it down, then create an outline from it. I'm currently working on my personal statement too even though I have plenty of time left before the deadline. Haha, good luck!
  9. I've never really express my thoughts about this so publicly because sometimes, I feel ashamed. Even though I'm associated with both feminists and non-feminists, the truth is, I am still unclear of the term 'feminism' or what you'd define a 'feminist'. I don't know if I'm a feminist and I certainly don't know what exactly feminism is. As a feminist, do we only fight for women's rights? Or both men and women? Is there even a patriarchy or are we just trying to break something that has already been broken centuries ago? You see, I have been asked about my stance on feminism quite a number of times and I never really have an answer.. I mean, am I supposed to? I used to think that I'm just... a middle-man. I'm not a feminist, but I'm not, not a feminist too. But is that even possible? So yeah.. That's my thoughts on this.. Hope that this platform will lead me to a stance on the motion.
  10. Omg! A fellow IB survivor who's confused about his/her extended essay's RQ as well! High 5 buddy, me too. I'm thinking of having this as my RQ but I'm not quite sure if it's 'EE-appropriate' too. "How are mental health depicted and add to the general sense of complex emotion and underlying depth throughout the two novels 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and It's Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini?" It just doesn't sound... IB-worthy to me, y'know? But I don't know. Do tell me what you think if anyone has any inputs! As for your RQ, Adrija, my 2 cents would be although it's specific, I'm afraid you won't hit the minimum word-limit. Maybe you can further expand your RQ by comparing and contrasting Vonnegut's novel/writing style to someone similar like.. Douglas Coupland perhaps?
  11. For school supplies, I feel that it really depends on what subjects you will be taking. Also, it differs for each schools/classes. For example, some schools/classes may prefer to give print-outs hence, requiring you to get binders to get your notes organized whereas some prefer to give digitally. Anyways, my IB must-haves are an agenda book and colorful pens/highlighters (ITS SUPER USEFUL) . Oh, post-its too!
  12. Like what shellzies said, every school has their own rules. However, in the final IB, you need at least 24 points to pass if you're on diploma. A friend of mine got 22 in DP1 but still got promoted to DP2 under the condition that he would be put under probation for 1 quarter and if he fails to get 24 and above the following quarter, he would have to drop to certificate.
  13. How are mental health depicted and add to the general sense of complex emotion and underlying depth throughout the two novels 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and It's Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini?
  14. Hey! Thank you so much, sounds great! Don't worry, they're all on the core topics What's your email?
  15. So I've wrote a few drafts and I am in desperate need for inputs. My teacher refuse to schedule a time for consultation for me until my semestral exams are over so I'm basically screwed. My exam is on this coming Monday. PLEASE help a fellow IB victim out.